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John Adams wrote over two hundred old ages ago, “ Power of course

grows & # 8230 ; because human passions are insatiate. But that power entirely can turn

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which already is excessively great ; that which is unbridled ; that which has no equal

power to command it. “ 1

Our system of authorities in the United States of America was founded based on

this principal. Our establishing male parents took great attention and item, trying to

bring forth a papers that could administer power among a state of single

beliefs and ideals. The papers drafted in 1787, the fundamental law, did merely

that, and has continued to make so, but times have changed. Is it possible for a

papers over 200 old ages old to be able to maintain up with altering times, and if

our establishing male parents were alive today would they still feel that there was an

even distribution of power between the legislative and executive subdivisions?

I believe over clip the presidential term has so, became and continues to go

and progressively powerful office. Different declarations, and informal powers

granted to the office over the old ages has made the President an progressively

enforcing figure. I besides feel that Congress, in contract to the Presidency, has

lost some of its power and regard in American Politics. I believe some grounds

of the scenario includes what or who is really involved in congressional

actions, the partizan political relations invariably taking topographic point in the house and senate,

and the trouble of go throughing a measure through the senate. All of these alterations

have taken topographic point over a big period of clip, and may in fact have been elusive I

make believe nevertheless it is non hard to supply grounds of an addition in the

Presidents power in modern-day political relations.

To supply this grounds I believe the best manner is to get down off by analyzing

the powers that were granted to the President by the fundamental law. The office of

the President has become more and more powerful over the old ages because he has

had more chances to make so. The fundamental law has given the president many

formal powers but most of his power has been derived for his informal powers and

by the Peel leting this to take topographic point.

First, we will concentrate on the constitutional powers of the President. One power

that the fundamental law has granted the president is the right to appointment.

This assignment power allows the President to name reasonably much all offices

in the United States that does non already hold a jurisprudence provided for. This is an

of import function of the President because The President merely has this power with

the consent of the Senate. I believe that popularity of the President may hold

some influence over the Senate & # 8217 ; s consent. Such as, if the Senate likes the

President they are more likely to hold with his picks.

Another power awarded to our President is the power to do pacts with at

least two-thirds blessing of the members of Senate. This power has become

progressively more used since our first president. This is because when our

state was foremost get downing out the state was more concerned with their egos

that effects with foreign states. However, one time our state became stronger

foreign policy became an of import issue. A privilege of our main executive is

the executive understanding. This privilege allows the President to come in our state

into secret understandings with foreign states without necessitating the Senate & # 8217 ; s


The veto power is powerful to the President because when the President does

reject a measure the measure normally dies. This is because Congress has a difficult clip

seeking to acquire the two-third ballot to overrule his veto. This is easy to

understand since the president has one head and one base on issues the Congress

has many different thoughts and ideas about issues.

The power to convene Congress is non every bit of import as it was when the

Fundamental law was written. The ground for this is that when the Constitution was

drafted the Congress did non hold to sit in year-around Sessionss. Although, it is

still used today merely non every bit often.

However, I

believe the Presidents powers have increased more to make with

informal powers instead than by powers expressed in the fundamental law.

Personal popularity is an informal power that has become progressively helpful

to the president. First of all, Congress is less likely to mess with a popular

President than one hated by the populace. A ground for this is because many

congresswomans are continuously running for political gaps and does non desire to

endanger their ain popularity. In other words the populace may dislike a

congresswoman that is traveling against a President they agree with. Besides, congresswomans

will lodge with their ain party.

Presidential popularity has increased over the old ages because they are now

seen by the populace more than our first Presidents. There are many grounds why

this has evolved but one of the biggest grounds is telecasting. Television opened

the full state to the President because now the President could be seen and

heard by all citizens at one clip. Before the President had to go around the

state and wasn & # 8217 ; t able to talk to everyone.

Media has besides affected the President both negatively and positively. In the

past the media tried to protect the President and strayed from publishing negative

intelligence about the President. However, today the media is more interested in selling

a narrative than protecting the Presidents image. The populace now believes they

should cognize everything about the President, non merely his actions in office but

his personal life besides. For the past few twelvemonth this has decidedly has been

evident with President Clinton. The media is invariably assailing Clinton.

Presidents over the old ages have had to cover with a greater figure of issues

than presidents of the yesteryear. Due to the wide scope of these issues and the many

different cabals associated with them it is of import that a presidential

campaigner does non ever clear up the issue at manus. Benjamin Page defines this

as the “ Art of Ambiguity. ” If a presidential campaigner is talented in

the art of side stepping controversial inquiries citizens will hold a hard

clip stating the policy differences between campaigners. This is an ability that

differs from President to President. I think President Clinton is a fantastic

illustration of how a president is able to keep his popular standing in the

populace because he is able to avoid uncovering his true sentiments sing

policies until they wind up every bit measures that need his signature.

The executive subdivision has grown over the old ages by adding new offices.

Presidents today pay much closer attending to the functionaries that they appoint to

these offices which include the National Security Council, Council of Economic

advisors, and the office of Science & A ; Technology Policy to call merely a few.

Because these Bureaucrats are appointed by the President they may hold

inclinations to abandon their impersonal point of views on policy penchants of the

President. Advisers from changing sections run into with the President daily in

some instances. The people that occupy theses places are really reputable in there

assorted Fieldss, and as such provide the President with information that is

concise and up to day of the month, information that the other subdivisions are non provided

with. This heighten consciousness of the province of different issues and occurrences

within the different offices, gives the President the advantage of being the

foremost to cognize about both the good and bad new and therefore the ability to respond

fleetly and consequently. This could do the president more knowing than

members of the Congress.

In this twenty-four hours of age the President has more power than of all time earlier. Although,

it has taken two hundred old ages to accomplish this high of power. It must makes us

weary that in the past two hundred old ages at that place has been a steady addition in the

Presidential power which is taking off for the Congress & # 8217 ; s power. Isn & # 8217 ; t this

slope adequate grounds to be weary that the President could maintain deriving more

and more power in the hereafter. John Adams was decidedly weary of this and his

statement still rings true today.


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