Power of Emotion Emotion is an individual’s feelings that can be represented by facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. In the short story “The Moose and the Sparrow’, the author Hugh Garner communicates the Idea of Moose Madden’s inability to control his emotions has led to his death, by describing specific events Incisively throughout the story. He suggests that violence and serious consequences can be easily caused by unchecked emotions.

Hot temper, sensitiveness and vulnerability can usually lead n individual lose control on his emotions, which could subsequently cause one’s actions become unreasonable and outrageous, eventually result in regrettable outcome. Personally, when I encounter situations where I tend to lose control of my temper, I often try to think about the results that my actions might lead to progressively. However, there were also times that others around me could not package their emotions together during their interactions with me.

Extreme actions and violence can be the first resort for solving problems, when one’s emotions takes ever his ability to make rational and logically decisions. The antagonist Madden Moose In the story Is a perfect example of such. In the logging camp, Cecil is forced to do the hardest labor work; his gets obstacles put in front of him deliberately; even worse, his hand is burned intentionally by Madden Moose, due to his jealousy of Cell’s Intelligence and ingenuity.

Madden Moose sees the personal attributes displayed from Cecil are very desirable, because he dropped off from school in grade four, and he craves to gain some knowledge and personal skills behind his firm body Geiger. However, the continuation of bullying does not do Madden Moose any good, at the end, Madden Moose’s actions and Jealousy has lead to his death. During my Interactions with others, I usually be more careful to not lose my temper at any situation, because actions that are only driven by emotions instead of rational decision can cause unfixable consequences.

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Eve been In a similar position as the character in the story Cecil back then. Through my grade seven school year, there is a popular guy named Jason at my school that I’m classmates with. He definitely has the inference that makes him stand out among many, but his occasional cockiness and superciliousness drags him back a little bit. One time, we had to do a group project together, he was very stubborn on his own opinions, barely listens to my Ideas and he hardly did any work at all.

Some arguments and disagreement were existing between us, but tried to be calm and collected at all times and just focus on my task. When we finish the project, I didn’t feel like that he deserved the same mark as me because I did almost all the work. I confronted him, as I expected, he mocked me ND despised me without listening to what I had to say. I was unhappy with him, but I tried to not put our unpleasing cooperation in my head, all did was to make sure the project Is completely perfectly so that I can get the mark that I deserve.

During our presentation, I prepared well and did a good job on It, however, Jason did not know any of the answers to the teachers’ questions regarding our project. The teacher knew that I put my efforts In and he did not, subsequently, got a good mark on the project and he did not, even though we were partners. Individuals that have the t Off mature, easygoing and optimistic.

In the short story, through Cell’s actions, he shows Madden Moose that unchecked emotions can lead to destructive consequences. . Hot temper, sensitiveness and vulnerability can usually lead an individual lose control on his emotions, which could subsequently cause one’s actions become unreasonable and outrageous, eventually result in regrettable outcome. If people do keep their emotions under control when unexpected things happen, as a result, less fatal and irreparable matter will occur.


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