Powerful But Not Immortal Essay, Research Paper

Powerful But Not Immortal

The Epic of Gilgamesh still touches people deeply even after many centuries because it is about issues that are common to all people throughout history & # 8211 ; the torment of decease for all human existences. For illustration, Gilgamesh, the supporter of The Epic of Gilgamesh, and King Thanh Cat Dai Tu Han ( the celebrated King of China in early 400 B.C. ) had tried many ways to happen a solution for holding everlasting lives ; nevertheless, the fact was that they were human and would decease. This is the absolute difference between Gods and worlds: Gods live everlastingly and worlds must decease. Consequently, immortality was the solution that both Gilgamesh and Thanh Cat Dai Tu Han sought in order to get the better of their fright of decease.

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Gilgamesh, & # 8220 ; Two third they made him god and one 3rd man. & # 8221 ; ( Gilgamesh 13 ) , was the fabulous male monarch of Uruk in Babylonia, on the River Euphrates in modern Iraq. He was the greatest male monarch on Earth and the strongest adult male that of all time lived. As a immature adult male, Gilgamesh had no compassion for the people of Uruk. He was their male monarch, but non their shepherd ; he killed their boies and raped their girls. But when he met Enkidu, he learned many things: how to love, to hold compassion, and to understand the significance of mortality. He and Enkidu journeyed into the forest to face the awful Humbaba because Gilgamesh wanted to put up his name where the names of celebrated people were written ( Gilgamesh 18 ) . When Gilgamesh refused to get married Ishtar, she was ferocious. She decided to seek retaliation by directing the Bull of Heaven to kill Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh and Enkidu succeeded in killing the Bull of Heaven, but Enkidu subsequently died as a consequence. With the decease of his best friend, Gilgamesh was distraught with heartache and denial. He despaired the loss of Enkidu but besides his ain decease, which he knew could come some twenty-four hours. Seeking to avoid decease, he strived to larn the secret of everlasting life. He came upon the entryway to the land of Gods, another universe, which would demo him the secret to avoiding decease. Upon neglecting the challenges necessary to go immortal, H

vitamin E eventually accepted that he was human, and he would hold to decease as normal people. Gilgamesh’s belief in immortality did non be in human existences.

Similarly, Thanh Cat Dai Tu Han, was known as the most superb swayer of Mong Co ( now known as Nepal ) . He had helped Mong Co to go the most powerful imperium in early 400 B.C. He was successful in suppressing many states, such as Tao ( China ) , Cham ( Thai Lan ) , and Giao ( Kampodia ) . Unlike Gilgamesh, Thanh Cat Dai Tu Han was generous to his people, encouraged them to travel to school, and devoted his energies to beef uping his imperium. But as he grew older, his personality changed. He became nefarious because of his green-eyed monster towards younger people. He wanted to populate everlastingly, so he asked his waiters to seek a manner in which to assist him to stay immature everlastingly. Unfortunately, his people failed his order, and Thanh Cat Tu Han killed all of them, and even their relations. The more people he killed, the more afraid he became of deceasing. He would make anything to go immortal. He asked his people to construct a mountain that would touch the sky, so he could mount up to the celestial spheres and inquire the Gods for a manner to avoid decease. As penalty for his immoral behaviours, the Gods made him fall when he climbed the mountain. Therefore, the hunt for immortality led to the awful decease of Thanh Cat Dai Tu Han.

Both Gilgamesh and Thanh Cat Dai Tu Han were looking frontward to happening the manner to go immortal. But the fact remains: & # 8220 ; When the Gods created adult male they allotted to him decease, but life they retained their ain maintaining & # 8221 ; ( Gilgamesh 34 ) . No affair how difficult both of them tried, they were human and still faced dead. In The Epic of Gilgamesh, I truly enjoyed the chief character, Gilgamesh, and his fright of decease served as a good illustration for & # 8220 ; There is no permanency. Do we construct a house to stand for of all time, do we seal a contract to keep for all clip? Do brothers split an heritage to maintain for of all time, does the flood-time of rivers endure? & # 8221 ; ( Gilgamesh, 36 ) The lives of Gilgamesh and Thanh Cat Dai Tu Han would non be last everlastingly, so seeking immortality was merely the dream of the two male monarchs.

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