PRAN group of companies is one of the taking concern institutes of Bangladesh. We have prepared study based on Practices of SHRM of Pran Food & A ; Beverage. To fix this study we have followed informal questionnaire. In the study we discuss about Company overview. literature reappraisal. Business scheme of the PRAN Food and Beverage. relationship between concern scheme and HR patterns of the organisation. influence of concern scheme assorted HR patterns. PRAN promote their employee to take portion in chances and plans that will add to their aptitude to convey value and guarantee farther augmentation and accomplishment for themselves and the Company. Every twelvemonth they are disputing their old success. They are pleased with that what they have achieved antecedently but non delighted with that. ( Pran Food. n. d. ) and Beverage every enterprise is to outweigh their past public presentation. They are turning and turning in the planetary market. At last we shortly discuss patterns of Strategic Human Resources Management in Bangladeshi local company PRAN Food and Beverage.

The complexness of the full globalisation procedure. which gave rise to increasing common dependance of different economic systems. subdivisions and organisations. makes new issues with regard to human resources and their cognition as the exclusive originative factor of the new value and net income creative activity existent. Alternatively of the present twenty-four hours domination of natural and fiscal resources. the world’s well-developed states are airting their developmental ends and schemes toward the domination of human resources. The alteration in function and the manner of operation of the present twenty-four hours concern systems as basic direction topics requires extremist alteration in function and importance of their employees. It is necessary to make new. modern and quality human resources that may efficaciously carry through the ends of concern and developmental policy ; all this in conditions of immense economical uncertainness. speedy technological alterations. dynamical transmutation and alteration of proprietary relationships. The competitory place of any endeavor in the contemporary extremely competitory market requires good and well-developed footing of employees on which all the work and scheme. both of growing and development. are founded. Development of human resources is going a day-to-day and ageless challenge that any concern system has to confront Oklahoman or subsequently.

The success of an organisation significantly depends upon the mode in which it manages human potencies. The chief get downing point of this article is that the basic resource of modern concern operation is the human and that the development of employees as the most of import map of human resource direction in cognition economic system. represents indispensable alteration in attack to the human as the cardinal organisational resource of deriving competitory advantage. More than of all time earlier. as the lone existent competitory advantage of an endeavor. human resources are being placed in the centre of all researches and of patterns of developed states. and puting into their development is progressively considered to be the cardinal factor of difference between successful an unsuccessful endeavors. The thought of the definition of this article’s topic has emerged as a response to the contemporary transitional events in the full Serbian economic system and society.

The present procedure of our passage. transmutation of corporate ownership into different signifiers of ownership. inclusion into planetary trade flows. foreign investings into national endeavors. etc. . requires extremist alterations and stand on human resources. mode of their application. development and direction. Enterprises are progressively going “learning organizations” which means organized. systematical acquisition and development on any organisational degree. in any concern system. at any workplace. and anyplace else where necessary. To project efficient developmental plans is going a strategic undertaking for any endeavor and a basic portion of its development’s overall scheme. The end of this article is to alter the perceptual experience in understanding the development of employees as both the cardinal strategic manner of concern policy of qualitative growing. development and competitory advantage of any endeavor. and the footing of development of modern economic system. Human resource development is an inseparable portion of the organization’s development. In a dynamical environment. development of employees demands to be understood by modern organisations as the status of endurance. changeless demand and the footing of their ain flexibleness and mobility.

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Background of the company
PRAN is presently the most good known family name among the 1000000s of people in Bangladesh and abroad besides. Since its origin in 1980. PRAN GROUP has grown up stature and became the largest fruit and vegetable processor in Bangladesh. It besides has the differentiation of accomplishing esteemed certification like ISO 9001:2000. and being the largest exporter of processed agro merchandises with conformity of HALAL & A ; HACCP to more than 70 states from Bangladesh.

On retirement from Bangladesh Army in the twelvemonth 1981. Major General Mr. Amjad Khan Chowdhury got involved with industrial entrepreneurship by helping agribusiness which covered fabrication of tubing good cast Fe merchandises. irrigation implements. he started Agricultural Marketing Company from 1985 based by commercial production and selling of chinigura aromatic rice ; roll uping Mangifera indica. Ananas comosus. lichee and other fruits from the husbandmans. This company played important function by gradual cultivation of pulp suites. tomato and assorted spices and subsequent exports to foreign markets. This group met success by selling of olive and other autochthonal fruits after aggregation. processing and saving. In recent times PRAN Group performed production and selling by constitution of dairy. bakeshop and turning of assorted sorts of pulsations. tea leaves. This group’s merchandises are being exported to about 70 states of the universe including Middle East and Africa. In last two and half decennaries. more than 9000 workers have been employed in ( Pran RFL Group. 2008 ) . Indirectly this group is devoted in care of about more 40. 000 households.

In the twelvemonth 2007. export gaining stood at Tk. 100 Cr. from Drinks. Snacks. Tomato merchandises. Tea and Rice produced by PRAN Group. Today PRAN-RFL Group produces more 25 types of light industrial and fictile merchandises including 170 nutrient merchandises. This group is on the top in the export of goods out of agricultural procedure. ( Pran. n. d. ) is life literally. The aims with which Major General Amjad Khan Chowdhury ( Retired ) laid the foundation of PRAN Group. those are wholly successful today. In accomplishing the success of the name ‘Program for Rural Advancement Nationally-PRAN’ parts of Mr. Amjad Khan is really important. Son of Natore’s Chowdhury household Amjad Khan Chowdhury’s father’s name was Ali Quasem Khan Chowdhury. Amjad Khan Chowdhury’s instruction life started in Dhaka. In the twelvemonth 1956 he joined Pakistan Army. from so on his tireless draging on the tract goes on. At present this high enterpriser personality non merely he himself but besides. kept members of the household active in these activities. His married woman Sabiha is executing the duties as Director of Amjad Group. Four competent descents of these parents are Azhar K. Chowdhury. Ahsan Khan Chowdhury. Uzma Chowdhury and Dr. Sera Huq. Arthokatha is proud and pleased being able to put up this enterpriser personality as best personality of the twelvemonth for 2007.

IndustryFood Processing. Textile. Appliances
Founder ( s ) Maj. Gen. Amjad Khan Chowdhury
HeadquartersPran-RFL Center. 105. Progoti Sarani. Middle Badda. Dhak 1212. Bangladesh Area servedSouth Asia. Africa. North America. Europe. Middle east Key peopleMaj Gen ( retd ) Amjad Khan Chowdhury ( CEO )

RevenueBDT 1 Million

Employees30. 000

HR as an of import position
Presents. endeavors like Pran-Rfl Group are turned to the intangible and unseeable capital. named rational capital. Productive touchable assets like natural stuffs. basic assets. and even managerial cognition are non seen any longer as resources that create new and comfortable endeavors. Alternatively. cognition. invention and cooperation are going the three basic elements of the new substructure necessary to make prosperity in the new economic system –knowledge economic system. To continue and better their market place. endeavors need to be able to make new cognition alternatively of trusting on the bing. The kineticss of development is progressively complex and hence knowledge rapidly becomes disused and there is demand for new and higher quality one. The ability of existent concern systems to maintain the degree of success and to progress farther depends on human resources and their lasting development.

The new economic system depends mostly on the employees’ accomplishments and cognition. to a larger extent than the traditional industrial economic system. The basic belongings of the new economic system is that non-material resources are going bearers of the enterprises’ public presentations. and they consequences entirely from the activities of human resources. The most of import component in the new economic system is the enterprise. originative and problem-solving employees. The fact that employees may impact the usage of their ain potency. every bit good as that of other resources. makes them the most of import resource in deriving competitory advantage for the endeavor. By their features. other resources besides influence this. but their importance depends chiefly on the employees. Indeed. all the aforementioned is the get downing point of the holistic attack to knowledge direction. Human resources. hard-to-copy employees with specific cognition demand to be considered as the key of deriving competitory advantage for the endeavor and non merely as tools to implement the determined organisational schemes.

Knowledge as the cardinal resource of modern concern operation and generator of development is an entirely human merchandise. inseparable from the human being as a specific animal. While physical work was seeable and mensurable ( the well-known surveies of clip and gesture measurement from the first yearss of organisational theory ) . cognition is a unstable merchandise of the human head. frequently unseeable. hidden and mensurable merely when it creates a new value. It is impossible to bring forth cognition forcefully and by control. It is produced by stimulation and human developmental and religious challenges for which the endeavor needs to make appropriate environment. Resources themselves have strategic facet within the organisation. When we consider human resources as the enterprise’s most of import tool. so the most of import undertaking is to make such on the job environment that will excite the employees to develop their accomplishments and to use them to the maximal extent. In that manner they will lend to the development of the assigned scheme.

Common Issues of HR
Human resources issues normally experienced by employers today include diverseness. productiveness. preparation. benefits and outsourcing. How each concern trades with its specific human resources issues depends on the HR director or manager every bit good as company policy. Since the chief duty of HR forces is to supervise all countries of enlisting. hiring. employee development and expiration. it’s besides this department’s occupation to manage human resources issues.

Diversity is a common and of import HR issue. Employers must adhere to engaging. publicity and expiration patterns that don’t know apart against people of different races. ages or sexual orientations. Laws are clear that workplace favoritism won’t be tolerated. A human resources manager must guarantee that the policies of the company are in maintaining with anti-discrimination legislative assembly.

Productivity is one of the human resources issues that continue to be a common battle for most concerns. Employers must invariably do certain that employees are acquiring plenty of the needful sorts of work completed so that the concern is running expeditiously in order to be profitable. If the company has employees who aren’t drawing their weight. it decreases productiveness which can diminish profitableness. HR direction has the duty of planing the workplace construction and implementing plans that help increase employee motive and merchandise.

•Recruiting and engaging
•Talent Management
•Law Enforcement
•Labor Relationss
•Employment and accomplishment schemes
•Shortages of professionals
•Education and Training

Presently faced jobs
As a rapid turning organisation. Pran-Rfl group confronting some HR jobs from the constitution of the company. As a developing country’s one the most two common jobs Faced by the company is: Employee Workforce Management

MR. Hasan Imtiaz. caput. HR section. Pran-Rfl group says “Boosting up a work force that reflects today’s world is another challenge for human resources sections. ” To turn to the challenge of pulling a new coevals of employees. HR professionals can tap into the popularity of the Internet. With on-line occupation posters and company web sites. human resources sections are now able to carry on day-and-night recruiting. With this wider range. enforcement attempts can no longer be limited to the HR section and will progressively affect legion sections and histrions within an organisation.

Labor Management
Most of the fabrication organisations face these sorts of jobs because of the bulk part are related to labour. Pran-Rfl group seeking to develop their direction accomplishments and do a positive result. The most common related issues they face: •Role of Trade Union and Labor Rights

•Conflicting Relationship with First Line Supervisors
•Demand for Work-life Balance
•Need for Self-respect and Participation
•Job Turnover and Absenteeism
•Efficiency and Productivity of Workers
•Workers Motivational Issues

Accomplishable Solutions

To rush up the work force
•Keep employees experiencing their work is more than merely a occupation.
•Take clip to creatively observe achievements.

•Grant clip off to employees to prosecute undertakings.

•Mix up the company’s usual manner of making things.

•Don’t forget to hold merriment.

•Train employees to develop positive attitudes.

•Offer clip off from the office to make some good.

For Labor enforcement
•A better working environment
•Basic demands
•Work inducements
•Job security

Modern economic system – economic system of cognition – affirms wholly new resources of immaterial nature. as cognition. information. criterions. quality. clip. velocity. design. etc. These are new resources going the prevailing bearers of economical development. Contemporary researches in the field of human resource direction progressively better the apprehension of importance of the employees in accomplishing concern consequences and ends. every bit good as the perceptual experience that human resources have become the cardinal competitory factor on the planetary market of goods and services.

Enterprises attack and understand the kernel the development of their employees as capital goods earnestly. sing them as possible and capital that needs to be kept. improved and developed. High-quality workers may transport and prolong competitory advantage. and they are the requirement of concern operation of all concern systems characterized by quick. dynamical. complex and non ever predictable alterations in the environment. Interconnectionof work. instruction and development is the manner to get the better of economic crises. since a “learning society” has to be besides a “working society” . and frailty versa.


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