As the head of constabulary for a midsized metropolis of 75. 000 occupants. my offense is lower in the business district country than in other parts of the metropolis because of the population growing I need entire of three new constabulary officers even though I presently have 30 uniformed officers and 12 support staffs. I have a petition to the metropolis council about engaging three more new constabulary officers but I need to turn to two robust justifications for engaging new constabulary officers. The two justifications for engaging new constabulary officers is the ability to multitask the demands of their occupation which may change throughout the twenty-four hours every bit good as the extended paperwork that come with the occupation must be completed on clip. Another is the leading accomplishment which involves the officer being about to pass on with persons while in the public oculus every bit good as good judgement when it comes to work outing a instance of issue at manus and increasing the presence of constabulary officers in the downtown country every bit good as catching up population growing. ( Projections. 2012 )

Police officers must be able to implement the Torahs so that the condemnable convicted of the offense or grounds can be bought before tribunal to attest or judge as tantrum by the justice during a test. Some officers depending on the occupation may be in certain country to forestall offense every bit good as patrol and give out traffic tickets where it is due. even direct traffic. The police officer must be an U. S. citizen and of good character to acquire the occupation place. but must be able to go through the written trial after finishing high school with some work experience. The three constabulary officers would besides necessitate some college preparation if non they will be encouraged to take some college classs in constabulary work to acquire a better understanding about the occupation that they are about to make affecting protecting the people as good.

As the head of constabulary I am bespeaking the work load to increase with the add-on of four constabulary officers which would ensue in an addition seven per centum from 2013 to 2020 but slower than the norm for all businesss. Most people that are interested in police work understand that it is disputing and offers an chance to function their communities. but a individual with college preparation in constabulary scientific discipline or military experience even both has a better opportunity at acquiring the occupation. The constabulary officer would be working displacement work which is necessary because protection must be provided around the clock. yet with the three constabularies officer being new it would be a demand to work weekends. vacations. and darks even off responsibility as security for eating houses. retail shops. and other constitutions. ( Projections. 2012 )

I have known that there was a demand developing for more constabulary officers because the budget addition over the few old ages and the work load increasing with more violent Acts of the Apostless necessitating be stop such as the studies of more and more people being kill by traffic accidents while driving down the incorrect route or walking. Yes. the director was briefed on the turning work load because he is the 1 needed to maximise their effectivity and concentrating the constabulary attending on hot musca volitanss that generate disproportional sum offense in certain countries which allow the constabulary officers to understand where they are most needed in order to protect the economic system every bit good as implementing the jurisprudence to convey down offense. ( Justice ) As for the constabulary officer funding covering with the budgeting there is a planning of federal schemes affecting the receivers of single support to look to maintain their funded places past the termination of the grants.

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The ground for this is to do certain the constabulary officers know that they still have their grants to back up them every bit good as doing certain that they would understand upon enlisting there would be no job in the jurisprudence enforcement with the grants that promote advanced schemes and usage of engineering and civilians to maximise efficiency could go progressively of import to practicians. Hiring them will impact non merely our present security state of affairs but will besides impact the future economic and societal chances of our just metropolis. We understand that bespeaking new hires at a clip like this appears to be counter-productive as this would intend more disbursals for the metropolis. But if the metropolis does non put in this peculiar pressing demand now. things can merely travel downhill.

The step that can hopefully impact local psychological science and economic mentality as. once the security issue is fixed. the downtown country can now be marketed as among the most unafraid topographic points to populate in and make concern in our State. As the range and sequence of budgeting in footings of beginnings of grosss. intent of authorities outgos. budget rhythms. budget readying. and debt disposal all involve the grants that are benefitted. Harmonizing to constabulary functionaries. grant money was one of the most of import factors lending to growing in many constabulary bureaus and decelerating staffing decreases in others. Federal money for jurisprudence enforcement can assist increase police presence on the street comparatively rapidly. decrease the immediate costs of staff enlargement. or even cover the costs of new engineering that could increase police efficiency. However. constabulary functionaries should besides see non-funded costs that may be associated with grants. such as the costs of preparation and fiting new officers. and of retaining officers.


Justice. U. D. ( n. d. ) . Hiring and Keeping Police Officers. Retrieved from World Wide Web. ncjr. gov/pdffiles1/nij/202289. pdf. Projections. O. O. ( 2012. March 29 ) . U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved from World Wide Web. bls. gov/ooh.


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