Fixing yourself for the Chadar Trek?

About the finish:

An unusual expedition of draging on ice, Chadar trek ( 3850 m ) has cloudy bluish green Waterss. Black stones are covered under a thick veneer of ice and snow. Chadar trek is besides known as the “ Chadar ” ( or head covering ) . A really alone winter trek is deserving sing in winter in Ladakh. Chadar trek is besides familiar as Khado sanglam in Zansakari lingo – Dakini Path. Local people of Zanskar usage this way to link with other nearby topographic points and therefore, this trek is left about alienated from many people. Every twelvemonth this path remains chop off due to heavy snow autumn.

The actual significance of Chadar means white sheet of crystal ice. Treking a Chadar trek can be a life clip experience for the trekkers. One of the most exciting treks of Ladakh is really particular as there is a pleasant river of Tsarap. You will be stopped by the Chilling Sumdo, a little colony. Continue trekking towards a narrow valley filled with exciting and breathtaking sights of ice extremums. There are croping evidences on the manner. Spend your darks at camp side or in cave cantonments. Enjoy dinners with campfire. You will be amidst the whole serene and placid milieus of Ladakh part.

A born fire will do you relaxed and warm. Sun ‘s up and bluish skies will allow you hearten despite the cold conditions. The trek trails through the pleasant Tsarap River in the part of Nyerag, Lingshed and signifiers to Zanskar part! Zanskar is a complete prtal of trekking in Ladakh. Research the antediluvian religious residences and cloistered constitutions of Zangl and Karsha. These topographic points promise you to give a deep penetration into the mysterious Ladakh and its civilization. Chiling and Lingshed are the lone ample colonies on this trek boulder clay you reach Hanamur and Pidmo before Pishu and Zangla.

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Treking on Frozen river of Zanskar is a quality experience for escapade lover every bit good as trekkers. The trek traces the river gorge through a scenic landscape, a lensman ‘s Eden, supplying rare sighting of wildlife.

An ideal clip to boost Chadar trek is mid January to stop of February. Level of trouble for this trek is moderate to disputing. You need to be really fit for his hiking.

The necessary stairss one should take before the trek:

  • Chadar trek is rather a high height trek.
  • This trek is an insecure ocean trip with temperatures on a regular basis acquiring below minus 30°C.
  • This trek needs sensible fittingness as quality trekking cogwheel is hard.
  • Make sure that you are done with your trekking equipments decently.
  • Carry all your equipment with you before you leave place.
  • Make a list of of import things and equipments you will necessitate for Chadar trek.
  • Get adjusted with the clime before trekking.
  • Kind out or split your trekking equipments as per their demand.
  • Before go forthing place for high height trek, it is advisable to hold a medical cheque up.
  • Carry indispensable medicines and redresss, common medical specialties.
  • Carry warm sleeping bags, warm vesture, baseball mitts, braces of socks and specially walking sticks.

Tips for Foreign visitants:

  • Carry valid passports and visas.
  • Ensure that your ‘tourist visa ‘ contains the continuance of your visit.
  • You need to take particular licenses before get into the district of Ladakh.
  • Particular licenses are non necessitate for boosting in the Indian Himalayas, with the exclusion of certain restricted countries.
  • If you carry heavy equipment like, particular cameras or scientific equipment, so you will hold to engage porters, and therefore you will be charged for this excess service.


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