Formal Address
Good forenoon Dr. Koh. instructors and fellow Josephians. My name is Jacky and today I will be stand foring the pupils who went on the Volunteer Trip to Mongolia last twelvemonth to portion my experiences and hopefully carry you to travel for the trip that will be conducted one time once more this twelvemonth.

Imagine a metropolis of one million people. Then conceive of 60 per centum of them populating in colonies without H2O. sanitation or basic substructure. frequently in traditional Mongolian felt collapsible shelters. known as gers. Then conceive of these people trusting on wood- or coal-fired ranges for cookery and warming. with fuel costs eating up 40 per centum of their income. Worst of all. conceive of you take a breathing the midst. toxic smog from 1000s of ranges 24 hours a twenty-four hours. seven yearss a hebdomad. Unfortunately. this is non imagination. this is the existent state of affairs for over a half million people populating in the ger territories of the capital. Ulaanbaatar. Not a pretty image.

With this in head. we signed up for this Volunteer trip to Mongolia last twelvemonth during the June vacations trusting to acquire a better penetration on the lives of the locals at that place and perchance decrease their loads. Fortunately. the organisation that we worked together with. Heartss For Homes is undertaking the lodging jobs by leting us to assist in the building of low-costs flats and extenuating the impact of the air pollution job by administering better ranges that uses more efficient fuel.

Surprisingly. the local householders greeted us with a hearty welcome. It was someway soothing to see the smiling on their faces when we were working together with them to construct their new places. Even though we speak of a different linguistic communication with them. we could still pass on with them through the usage of organic structure gestures. This in a manner bonded us together and helped us learned more about their traditional civilization over the yearss of work. The whole experience evoked understanding among us and to set it in a nutshell. it was genuinely a bosom to bosom experience.

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The trip has about surely changed something within me. Detecting the blunt poorness of the locals populating in the territory of Ulaanbaatar I realized how privileged we are in Singapore. We should non take things that we have such as the roof over our caputs and the modern comfortss for granted. Therefore. I want you to take a measure back and inquire yourself. Should people particularly kids live a life of poorness like this? Thank you SJI and may you hold a pleasant twenty-four hours in front.

Jacky Steven Rusli
Ms. Shulli ( DRC-Joyting )


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