“Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step: only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road.”

People of France, I stand here before you, overwhelmed by the final verdict of the nation. The presidential race was long and hard fought but we have overcome the odds. The Union for Popular Movement has nominated and reposed unstinting support and their trust in me, enabling me to stand before you here today. Our party is relatively new and has no track record but thanks to the popular support we have received from YOU we have reached here to make a new beginning, a new dawn of the French republic. My co-runners for the presidential campaign were tough but fair. The fact that I stand before you is motivating and I will strive to serve this country to the best of my abilities.

I feel great pride in the three colours that represent our great country FRANCE. I can finally repay my debt to this beautiful country for all that she has given me. On this day I mark the coming of a new era – THE ERA OF NEW SOVEREIGNTY WHERE PEOPLE CAN PROUDLY SAY I AM FRENCH. For so many years across the world French industries have been well regarded. During the 90’s the French industries have lost their lustre. We will regain that respect that we rightly deserve and we will work towards the betterment of these industries.

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Many people have helped me achieve the unthinkable and this is the opportunity to thank them. I want to thank my party members for their unyielding and obdurate support; my promotion group, which was undoubtedly one of my greatest strengths and assets; the team that never failed me – my family for their support through the thick and thin of this campaign. The rough roads that we travelled along were long but the road that we will now ride on will be smoother. My fellow Frenchmen I promise you that I will bring success but not without some hiccups. BE STRONG and TRUST me, for those who do not, in time I will hopefully prove to you that I am the right person to burden all these responsibilities on.

In the number of votes that were polled the difference between me and my competitors was not a lot. I heed to those who did not vote for me to have faith in me and that every person whether he voted for me or not will be listened to. Anyone with a different opinion will be regarded and if anyone is against any move we will make will be given a complete hearing.

Most people are tired with the state France is in now and have therefore empowered me to this prestigious post so that the wrong is rectified. I will CHANGE the face of the French for the improvement of society.

Presently in France- we are facing high crime rates, unemployment and inflation. I will address these burning issues including the world terrorism as humanity is at stake.

Come, my countrymen and join me to create a new page in history. Let us all work together in harmony to create a better TOMMOROW.


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