At the morning of civilization, herbal redresss are considered as a cherished gift from God. Before the germinating age of engineering, this natural heritage was the nucleus elements in the readying of drugs at antediluvian times. Therefore, it is non surprising that 25 % of the planetary prescribed medical specialties are really works derived functions ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ) . Herbal redresss, besides known as phytomedicine, involve the usage of workss to handle and forestall diseases. The medicative values of herbal redresss are non confined to certain parts of the medicative workss merely. Alternatively, modern engineering is used to pull out active ingredients such as fatty acids, steroid alcohol and alkanoid from the foliages, flowers, seeds and even the roots of botanical workss ( Bent, 2008 ; Ghazi-moghadam et al. , 2012 ) . Since herbal redresss possess brilliant curative values, the place of herbal redresss in modern twenty-four hours pharmaceutics can be evaluated in footings of prevalence of herbal redresss use, economic value of herbal medical specialties, and applications in different diseases and worldwide responds towards herbal redresss use. 155

Prevalence of herbal redresss use

Herbal therapy is a common pattern to many undeveloped states. About 80 % of the universe population are depending on herbal redresss as their health care bringing ( WHO 2008 ) . Prevalence of herbal medical specialties use is apparent when dependance on herbal redresss is shown by 90 % of Africa and 70 % of India population. In China, the wellness attention bringing is comprised of 40 % of traditional medical specialties and specialised units for traditional medical specialty are even offered by more than 90 % of general infirmaries ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ) .Indirectly, the turning inclination towards herbal redresss application has displayed the public involvement in the curative value of these natural merchandises. 99

Figure: Percentage use of herbal redresss among CAM intervention in South Australia from the twelvemonth 1993 to 2000 ( MacLenna et al. 2006 )

In Figure 1, it was reported that the per centum use on herbal redresss had increased from the twelvemonth 1999 to 2000 in which the females experienced a greater addition in herbal medical specialties dependance compared to males ( MacLenna et al. 2006 ) .Obviously, these turning figures have indicated the current place of herbal redresss by exemplifying the public dependance on herbal therapy. In U.S, 118 out of top 150 prescribed drugs are derived from natural beginnings such as workss, Fungis, bacteriums and craniate in which workss devoted a big part ( 74 % ) in drug readying as shown in Figure 2 ( esa 2000 ) . 93

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Figure: Compositions of natural beginnings in 118 out of top 150 prescribed drugs ( esa 2000 )

The importance of herbal redresss in clinical market is farther highlighted when natural merchandises have accounted 50 % of entire clinical drugs ( Van Wyk and Wink 2004 ) .Since the part of herbal medical specialties towards wellness attention can non be neglected, WHO has included them in their indispensable medical specialties list and plant-based medical specialties have contributed 11 % of the list ( Sahoo et al. 2010 ) . The efficaciousness of herbal redresss is even acknowledged by most of the druggists and this can be seen in a conducted study in which 73 % of the druggists claimed to hold herbal merchandises in their pharmaceutics ( Bouldin 1999 ) .

The prevalence of plant-derived medical specialties in market has decidedly affirmed their place in the pyramid of wellness attention system as it reflects the belief of society in herbal redresss applications. 117

Applications in assorted diseases scope

Surprisingly, approximately 25 % of the planetary prescribed drugs are really originated from workss ( Sahoo et al. 2010 ) . For illustration, Zemaphyte is made up of 10 different herbs and is used to handle eczema ( K.Chan 2003 ) .Even the well-known drugs such as quinine, morphia, codeine and Lanoxin are besides derived from workss ( Van Wyk and Wink 2004 ) . The herbal medical specialties express their curative values through their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobic belongingss. Presence of chemicals such as fatty acids, steroid alcohol, alkaloids and flavonoid in the herbal redresss will exercise chemical effects on the mark ( Bent 2008 ) . 81

Table 1: 5 of the 10 best-selling drugs in US with their active ingredients and utilizations ( Van Wyk and Wink 2004 ) .

Herbal Medicines


Active ingredients


Ginkgo biloba

Dried aboveground parts

Flavonoid, ginkgolides and bilobaline

-To dainty dementedness and peripheral arterial occlusive disease


Bulb of A.sativum

Allicin, ajoens and alliin

-To lessening entire cholesterin and to increase high denseness lipoprotein degree.


Dried roots

Triterpenoid saponins

-To manage weariness and dainty coronary artery disease, shed blooding upset and diabetes.


Juice of fruit


-To prevent UTI, nephritic concretion and scorbutus

-To promote wound mending and dainty asthma


Rhizomes and roots

Volatile oil, valepotriates and cyclopentane sesquiterpenoids

-Non-addictive transquilizer against restlessness, wakefulness and symptoms of climacteric.

( flower and green, efficaciousness of herb tea )

Herbal redresss play an of import function in both antediluvian and modern times when it comes to diseases intervention. It is capable of handling different diseases which ranges from minor complaints to critical unwellness. In China, traditional medical specialties are one of the schemes in contending SARS while Africa flower is invariably used by African to handle HIV symptoms ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ) . 57

Cardiovascular diseases

Ginseng is involved in the intervention of angina. It acts as Ca ion channel adversary which helps to diminish blood force per unit area. P.notoginseng will suppress atherogenesis by diminishing the generation of smooth musculus cells. Besides this, allicin in Allium sativum besides express antibacterial belongingss which contribute to cardiovascular wellness ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ) . 47


A broad scope of herbal workss can be used in handling diabetes such as Ivy Gourd, aloe, bristly pear cactus and others. Active ingredients in Ivy calabash are similar to the insulin in which glucose production is suppressed and therefore helps to contend glycosuria ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ) . 44


New anticancer drugs, Taxol and Oncovin are besides plant-based medical specialties ( Van Wyk and Wink 2004 ) .Out of 177 drugs approved for malignant neoplastic disease intervention, more than 70 % of them originate from workss. In the study, Saffron, the derivative from flower of Saffron crocus tends to suppress the skin carcinogenesis by causes alterations in activation of carcinogen and generation of tumour. It besides inhibits formation of tumor by stamp downing the cell growing in neoplastic cell ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ) .

Indeed, herbal redresss have their topographic points in the modern twenty-four hours pharmaceutics due to their active functions in contending diseases. 86

Economic value of herbal redresss

The place of herbal redresss in modern twenty-four hours pharmaceutics can be evaluated in term of economic part to the state. In Table 2, compared to the net income of more than US $ 50 billion brought by the entire market of addendums, it was estimated that the international market for botanical medical specialties entirely have occupied about 19 % of the entire market with a net income of US $ 18 billion ( Van Wyk and Wink 2004 ) . 63

Table 2: Consumer gross revenues ( million US $ ) of planetary nutritionary addendums for the twelvemonth 2000 ( Van Wyk and Wink 2004 ) .


Vitamin and


Sports, homeopathy and specialist merchandise

Functional nutrients

Herbs and botanicals


























Latin America





Middle East





Soviet union





United States










The one-year gross revenues of botanical merchandises have craved a net income of US $ 5.1 billion to United States while Western Europe managed to do one-year gross of US $ 5 billion out of herbal industry from the twelvemonth 2003 to 2004. Since herbal therapy is common in India, approximately 178 out of 960 works species used in herbal industries have been produced at big graduated table and even exceed 100 metric dozenss per twelvemonth. In 1995, the herbal medical specialties for industry have casted a value of 17.6 billion in Chinese kwais while in 2005 the merchandises gross revenues have reached US $ 14 billion. The tendency so continued with the Brazil estimated gross at US $ 160 million in 2007 ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ; WHO 2008 ) . With the increasing planetary demand of herbal medical specialties, the export of herbal merchandises in Egypt has totaled up to 77,850,312kg and this export value managed to reimburse a net income of USD $ 174,227,394 in 2008.Again, herbal redresss are able to reassure its pharmaceutical topographic points by stand foring 33.6 % of the entire export value in Egypt ( Nahla et al. 2010 ) . Harmonizing to the study presented by WHO ( 2005 ) , a steady growing in herbal medical specialties market was spotted for the period of 1999 to 2001 by roll uping the information from 9 states. 193

Figure: Annual gross revenues of herbal medical specialties in nine states from the twelvemonth 1999 to 2000

Therefore, herbal redresss are given reputable topographic points in modern twenty-four hours pharmaceutics due to its part to economic growing in the state. 21

Worldwide responds towards the herbal medical specialties use

Due to curative consequence of herbal medical specialties, integrating of herbal therapy to the wellness attention system is hence extremely recommended. In United State, more than $ 34 billion is spent yearly in CAM. However, in some of the states, the outgo on CAM is non included in national insurance policy. Therefore, the repute of herbal medical specialty is reflected in their willingness to pay ( Frass et al. 2012 ) . 62


Australia, Canada and United State have spent US $ 80 million, US $ 1 billion and US $ 2.3 billion severally on one-year herbal medical specialty outgo ( Benzie and Wachtel-Galor 2011 ) . Indeed, the willingness to put has reflected their assurance in the potency of herbal redresss at present pharmaceutical market. In Malaysia, compared to the outgo of US $ 300 million on allopathic medical specialties, an investing of US $ 500million is allocated in traditional medical specialties yearly ( WHO 2002 ) . 63


The importance of herbal redresss is vividly depicted in the turning figure of building of research centres. In fact, most of the developing states like China, India, Madagascar and the Republic of Korea have established several national research centres to hold a better apprehension on herbal medical specialties. In USA, they even offer CAM research units in universities such as Harvard University in Massachusetts ( WHO 2002 ) . Therefore, the behaviors of these research-based surveies are exposing the public involvement in the medicative values of herbal redresss. 82

Governmental and non-governmental policies

With the recognition on the importance of herbal redresss, the Ministry of Health in Thailand has put in a batch of attempts to advance consciousness on the utilizations of medicative workss. WHO even suggested that traditional medical specialty should be incorporated into the national wellness attention system ( WHO 2002 ) .Indirectly, the look of concerns towards the development of herbal industries have deduced the topographic point of herbal medical specialties at present twenty-four hours. 67


In the glorification yearss of herbal redresss, its presence was inseparable from our normal life modus operandi particularly when it came to wellness attention care. The singular history of herbal medical specialties may look to melt bit by bit with the germinating tendency of engineering. However, the values of herbal redresss in medicative positions have enabled them to last through the current of globalization epoch and this can be seen in the prevalence of herbal medical specialties use at present twenty-four hours. Since there are mounting groundss that promise the curative values of herbal redresss in contending diseases, herbal medical specialties should be incorporated into modern twenty-four hours pharmaceutics. Inarguably, the one-year net income brought by herbal merchandises market entirely has reassured the place of botanical medical specialties in wellness attention bringing. On top of that, many developing states have shown huge involvement in the potency of herbal medical specialties and even take stairss to reenforce its topographic point through instructions and research support. In a nutshell, herbal redresss do hold influences and place in modern twenty-four hours pharmacy.166


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