Personal use 1 . Drugs, self-piercing, and tattoos not done professionally a. For prevention need to ensure people are informed as to why not to do these things it. Medical use 1 . Professionals in the medical field need to ensure that the needles they use are sterile and heaven been used before Ill. 2nd body paragraph a. Explain how sexual intercourse can lead to these diseases if people are not careful I. Talk about what how to have sexual Intercourse without spreading them 1 . Abstinence 2. If Abstinence cannot be obtained than explain importance of condoms b.

Explain he birth of a child whose mother has a blood borne disease I. How to prevent it using a pill during pregnancy about prevention 1. Band-Aids 2. Freshly injured people keeping their distance b. Explaining what “Blood Brothers” are I. Prevention includes informing people why becoming blood brothers is not safe as it can lead to these diseases. V. Conclusion a. Summarize points discussed in body paragraphs b. Wrap everything up c. Restate Thesis Statement. Rough Draft Diseases have been part of the human race since the beginning of their time. Some of the most fatal of these diseases are blood borne diseases.

A blood borne disease is a disease that can be spread through contamination of blood and other body fluids. These diseases include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIVE) and others. While most of these diseases have been around for a long time, HIVE has only recently become a problem. No one can pinpoint the exact date of when it came around, but it is one of the biggest problems in the world today. These diseases can be prevented if enough people care enough to learn about them. Ending the spread of HIVE and blood borne diseases will be hard, but if

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Whether people realize it or not, needles are actually big in today’s society. They are used for things such as tattoos, piercing, medical purposes, and even illegal drugs. The underlying problems of these things is the risk of spreading these blood borne diseases. To prevent this, people need to understand the risk of using needles on their own. Some people like to tattoo or pierce themselves and then do it to their friends. This is a sharing of blood if not cleaned properly and if one of them has one of these diseases, it has Just been spread.

For the same reason, people need to know he risks of using needles for drugs. Drugs are bad for other reasons, but on top of these negative effects, these diseases can spread. Lastly to ensure that the diseases are contained even in a professional sense, needles need to be sterilized and only used once per person. (CDC) Another common way of spreading these diseases is through sexual intercourse. A key role in preventing these diseases from spreading this way is by remaining abstinent. If people do not wish to remain abstinent, then a condom is the next best thing.

Most people think that condoms are only used to prevent pregnancy in women, UT a condom can also be used to prevent the spreading of blood borne diseases (Disdains). Now this being said, it is important to know that even remaining abstinent in both partners may stop it. A mother can pass a blood borne disease down to a child. It is very rare, but it can happen. There is still a way to prevent this from completely happening. A mother who knows they have a blood borne disease can take a pill while pregnant to prevent the spreading of the disease to the child. The last common way to spread these diseases is from wound-to-wound contact.

This is here an open wounds fluids travel through another open wound and spreading the disease (Disdains). This is actually more common than people realize. A good scratched up, but is feeling well enough to go aid the other driver. He lifts the other driver out of the car who got scratched up as well and they made wound-to-wound contact. If one of those drivers had a blood borne disease, they Just passed it on to the other. The best way to prevent this is to avoid these situations as much as possible. If someone has a fresh wound, they should stay away from other people who have fresh wounds.


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