Prevention I would like to think we all take a strong stance against the issue of youth violence, especially in our own communities. While I’m sure most of us want what is best, the question is: “what are we actively doing to prevent violence and promote God’s love, peace and hope as well as safety for our own families against this rising occurrence? ” There is no doubt, Just by watching the news on a daily basis that the rise of delinquency in this generation is astounding. What is to come with the following enervation and so forth if we do not take a strong stance now?

My proposal for this situation Is that we start to direct our attention more towards preventing the violence from ever starting rather than the repercussions for the violence. We can do this by teaming together with our local churches and putting together various programs for children, teens and females so that they can Involve God In their lives, grow In faith, and have brighter futures. Sadly, not every child has the opportunity to grow up knowing God in the home and are victims’ to the life they were brought up in. These hillier are starting to go down the wrong path at very young ages, following the examples put before them.

Many are exposed to dysfunctional homes, very unhealthy living conditions, abuse, neglect, and abandonment. I believe this sets a child up to have many deferent psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and feelings of inadequacy that may make the child feel incapable of leading a successful and healthy life. The lack of morals in modern day society have corrupted children’s minds and fed them the wrong Idea of what God has planned for our lives on Earth. Social media has become the epitome of these lack of morals. Nudity, profane language, violent shows, treacherous video games and mockery of the Christian religion are everywhere.

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Students are not even allowed to have Bibles In public schools anymore. This is the kind of world we live in, where what is accepted and what is not accepted are completely backwards. I believe these issues are at the root of the problem resulting in actions of acting out, and causing violence. As parents, we play a vital role in bringing our children up the way they should go, in a protective environment, enriching them with Christian principals, God’s love and His saving grace. What happens when our kids grow up and leave our homes, becoming exposed to the way of the worldly and corrupt?

We, as Christian parents have an accountability weighing on our shoulders to step up as mentors and direct these lost, innocent children down the right path while they are still young. Not only parents, but our leaders In our church have an accountability as well. Together, we can be the ones to share our heavenly father’s compassion and forgiveness and to help them discover their God given purpose and talents. No one can make us feel more adequate and capable than our Creator. We need to be calling public attention to fortunate should not be ignored and rendered helpless.

Everyone has the ability to change negative behavior and recognize his or her potential if someone is Just willing to put his or her trust in them. God expects us to help others as much and as often as we can. My hope in this attempt is to shift the public policies away from prison and Jail investments and construction and instead provide early intervention before the big problems arise. Youth are sent to state facilities each year that have dangerous living conditions. We need to be making a wiser investment in county orgasm that connect kids and their families to the community, recourses and organizations.

This will be a lower cost rather than maintaining state facilities that don’t really resolve issues, but rather pose a temporary fix to a life-long issue if not dealt with at a young age when children are more acceptable to receiving long and good counsel. By setting up prevention and intervention programs within the church and expanding out into the community, we will be able to reach all of those who are affected. While we can have a small impact on the global aspect of this issue, we can eve a huge impact if we invest time into our own communities to help lost youth find their way down the right path.

Through church youth group organizations, missions within the community, free counseling through our local church and community gatherings to support this effort and bring families closer together, we can spread the word of God and plant seeds of faith on solid ground. Lost children need to be built up, to have their feelings of self-worth flourish knowing that they are loved and cared for by their Creator and they can make a difference in their life by turning to Him. The church in our community must be the foundation of this preventative program.

Petitioning the government to take a small portion from state facility funds and support a small fee towards the church to provide free counseling would be a huge success! This would equip young children and their families to work through their daily struggles, anger and emotional trauma possibly created by different aspects in their pasts. It is so important to have a counselor who has a Christian mindset who will pray over the situations and bring God into the center of the problem. The church could hold prayer meetings for the specific issues and organize out groups open to the community to help freely spread God’s love, hope and Joy.

The youth group could also host fundraisers that would raise money to help families in poverty, which is statistically where a lot of children who succumb to violence come from. Helping families in need could direct them to the church because they will feel the natural love and comfort radiating from Christians who truly have pure hearts to serve and make a positive impact. God says to share his love and we can have the opportunity to open the eyes of non-believers by our actions, not only our rods and this is the first place we should start.

Fundraisers would also make it possible to host gatherings such as Bib’s with free food to support the cause and tell people who don’t usually come to church of the great groups that are being set up on our youth’s behalf and how get involved. Another solution to help spread awareness is to find new and born again Christians who have had difficult lives, spent time in Jail for their actions but ended up finding God’s grace and deciding to turn their lives around. Personal testimonies are so powerful.

This would be appropriate for older lunette their time to make the community a better and safer place. God calls us to help those in need. I find that when I am purpose driven for God, my life is so much more meaningful. Is there a better way to pull together as a community than this? It does takes time and motivation to make a difference. Some individuals will probably argue that they don’t have enough time to set aside out of their days, weeks or months to invest in this cause. I understand how life can be so busy. There never seems like there is enough time to do all that we want to do.

My worry is that we are so wrapped up in our daily activities that benefit us that we will fail to recognize the importance of our children surrounded with these lost children who desperately need a saving grace. When more than one comes together, there an army is formed. Have faith that we can pull together and make a meaningful impact. God gives us the strength, He gives us the ability. These children will become adults one day that lead and influence many people and I think that it would be an amazing accomplishment to be able to say that you helped instill responsibility, oversight and guidance to help them be mighty men and women of God.


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