In the film “The Prince of Egypt” there are many references to the bible, specifically the book of exodus. Even though there are many references there were also some very big alterations. This report will go more in depth into the alterations and show the thoughts of other critics. “One of the first changes from the Biblical account is that Moses was drawn from the water by Seti’s wife, not the daughter of pharaoh”(“Dig the Bible – The Prince of Egypt Review”). In the opinion of another article “….. o matter how cunningly disguised, anything that works toward distorting or altering the Word of God should be viewed with caution. The most fiendishly clever and effective of Satan’s plots are the insidious ones that we innocently embrace and accept into our homes through subliminal messages in our movies, TV shows, and music”(“Anton Karl Kozlovic : Religious Film Fears 3: Being Sacrilegious, Criticizing or Devaluating the Faith”). Other changes from the original story was that in the bible, Moses was 83 when he went to pharaoh and said that he let his people go.

Also the plagues were abbreviated very much due to the fear of scaring children that watched the movie. (“Dig the Bible – The Prince of Egypt Review”). In conclusion there were many alterations that DreamWorks did to the film so that it may be more cinematic, which some feel it is still wrong to change the Word of God. Although it is a good film of fiction, I believe that the bible is the one version that we should study and not a Hollywood film.


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