Before contending Grendel. Beowulf. an Anglo-saxon civilized adult male that seeks “fame through success” . provinces. “He knows he can tread down you to his heart’s content. humiliate and slaying without fright of reprisal. But he will happen me different” ( Beowulf. lines 599-601 ) . Equally good as Beowulf. Satan. a fallen angel. prosecute his hatred against God by perverting mankind’s pureness. As a consequence. his action will stain God’s memories everlastingly. Besides being cussed and narcissistic. Satan and Beowulf portion a common end of turn outing his uniqueness in his several universe.

In combination with their pride. their similar desires make Satan and Beowulf epic heroes that fall in society. In John Milton’s Paradise Lost and the poet of Beowulf. the battle that emerges from Satan and Beowulf’s boastful and obstinate character leads them on a declivitous way controlled by their pride. The drive forces that lead Beowulf and Satan to face their battles are their hubris and aspiration. Because Beowulf’s aspiration takes over his free will. he does anything that consequences in celebrity.

As Beowulf prepares for his battle with Grendel. he pontificates. “I hereby renounce? word and the shelter of the wide shield. hand-to-hand? is how it will be. a life-or-death? battle with the fiend” ( Beowulf. lines 433-440 ) . It is clearly non necessary to be stripped of all armss. but because of Beowulf’s assurance he can non defy. When Beowulf defeats Grendel. the celebrity he acquires is like a drug. therefore he becomes more ambitious in seeking for his following “high” . At this minute. Beowulf unwittingly confronts his battle of dependence to fame. This defect causes him to lose his free will. Similarly. Satan. an angel that is banished from Heaven becomes tied up with his desire of sabotaging God’s workss.

Satan’s ambitious workss are more about retaliation instead than fame like Beowulf. Therefore. his compulsion maims his judgement. which is clearly seen when Satan decides. “spite so with malice is best repaid” ( Paradise Lost. Book 9. lines 177-178 ) . His defect causes him to come in a forever battle between God and himself. which he can’t win. All in all. Satan and Beowulf’s battle as heroes is a consequence of their natural haughtiness. Because of Beowulf and Satan’s cussed pride. it prevents them to let their milieus to determine them into better characters.

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Many times seniors offer cognition to Beowulf. but his ignoring of this intelligence causes him to go more anomic. When Hrothgar provinces. “O flower of warriors. beware of that trap. ? Choose. beloved Beowulf. the better portion. ? ageless wagess. Do non give manner to pride” ( Beowulf. lines 1758-1761 ) . Beowulf disregards the dangers of pride. Beowulf’s battle with fame offprints him from the remainder of society because it makes him unable to be shaped by others. Therefore. he remains as who he is and continues his way of ineluctable autumn. Relatively. Satan’s pride prevents him to larn from his errors.

Losing to God in the war. Satan says surprisingly. “How such united force of Gods. how such as stood like these. could of all time cognize repulse? ” ( Book 1. 629-630 ) . Because Satan assumes his ground forces “stood” like “gods” . he is baffled that God’s army defeated him. Satan’s cussed pride blinds him from seeing that God easy has the power to “repulse” Satan’s ground forces. As a consequence. Satan. non halting one time to contemplate his actions. is driven by his pride dirt God’s work. Suffering from their ain self-importance. these heroes don’t have the free will to let being shaped into anything else other than their ain disdainful ego.

As Beowulf and Satan approach the terminal of their autumn. their transmutation displays the consequence that disaffection and disenchantment has on a adult male. From the start of Beowulf’s journey to his concluding conflict with the firedrake. he additions respect from others with his personal appeal. Although he inspires many. the congratulations he receives affects him negatively because it consequences in a bigger self-importance. Beowulf’s pride propels him to run into his terminal the minute he faces the firedrake. Receiving a fatal lesion in conflict. Beowulf decrepit asks for the dragon’s hoarded wealth. a symbol for Beowulf’s pride. He is ever contending difficult to derive pride. and at the terminal he will decease with it.

Beowulf’s decease demonstrates how his battle for celebrity blinded him from seeing his cancerous compulsion. In Paradise Lost. the pride of Satan blinds him to God’s grace because he is unable to forgive God’s penalty. This blinding causes Satan’s logical thinking and judgement to deteriorate as he changes into animals such as the “beast assorted with beastly slime” ( Book 9. lines 165 ) . At this case. Satan has become a foul snake. His transmutation is a metaphor for his autumn as an angel to an undistinguished low-life. Suffering from his self-importance. Satan can non do rational determinations. which causes him to populate in a universe of his ain beliefs.

The autumn of Beowulf and Satan demonstrates how aspiration and pride can do a adult male to lose his free will. Losing the ability to ground allows other features such as pride to turn. In Beowulf’s state of affairs. his conquering for celebrity causes his self-importance to come in control of his workss. For Satan. his finding for retaliation makes him lose his free will. This common subject among these characters can be seen in today’s modern society every bit good. Peoples such as physicians. jocks or CEOs. must hold a balance between humbleness and pride. Modesty allows one to be shaped by others. while pride motivates one to separate oneself from the remainder.


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