Good, evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this year’s charity gala for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Before starting I just want to take a moment to give a tremendous thanks to all of you for coming out tonight, and for all of the amazing support we’ve received from you. This audience has done more for the victims of land mines than we could have ever hoped for, and we are eternally grateful. This year the ICBL campaign has reached an outstanding new record, and for that you all deserve a good round of applause.

Tonight I have the great pleasure of introducing someone you all know of quite well. Being thrown into the media spotlight soon after the announcement of her engagement to Charles, Prince of Wales, Princess Diana has exposed to the world that she has not only beautiful face, but also a beautiful heart. In her charitable work, Princess Diana has set a caliber that is hard to equal. She has taken her role in our campaign very seriously, which makes it understandable as to why it has skyrocketed to new levels.

Outside of our own, she has become president or patron of over 100 charities, including Centrepoint for homeless youth, the leprosy mission, National Aids trust, The royal marsden hospital, and many many more. By engaging in her charity work on a deeply personal level, she has become a real peoples’ princess. Throughout all of her fame and fortune she still maintains a standard of poise and kindness that the world has fallen in love with. One can even say that she has taken all the fame to her advantage, by directing media attention to world issues important to her.

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Princess Diana was very serious when she took her role as patron of the English National Ballet, the Leprosy Mission and the British AIDS Help. Along with this, she was the president of the children’s hospital Great Ormond Street and the Royal Marsden Hospital where she proved herself to be the patron of humanity too. Even after her death, she is as famous and remembered as a public figure who worked for the public. Diana had a very personable touch. She was very at ease in meeting people from any background and even if they were  ill or in hospices.

The patients would react very favourably to her meetings, they warmed to her life energy and heartfelt sympathy. Part of her appeal was her sympathy and natural compassion. She could empathise with people’s suffering, having suffered much herself. in our community than any other local group. We can be very proud of our record. Our speaker this morning is well known to us. We know him as… and… But how many of you know that he has a hobby of raising turtles? He is President of the California Turtle and Tortoise Club and Editor of the Tortuga Gazette.

Joe says he has been fascinated with the idea of carrying your house on your back since kindergarten. Always having shelter is this morning’s subject. Let’s hear what Joe has to say about “Back to Square One. ” Ladies and gentlemen,? I am (say your name) and I am the (say your title in relations to why you’re introducing the speaker, for example, you are president of an organization). I am so pleased to be with you tonight and to have the chance to introduce our guest speaker, (say speakers name).? He / She is the (say speaker’s positions in relations to why they’re speaking).

He / She has been one of the main proponents of this program for several years, and it a true stand out in this field. He / She has a great understanding of the program and a great appreciation of what it takes to truly make (state theme or topic of event or conference) continue on a path of progress, and a remarkable vision of the future of (State topic).? Besides that, He / She (Add a few interesting personal notes here. Mention if the person was the first to do something, if they have published anything, have held impressive positions, done impressive things, etc.

Use the speaker’s bio or ask them or their staff for this information).? Finally, he / she is also just a fascinating person and we’re all in for a treat today. Without further ado, please join me in welcoming (name of speaker). Diana was a shy 20-year-old woman when she was thrust into the media spotlight. Through her marriage to Prince Charles, she joined one of the most famous families in the world and became an object of intense media interest. Diana’s personal difficulties are well documented.

However to appreciate the accomplishments of Princess Diana we should not focus on these human weakness, which without exception, are common to us all. . In her charitable work, Diana set a standard that’s hard to equal. She ignored the prevailing prejudices and fears about AIDS to clasp the hands of sufferers, and embraced leprosy patients in Indonesia. Arbiter remembers a visit to a home for the blind where Diana noticed that an old resident was crying: “She asked what was the matter and he said, ‘I can’t see you. So she took his hand and put it on her face. ” Charles still doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, but it’s increasingly evident that it’s in the right place. His Prince’s Trust organization raises a good deal of money for charities helping young people, and he’s gaining respect for his stance on environmental issues, as mainstream thought catches up with views he’s propagated for years. Read more: http://www. time. com/time/specials/2007/article/0,28804,1650830_1650834_1653460,00. html #ixzz29nE5mE3o

Princess Diana was a unique royal; by engaging in her charity work on a deeply personal level she became a real people’s princess. People from around the world could identify with her. In particular they appreciated her heart centred approach to life. She was not just appreciated in her home country the UK, but around the world. She captured the heart of America and received much support and encouragement even from American newspapers http://charity. lovetoknow. com/Charity_Work_of_Princess_Diana http://www. biographyonline. net/people/diana/achievements_princess_diana. tml http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Diana,_Princess_of_Wales#Public_role http://www. famous-women-and-beauty. com/accomplishments-of-princess-diana. html http://www. icbl. org/index. php//Treaty/MBT/Annual-Meetings/6MSP/Old/Media/Interview http://www. buzzle. com/articles/accomplishments-of-princess-diana. html http://www. biographyonline. net/people/short-bio-princess-diana. html http://www. llrx. com/columns/guide8. htm http://canuwrite. com/speech_introduce. php http://www. find-the-words. com/sample-introductory-speeches. html


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