As I embarked into this higher instruction way I wanted nil more than to be an decision maker of an Elementary or Middle School in Texas. I was able to flush envision myself in the school territory I presently work in working in school disposal at one of the schools I have taught at. I was fortunate on my internship twelvemonth to hold the place of being the instructional engineering facilitator and was able to assist more in deepness with the decision makers of my campus and larn the in and outs of the disposal side of the school.

Looking at all of this and holding experienced it I am now believing I am tilting towards more on the job towards going a section caput or possibly the caput of a academic section for the territory. I am trusting the first measure to this will be to go the section caput for 5th class on my campus and so traveling towards going the English Language Arts and Reading section caput. Finally over clip I hope to travel into a more Reading Specialist place for a campus or even perchance a territory. My ultimate end is to travel into the disposal edifice and go a curriculum manager for a territory.

As a leader I hope to carry through many things to my employee’s and staff like being stronger leaders in the schoolrooms. stronger instructors. and being able to authorise pupils for long term success. I have ever wanted since I entered instruction to see the terminal consequence of my pupils to be a positive one and love to see the academic growing my pupils show over the class of a school twelvemonth. I think that being able to demo instructors and staff how to be and go strong leaders in the schoolrooms will assist to majorly carry through this end. For me a leader is person who listens and empowers its scholars to larn in a manner that fits their ain personal demands and non needfully the demands of the instructor themselves.

I besides think that utilizing these techniques it will assist instructors to go stronger pedagogues in life and in the long tally. Helping instructors. merely like pupils. make a solid foundation is a great manner to get down them in the right way and therefore it will be easier for them to take themselves one twenty-four hours. And eventually I would love to see in instructors. like I do with my pupils. long term success over the class of a twelvemonth. two old ages and even ten old ages as they grow academically with the pupils. In Texas we are invariably altering the manner things are being tested and handled. Bing able to be a leader that is unfastened to those alterations will assist me to carry through my ends to the best of my ability while making successful instructors and pupils.

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Brooding Practice

In the beginning of these classs reflective composing did non look to be an influential portion of my larning procedure as a pupil myself. In my ain schoolroom I did non utilize much reflective authorship for my pupils because I saw it as clip that I could be utilizing on something else related to the content. Throughout the classs related to my master’s grade through Lamar University I have had to reflect in every class on what I learned throughout the category. At first I was disbelieving about the brooding authorship but as the class progressed I realized that by composing reflectively I was able to take the class stuff and permute it into my ain words. This helped me to hold a clear apprehension of what I learned and do it my ain.

One of the meaningful things that I feel I should hold walked away from these classs is that the best manner to go a leader is to make ownership for the staff. and I relate that to reflective authorship. In my brooding authorship I am walking off with a sense of ownership from my classs. and this helps to recognize the chief facts of what the class was approximately. Brooding authorship now has a new significance to me ; it is now more of me making my ain ownership to the stuff presented in the class. I have even now find myself utilizing brooding composing more and more in my ain schoolroom and happening it a utile tool to measure what the pupils are walking off from my lessons with. To me brooding authorship is a great tool to look into pupils understanding of what was taught and what was learned.

Brooding authorship has had a important influence on my pattern presently in my schoolroom. Alternatively of utilizing traditional quizzes and trial I find myself utilizing more brooding Hagiographas in my ain schoolroom. It is a great signifier of composing to utilize to let the pupils to utilize their ain words to explicate what they have learned in the schoolroom. In my hereafter I plan on utilizing brooding composing more and more in a leading function for my staff to obtain information on how good the school is runing and working as a squad.

I feel that if my current principal used more brooding authorship in our module meetings so he would hold a better apprehension of what is traveling on inside the campus. When I am a principal with my ain campus I plan on utilizing brooding authorship responses in order to look into if my staff walked off from staff developments with what was intended for them to larn and to besides do certain that the preparation was effectual or non to utilize on our campus. I would besides wish to implement a feedback procedure that involves brooding authorship. which will let staff to react to any processs implemented on campus that might necessitate to be adjusted.

By utilizing this brooding authorship procedure in the hereafter I can do certain that my staff walks off with the cognition they need in staff developments and in-services. This will turn out to be an effectual signifier of feedback for me and contemplation on what skills they acquired. In Analyzing what we do to Better our Schools Tool 8. 1 the CARE Model: Planing Tool uses four stairss to turn to alteration for the hereafter the concluding measure Evaluate allows the staff to reflective on the anterior stairss they have created ( Harris ) . In this procedure the staff or decision maker is to take stairss into placing and work outing jobs they are confronting on campus. The first three stairss are stairss on how to implement and strategize the job at manus.

The 4th measure in the CARE Model is to ‘identify the best ways to measure the implemented recommendations’ which is a manner for the individual ( s ) doing the determinations can reflect on what they have created. In the same book Tool 8. 2 ( Harris ) provides a list of brooding type inquiries to be answered to analyze school betterment. These are great inquiries to steer someone’s contemplation or at the really least jump start their contemplation procedure so they have a starting point. An illustration of one of the inquiries asked in Tool 8. 2 is ‘What am I making to prolong betterment? ’ These types of inquiries allow me as a future decision maker to utilize for myself and others to reflect upon what we are making as a squad to make positive school betterment.

Competence Development

DOMAIN I School Community Leadership

Competency 001- The principal knows how to determine campus civilization by easing the development. articulation. execution. and stewardship of a vision of larning that is shared and supported by the school community.

In this competence I learned many things on how to make a vision for my campus and how to do it go on. I found it is non merely of import to do your school have a vision or merely a common end but the procedure of acquiring to that vision is every bit of import. Competence 001 is the foundation for that solid house you want to construct. without the foundation a house will finally fall and interrupt. merely like a school would without a solid foundation. As a leader of my campus it is my responsibility to look into making a clime that promotes higher degree thought and instruction. When I do obtain my ain campus I will be utilizing this competence to guarantee that higher outlooks are required. It is non merely plenty to make higher criterions and expect people to follow them it is every bit of import to make them in such a manner that they can go obtained.

In order to do these ends and visions gettable and approachable it is of import non to merely allow one individual make these determinations. but to let all stakeholders to hold a say in the creative activity and execution of them. I found throughout all of my classs that the most of import factorization in taking your staff and pupils in any way is the ownership that they have in the school. It is of import that all stakeholders have a clear apprehension that each party involved was and is clearly represented. I know that I feel better implementing a program that I took portion in planning or cognize person in the program that had my best involvements and the student’s best involvements at bosom.

I found myself passing 23 hours on this competence with my principal and helper principal. The bulk of the clip was spent prior to school assisting the commissions to put up the vision and ends. We so revisited the vision in the center of the school twelvemonth to set to the alterations our campus faces. It was besides of import that my principal have me sit in on class degree meetings to see if each class degree had a clear apprehension of what the vision meant for them and what it looked like in their schoolrooms and for their pupils. I would state in this subdivision of the spheres I believe that I am walking off with the most mastery because of all of the existent custodies on clip I got to pass working with my campus vision and missions.

Competence 002

The principal knows how to pass on and join forces with all members of the school community. responds to diverse involvements and demands. and mobilizes resources to advance pupil success.

In this subdivision I learned the importance of right pass oning with all staff. pupils. and community stakeholders for my campus. Although it was hard at times to acquire parents to pass on and take part at school maps I was able to larn a batch about the procedure of right pass oning with them. I was able to help in about every missive we sent place with pupils explicating our events. We non merely had to hold a transcript in English but we besides had to interpret all letters in Spanish as good. Over the class of the twelvemonth. logging over seven hours. as paper became more and more cherished I was able to concentrate more on call outs over the phone system and besides to work on keeping accurate information on the schools website. I had a spot of the upper manus in comparing to others in these class because I was able to happen ways through our web site to pass on efficaciously with the community. In our many multicultural events we held on campus ( Latino Heritage Art Contest. Black History Writing Contest. Math Night. and Science Night ) I was able to hold exposure to the positive consequence it has on pupils through multicultural consciousness.

On this competence I spent about seven hours of internship clip ( I believe more logged hours were possible ) . Another fantastic thing I learned during this lesson was how to right pull off school broad communicating that took topographic point on campus. I was really fortunate to hold a really supportive principal who was willing to take me under her wing and let playing a immense function in all activities on the campus. My chief ever told me anything you would non state out loud brand sure you do non set it in composing. She taught me through illustration and making how to efficaciously compose and make electronic mails to be sent to the staff. I know now the importance of tone in my authorship to guarantee the manner the electronic mail is received it is received right.

Competence 003

The principal knows how to move with unity. equity. and in an ethical and legal mode.

One of the most memorable things I will walk off from this class is the inquiry to ever inquire myself “Is the determination to the inquiry in the best involvement of the kid ( ren ) ? ” My wise mans ( chief. helper principal. counsellor. seasoned instructors ) taught me this valuable lesson that any determination. no affair the size. has to hold the student’s best involvement at bosom. This is a great manner to maintain you in cheque to do certain you are being ethical and act with unity in mundane determinations as a campus decision maker. The legal part of this competence comes with the cognition of doing certain to follow all province guidelines set for by the Texas Education Agency. One of the best ways I found to do certain you are following the regulations lawfully is to inquire inquiries. My internship supervisor. Sherry Gore through my 18 internship hours. learn me to ne’er be afraid to inquire inquiries or research the reply before doing a determination.

The manner she taught me this was non in a direct mode but more indirectly. By showing to me on subjects that she was unfamiliar with how she asked other principals or decision makers to work out her jobs I learned his valuable lesson. With the of all time altering ways of instruction in the State of Texas. and the Country for that affair. it is of import for an decision maker to do certain they are up to day of the month with all their cognition about the Torahs refering the instruction of the kids in their school. It is besides the duty of the principal to do certain their staff knows about any alterations in Torahs and processs. Making certain the staff knows of these alterations it will do the passage to the new 1s a smoother one for their campus and therefore do the impact less nerve-racking on the kids.

DOMAIN II Instructional Leadership

Competence 004

The principal knows how to ease the design and execution of course of study and strategic programs that enhance learning and larning ; guarantee alliance of course of study. direction. resources. and appraisals ; and advance the usage of varied appraisals to mensurate pupil public presentation.

One of the major witnessing to competency 004 was that of how our campus was holding twelvemonth after twelvemonth to set to its of all time turning Numberss of bilingual and ESL pupils on our campus. Each twelvemonth we a faced with the challenge of how to set to the turning Numberss non merely with resources but besides with the staffing of these new places needed. In all campus purchases. engineering or academic workbooks. we find ourselves looking as decision makers on the campus at what sort of Spanish and ESL addendums were available and how good they will work for our pupils demands.

I found it really interesting in taking our new reading text editions in how different the Spanish addendums are for the different acceptances. As a individual on the commission. logging over 23 internship hours. for our school to assist us take our following acceptance it was made really clear to us at the beginning of the procedure that we needed to do certain we are sing non merely the English part of the text edition but the ESL stuffs are every bit of import.

I knew traveling into it that the ESL addendums were of import but it ne’er crossed my head how of import it is to our campus. With my campus being one of two bilingual campuses it was of import to my principal that our ballot was heard at the territory degree when taking the newest acceptances. The following measure in this was implementing a new reading text edition while seting to the new territory broad course of study CSCOPE. It was my principal’s occupation to do certain that all of her staff was good cognizant of how to utilize the stuffs mandated by the territory for our new instructional focal point ever maintaining the pupils best involvements at bosom when developing the instructors to fix for our school twelvemonth of academic success.

Competence 005

The principal knows how to recommend. raising. and prolong an instructional plan and a campus civilization that are contributing to student larning and staff professional growing.

All excessively frequently there is traveling to be a alteration in policy or educational jurisprudence. and with these alterations there is ever traveling to be alterations in educational patterns that have proven to be effectual. The older methods of learning are non needfully the best methods to be used to make the pupils of 2011. This competence ensures that the principal maintain up with the best patterns and methods out in the universe to utilize for the success of our pupils and staff. This includes doing certain that the staff is up to day of the month on the latest patterns in learning in new and exciting ways to make kids. I spent near to 21 hours working with my principal and instructional facilitators to guarantee that our campus had what we needed to implement new learning patterns in our schoolrooms.

This subdivision requires a batch of research into the newest demands of the pupils and so the demands of the staff to run into those demands. One illustration of a staff development that I was portion of implementing with the principal and instructional facilitators was when we had to travel into a new online lesson planning system. This system was wholly on-line and doing paper lesson plans non necessary. It was my responsible to do certain the staff was trained in how to utilize this new system to its full potency. I had to go to preparation provided by the company ht owned the package every bit good as territory preparation to demo me how to demo the staff how to utilize this new system. It was indispensable that the staff knew how to implement this plan because it was shortly to go a authorization by the territory to better territory lesson program sharing throughout the full territory. The indispensable great thing for the instructors was that of doing instructors resources more readily available to territory employees across the territory.

Competence 006

The principal knows how to implement a staff rating and development system to better the public presentation of all staff members. choice and implement appropriate theoretical accounts for supervising and staff development. and use the legal demands for personnel direction.

With this country I feel I need a little more pattern. and that is my mistake in the internship hours and program. I do nevertheless be after on utilizing my current principal to assist me to understand the rating procedure of a staff member. With lone seting in eight hours into this country of focal point I feel that I need to concentrate more on the PDAS system. I know the system as a instructor but I feel I need to works towards better apprehension of the administrator side of the ratings. I did concentrate my attending on portion of this facet as finding the demands of the staff and making a staff development for the staff to turn from. With the aid of the assessment specializer on my campus I found that we as a staff needed more focal point on how to decently fix the childs to take trials for a long period of clip.

We gathered information and tips for the staff to utilize while fixing the pupils for their long awaited TAKS trials. We so used a simple rating study at the terminal of the preparation to measure the effectivity of the preparation to run into the demands of the instructors and pupils. We produced a batch of brooding clip for instructors to portion their ain experiences in the schoolroom that allowed pupils to work to their best potency. With the cognition of the consequences of the study we used the cognition we gained to carry on follow mini-trainings to measure the demands of the staff after they implemented the patterns. The ground we conducted the mini-follow ups was because of the study rating at the terminal of the preparation said they enjoy the preparations we have but they need farther aid after we implement the preparation in our schoolrooms.

Competence 007

The principal knows how to use organisational. decision-making. and job work outing accomplishments to guarantee an effectual acquisition environment.

Spending near to eighteen hours working on this competence it clear to see that this competence is an of import one in relationship to the effectivity of a campus. One major thing I learned from my principal was that you need to be organized adequate to do certain you put together a quality interview to guarantee that you put together a quality staff. I was fortunate plenty to be able to sit in the interview procedure of one of our hereafter instructors. The before portion of the procedure was the readying in acquiring ready for the interview. my chief utilizing the Gallup interview procedure so she must be organized and ready.

During the interview quality inquiries prove to be the most effectual in taking future staff members. Following the interview there is a debriefing with the engaging commission to guarantee that the newest staff member would be a good tantrum for our campus and our pupils. We so moved onto working with the staff and questioning them on what needs to be improved on campus. The following measure in this procedure for my chief and I was to look towards the staff and see how good they internalized or resisted alteration in our uninterrupted betterments implemented at the campus. We had to look at what alterations were the best for the pupils as a whole and the demands of our at hazard pupils.


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