1. 1 explain employees roles andresponsibilities in relation to the bar and controll of infection.

. dispose of waste right
. wash custodies decently
. maintain all equipment clean
. wear ppe
. keep personal hygeine
. go to preparation
. study hazzards

1. 2 explain employers duties in realation to the bar and control infection

. supply preparation
. supply ppe
. guarantee regular wellness and saftey cheques are undertaken

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result 2
understand statute law and policies associating to bar and control of infections

1. 1 outline current statute law and regulatorybody criterions which are relevent to the bar and control of infection

all care staff should understand statute law and policies associating to prevention/ control infections and understand systems. wellness and saftey act at work 1947
. wellness and societal attention act 2008
. COSHH ( controll of substances risky to wellness )
. RIDDOR ( describing hurts. diseases and unsafe occurences ) . relevent
codifications of pattern
. public wellness 1984
. personal protective equipment act 1992
. controlled waste ordinances act 1992
. managment of wellness and saftey work reulations 1999
. nutrient saftey act 1990

1. 2 describe local and organizational policies relevent to the bar and controll of infetion

. supplying preparation
. safe enviroment
. work policies and processs?

result 3
understand systems and processs associating to the bar and controll of infections
1. 1 describe processs and systems relevent to theprevention and controll of infection

. manus rinsing
. ppe
. cleansing equipment
. personal hygeine

1. 2 explain the possible impact of an eruption of infection on the person and the administration

the person can endure from

. short or long term unwellness
. secondary conditions
. farther complications
. depression
. loss of repute
. decease
. loss of trust in the administration
. prosecution and closing of administration
. unsettled atmosphere

result 4

understand the importance of hazard assesments in relation to the preventionand control of infections

1. 1 seting person or something in danger when there is no demand to and non utilizing right equipment to transport out undertakings.

1. 2 possible hazards in the work topographic point taking to diseases spredding can be cause by. rinsing custodies
. have oning ppe
. holding soiled equipment
. dirty surrondings

1. 3 the procedure of transporting out a hazard assesment are to

. place the hazzard
. make up one’s mind who may be at hazard and make up one’s mind on safeguards
. eveluate the hazards and make up one’s mind on safeguard
. enter your findings and implement them
. reexamine your assesment and update if necessary

1. 4 The chief importance of transporting out a hazard assesment is

. to do certain cipher gets hurt or ill
. make awarness of hazzards and hazards
. place World Health Organization at hazard
. prevent hurt

Result 5
understand the importance of utilizing personal protective equipment ( pp3 ) in the bar and controll of infections

1. 2 different types of ppe are

. aprons
. baseball mitts
. gownes
. face/mouth/eye protection
. footwear

1. 3 The ground for ppe are:

. to protects clients and staff so no infection can be passed on. . aid to halt infections
. saftey grounds

1. 4. employees are responsible to utilize ppe apropriate and as instructed by employer. an employee has to look into ppe before and after usage and have to describe any harm. . usage appropriate precuations when managing substances i. e protective vesture

1. 5 employees responsibilitys sing ppe are

. take responsible attention to protect their ain wellness and saftey and that of their managment. guarantee ppe is worn at right timesand for right responsibilities. . study any risky or potentially risky conditions or hazards theat they can place in the work topographic point. . attend preparation provided by employer

1. 6 employers responsiblitys regaurding ppe

. supply ppe
. take all responsible stairss to do certain employees are have oning ppe


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