Eclipse will be a exclusive proprietary established in 2017 on the twin island province of Antigua and Barbuda. The concern will supply a huge assortment of places aiming immature grownups. Merchandises from interior decorators such as Jessica Simpson. Christian Louboutin and Steve Madden will be offered together with trade names such as Converse. Vans. and Nike.

In order to obtain leading in this industry. Eclipse will prosecute the mission “To be the premier provider of modern-day places in Antigua and Barbuda. supplying superior client experience and exceeding quality. ” As a consequence the following aims will help direction in carry throughing the mission of the concern: * To supply merchandises lasting in quality

* To supply trendsetting manners that will appeal to manner understanding clients * To supply competitory and low-cost monetary values without compromising quality Justification of Location

Eclipse will be located in Redcliffe Quay. St. John’s. Antigua. This location is ideal because it is located in the bosom of the metropolis in close propinquity to the Heritage Quay Duty free shopping country. This will let riders debarking Cruise Ships sing Antigua to hold easy entree to the concern every bit good local clients shopping in St. John’s.

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Organizational Structure – Marketing Department
An organisational chart is one that depicts the well-planned relationship between the persons in the organisation and the maps that they perform in relation to the stated ends of the house. Eclipse will prosecute a Line Organizational construction that will enable direction to do determinations easy. Control it easier. and heightening flexibleness doing it really easy to accommodate as fortunes change.

Gross saless Manager: Duties include:
* Recruiting and developing gross revenues staff
* Oversing. motivation and supervising the gross revenues team’s public presentation.
* Pull offing all advertisement of the concern.

Gross saless Clerk: Duties include:
* Keeping the store’s show of ware
* Recommending points to the clients depending on their demands
*Managing the storage room

Teller: Duties include:
* Processing all hard currency grosss
* Fixing an end-of-day hard currency study

Market Research

Market Research is based on deriving intelligence on the selling factors or activities that affect a merchandise and its sale. It besides involves analyzing the behaviour forms of consumers who buy the merchandise and placing their likes and disfavors. The advantages of market research are: It provides an penetration into what the consumers want and helps the concern to make up one’s mind on the best method that could be used to aim consumers.

Target Population
Eclipse has chosen to aim adolescents and immature grownups in the age scope of ( 15-20 ) and ( 21-35 ) . Current market tendency for the age scope 15-20 includes consumers who are looking for the latest manners as seen on assorted adolescent shows. music picture and adolescent magazines. This demographic of consumers are seeking to fulfill their demand to be the best dressed in their societal circles.

The current tendency for the age scope 21-35 includes consumers who are a little more mature and may be looking for merchandises to fulfill a wider scope of utilizations for illustration: Work. Church. and Partying.

In both instances Eclipse will seek to aim those consumers who are manner understanding and are looking for merchandises that are high in quality. unique in design and low-cost.

Monetary value
The monetary value of a merchandise is based on some of the undermentioned factors:
* The cost to bring forth the merchandise
* The demand for the merchandise
* The pricing objective the concern chooses for itself
* The merchandise features
Pricing is competitory as there are three other similar concerns runing in the market locally. Eclipse has chosen a Cost-based pricing scheme and a Market leading aim. The purpose is to increase their market portion.


There are three major rivals that sell merchandises that would appeal to the same demographic of clients targeted by Eclipse.

Both Inizio and IT rivals sell merchandises that appeal to the monetary value witting and manner savvy consumer. However the merchandises sold by these concerns are non high-end trade names. Although stylish in visual aspect the degree of comfort offered by these trade names is really low. Mademoiselle offers high-end trade names but they are limited in the assortment of manners and trade names offered. In add-on. all three rivals merely offer female places whereas Eclipse will be a unisex shop.

Eclipse intends to keep a monetary value scope between ( $ 150- $ 350 ) . This monetary value scope will let Eclipse to offer high quality and comfy places to its clients.

Product/ Service

In Eclipse. the shop will picture a separation of the Sun and the Moon. The country picturing the Sun will stand for brilliantly coloured manners separated into a Men’s and Women’s Section. This subdivision will be painted with a brilliantly coloured xanthous and bedaubed with ornaments which will stress this coloring material. The Moon subdivision will offer more Gothic type designs and will besides be separated into a Men’s and Women’s subdivision. It will be painted and decorated using the colors of Black and Purple which will typify darkness. The types of siting used will besides be representative of the subject in each subdivision. The concern will besides hold a logo picturing the brotherhood of the Sun and Moon. The uniform for the gross revenues clerks will be T shirts with the Eclipse logo on it worn with Jeans. The direction squad will dress professionally with no set uniform.

Pricing Scheme

Eclipse will use a Cost-Based pricing scheme. This pricing scheme is based on the cost of bring forthing a merchandise and in the instance of Eclipse it will be based on the cost of conveying the merchandises to market. This pricing scheme takes in to account the variable cost i. e. cost of buying. transportation. revenue enhancements. agent fees. and gross revenues staff wages and fixed cost i. e. rent. electricity and involvement on bank loans. Fixed Cost ( FC ) + Variable Cost ( VC ) = Entire Cost ( TC )

Eclipse monetary value is based on cost plus markup.

The concern will excel the competition by offering a alone line of merchandises non presently available on the local market. Eclipse will besides remain abreast of alterations in manner tendencies and place itself to rapidly react to new offerings in order to guarantee that its clients are in line with the current tendencies at all times.

Topographic point and Distribution

Eclipse will use the concatenation Producer. Retailer. Consumer in having and administering it merchandises. The merchandises will be purchased from choice providers overseas and shipped to the shop utilizing sea cargo. On reaching at the port. the merchandises will be cleared from imposts and transported to the shop. will they will be made available to the consumer. The Consumers will have the places by sing the shop. choosing their design of pick and size and buying them. The advantages that Eclipse will meet due to the use of this signifier of distribution concatenation are having price reductions when buying merchandises in majority from the manufacturer. An alternate method of distribution will be Online Selling. Disadvantages that Eclipse will meet are the cost of care of a physical shop presence and the fact that it will be limited to clients who are able to see the local shop. An alternate channel that could be utilized is:

Promotion Mix
A publicity mix is a combination of methods used to advance 1s merchandises The promotional schemes used by the concern are:
* Advertising – Eclipse will put ads in local newspapers. on choice wireless Stationss. face book and chirrup. A functional web site will besides be used to inform clients of new and available ware. * Public Relations – Eclipse will utilize media dealingss by providing information to the imperativeness and broadcast media to do them cognizant of the merchandises available for sale. Eclipse will besides place a local famous person to back its merchandises.

Government Regulations
The concern will necessitate to use for a licence to utilize the Trade name Eclipse. This ordinance is in topographic point so as to exert control over the names being used by concerns and to guarantee that no two concerns trade with the same name. Once the name of the concern is approved. so the concern will be required to register with the Inland Revenue Department to obtain a Tax Identification Number ( TIN ) which will let the concern to be able to import its ware. The TIN besides allows the concern to pay its relevant concern revenue enhancement and employee paysheet related revenue enhancement as required.

Use of Technology
Eclipse will utilize Point of Sale hard currency registries to enter its gross revenues and update its stock list. This will better the efficiency of the concern as direction will hold existent clip information with respects to the stock list degree of the merchandises and aid in placing when merchandises need to be ordered. The concern will besides use security cameras to help in supervising the activity of clients in the shop. This will better the efficiency of the concern as it will cut down the figure of security forces required and will assist to cut down losingss incurred by the concern due to theft.

Customer Ailments
Eclipse will manage all client ailments at the shop. The policy is to turn to all client ailments instantly or within a 24 hr period. The Gross saless Manager will decide client ailments. If a client has a ailment for illustration. sing a defect in the ware. the gross revenues director will reexamine the ailment and do a determination whether it is a sensible ailment. If it is considered sensible. an exchange can be made for another point of tantamount value. Eclipse has a set shop policy where points can be exchanged with original reception within five yearss of purchase. Cash refunds are made with original reception within two yearss of purchase.

Ethical Issues
Quality of merchandises should be consistent with representations made to the consumer. This will better the image of the concern and set up a swearing relationship between the concern and its clients. This will promote repetition gross revenues. Gross saless should be accurately reported to revenue enhancement governments and the relevant revenue enhancements paid. This will help in carry throughing the societal duty of the concern as revenue enhancements paid to the authorities will help in funding assorted societal plans. Supplier bills should besides accurately reflect the cost of the ware to let for the payment of the right import revenue enhancements.


* Principles of Business for Caribbean Examinations 4th Edition by Ivan L. Waterman and Dave Ramsingh * Principles of Business for CXC 5th Edition by BMC Abiraj


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