“Children are the future”. We hear this quote very quite often, but how much truth do you think really lies behind it? Literally speaking, children of today are, in fact, going to be adults of tomorrow; and with that being said, this quote is true indeed. However, the main question that needs to be asked is, how can we set children up today to make the future a brighter place? Well, aside from home training and values that are taught domestically, education serves as a very important factor that guarantees a brighter future.

That means that the type of educational institutions we decide to send our children to must be very carefully selected and thought through thoroughly, with the prospective future in mind. What I want to know is, what better way to educate our children of today than giving them the opportunity to receive private schooling? Because private schooling provides a prestigious education that imposes beneficial values in an equal and small setting that promotes more focus on academics and attention to the students, Private schooling is definitely the way to go.

Private schooling is a school system that is not administered by local, state, or national government funding. They choose their students carefully, as opposed to public schools where the student selecting system is less lenient and is based on the child’s zoned address. Instead of government funding, private schools rely solely on tuition to uphold the school, which can be lessened through scholarships and awards based on the student’s community, academic, or athletic achievements.

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The requirements of sending your child to a private school only includes being willing for your child to receive a prestigious education and also being willing to pay the well worth it cost. Our nation is blessed with a rich diversity of private schools – some rooted in religious traditions, some that provide intensive academic experiences, and some that are specialized for specific populations. Different types of private schools may include, but are not limited to boarding schools, parochial schools, special needs schools, country day schools, military schools, Montessori schools, and Waldorf schools.

However people are most familiar with parochial schools where religion is taught, along with the regular academic curriculum of any other school. Nonetheless, every private school’s main focus is setting the students up for what’s next to come and sending them off to the next level with discipline, better morals, better values, and an excellent education. Private schools are very aware of how much money is being put into the process so why would they make the experience not worth the money and effort? Having the opportunity of receiving a private education is very impressive and is greatly respected.

One of the biggest decisions of sending your child to school is deciding which type of school is best for you and your child. Should you enroll your child in a private school where he/she will be required to wear uniform on a daily basis, most likely be taught religion as part of the curriculum, and most importantly, a place where a great amount of your money will be spent on tuition? Or should you just avoid all of that and send your child to a public school where they offer many recreational programs, clubs, and activities, and teach the basic curriculum free of cost?

The zero fee that you have to pay for public schooling sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, let’s keep in mind that everything is not as good as it seems. According www. lovetoknow. com, a website that is a reference source for useful information, public schools blows private schools out of the water with their crime rates and statistics. It says that violence occurring on the child’s way to/from school, fear of being threatened, attacked, and being a target of hate words such has bullying are all more than likely of happening in a public school setting.

It also states that a great population of students in public schools avoid going to certain places while in school out of fear that their safety is in jeopardy while other students fear the presence of street gangs at their schools. Now, is money still an issue when it comes to preventing your child from being a victim of violent crimes while at school? I’d say don’t even risk the chance just for the sake of saving your money. Because private schools meticulously choose their students and disciplines more strictly, crime rates aren’t nearly as high as the rates in public schools.

Lets not forget to acknowledge other important factors before sending your child off to school such as class size, dress code, and teaching quality. Class size may not seem important but actually, a smaller class room with limited number of students per class can promote effective teaching, as it forces the students to pay more attention to the teacher rather than being distracted by classmates. Smaller classrooms also allows teachers to develop personal relationships witch is great because they get to know what each child is capable of, thus being able to teach them accordingly.

On the other hand, bigger classrooms can encourage social interaction and better class discussions because you would most likely have a lot of diverging opinions on specific topics. However, when it all comes down to it, a teaching environment where the lesson by the teacher can be easily understood and interpreted by the students is most essential and a smaller classroom will do just that. Another important factor that lies in favor of the private school system is their dress code tradition of making sure every student wears uniform to school on a daily basis.

By requiring appropriate clothing from all the students, the school setting is leveled. Gang clothing is eliminated and inappropriate words and offensive slogans on shirts are avoided. Not to mention, uniforms also eliminates evidence of socioeconomic differences between students which is good since getting an education should be everyone’s initial focus while attending school. Every parent should also consider the teaching quality of the school they wish to send their child/children off to. After all, that is the main purpose of school, isn’t it?

Teachers have one of the most important jobs in this world because they are responsible for the knowledge the future will hold. It is very important that you go with an institution that excels in academics and also have a reputation of graduating scholars. Many public schools lack teaching quality. They provide many services to the students but fail to meet the golden goal: teaching their students. You will find a number of public school teachers who basically teach by paycheck, caring less if the students are actually gaining anything from what they are taught.

In private schools however, academics remains a top-notch priority. They pride themselves in their challenging curriculum that only places their students ahead of the pack. Generally, the level of curriculum difficulty far exceeds that of a public school. Let’s keep in mind that private school teachers do not receive their paychecks from the government; they receive them from their students. This only assures you why private school teachers take their job very seriously; giving each student the attention they need in order for them to move forward. It doesn’t stop there.

There is so much more to private schools than a prestigious education. Can you say that public schools go out their way to instill moral values and help students understand their religion? Public schools are completely against the idea of teaching religion or having discussions of the subject because of governmental reasons. Unless you are a parent who doesn’t believe in religion and feel that your child will be better off without it, then by all means, public school will be a perfect match for you. However, there are many religious families out there who wouldn’t mind their child being taught religion in school.

Religion is very important and is the base for many positive human qualities. Students learn valuable life lessons, strengthen their morals, values, and gain a general understanding of what religion actually is, something that many people live their lives without knowing. Having your child receive an opportunity to be taught religion while at school is just a win-win situation. Although I’m establishing all of these qualities that comes with private schooling, many people supporting the public school system will disagree. The biggest argument public school has against private school is the cost.

That’s definitely their first defense and that’s actually a good point. With private schooling, you get what you paid for and the same thing goes for public schooling, which is free. If you pay no cost, the quality will follow suite. I advise that you don’t expect anything spectacular, in that case. It’s like making a hotel decision: If you want a hotel that provides superlative services that is based upon making each customer happy and meeting everyone’s needs, then you will have no problem reaching in your pockets to pay the price that will be well worth it.

However, if you want to settle for a dingy motel that even though provides you a bed to sleep on at night, fails to provide good services; then you should have no problem paying the little to nothing price to stay there. It all depends on your preferences and what your income can handle but with everything the private school system offers, that decision should not be much difficult. Also, the procedure of admission differs from that of the public school system. Most private schools require their students to take an entry exam or write an essay that will be analyzed and graded before the child can be admitted into the school.

The only factor based on a child’s admittance into public schools is their zoned address, which is very lenient now and days. Public schools basically accept just about everybody and that makes it easy on the parents and students because they wont have to go through any extra processes. If private schools were big enough, they might think about being a bit lenient on admitting students but for now, the reality is that the amount of students has to be limited. The exam for admission is not a bad idea both because it gives the school standards and proves to parents that academics is not taken lightly.

From the looks of it, the pros of private schools outweigh the cons but then again, the cons of private schools can easily be turned into advantages. Every parent wants their child to receive the best education so that they can become somebody in the future and have something to be proud of. This is why the school you decide to send your child/children to is extremely important. A school just isn’t a place wear teachers teach; its so much more that that. You want to feel comfortable sending your child off to school, knowing that they are in great hands. Private schools provide all of this and more.

They focus on strengthening values and instilling principles that each child can take with them as they move on in life while at the same time giving them the best academic experience. Only if you are severely struggling financially should public school be the primary option for you. Other than that, private schooling should be number one on every parent or guardians’ list. As I stated before, children are in fact the future but what’s going to make the future brighter is taking that first step in giving your child the opportunity to receive a private education. You just can’t go wrong.


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