On February 14. 2007. JetBlue’s deficiency of readying and hapless direction determinations caught up with them. They faced a black bend of events that most concerns anticipate and fix for. Most concerns plan for worse instance scenarios and have contingency programs in topographic point to turn to those jobs should they originate. It is imperative. for air hoses in peculiar. to hold eventuality programs and be good prepared in instance of any and all exigencies. JetBlue’s operations and policies proved inefficient because JetBlue’s direction squad operated on the premise that they could manage a job if and when it occurred. They lacked readying and clear outlooks. which contributed to the company’s meltdown in 2007. JetBlue marketed themselves as the cheap option to other air hoses. Therefore. the company had to extinguish all of the bells and whistles its rivals offered in an attempt to maintain costs down. This besides meant that its operations staff and IT systems were significantly limited. As a consequence. the company was non prepared for an exigency state of affairs of such a big graduated table.

The bad conditions on February 14. 2007 caught them off-guard ; their IT systems in topographic point were non capable of managing the overload of required information. Besides. JetBlue’s staff was limited and non decently cross-trained in managing reserve. flight and crew applications. Additionally. hapless policies and process in topographic point. like the air hoses policy to make whatever it could to guarantee a flight was completed. even if it meant waiting for a few hours. contributed to the downward spiral that took topographic point in 2007 for JetBlue. Management took a hazard that the conditions would better and hoped that the determination they had taken would pay off with immense net incomes. Unfortunately. the events of 2007 did non play out how JetBlue’s direction squad hoped. Their systems could non manage the overload of clients that were seeking to rebook flights. and their luggage tracking system was antediluvian and disused in comparing to other air hoses. JetBlue suffered an operational and public dealingss incubus. At that clip they did ascents as fast as possible. but the harm was already done.

Improvements to JetBlue
Reading about JetBlue’s meltdown in 2007. it is easy to sit hear and say I would hold done so many things otherwise. For illustration. I would hold IT systems in topographic point that would hold handled any awaited jobs that might happen and hold the dorsum up systems in topographic point that could be accessed rapidly in the event of an exigency. I would besides guarantee better preparation plans for employees. But when you are faced with an exigency like JetBlue faced and you do non hold the proper tools necessary to cover with such an exigency it is difficult to state how I would hold handled the state of affairs. I can state one thing for certain. nevertheless. and that is that I would hold ne’er made the determination to direct out outbound planes to the track in such atrocious conditions. That determination entirely started the downward spiral of events for JetBlue.


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