The Zoological Society of London known as ZSL was founded by Stamford Raffles in 1826 and in 1828 it was opened to member of London Zoological Society for the survey of animate beings, Zoo was on unfastened to public until 1947 to acquire aid support.

In 1926 there were major enlargements to Zoo to suit new animate beings and to maintain big animate beings into natural environment. As Zoo continues to come on and in 1931 it was universe ‘s first unfastened zoological park. In 60s Institute of Zoology was established.

London Zoo has been known as national history and part to the zoological universe. Despite the low visitant turn up and today it ‘s a place of fantastic animate beings of more so 650 species and 130 animate beings are used genteelness intents. Not merely that it ‘s besides recognized universe ‘s first reptilian hosiery in late 40s and in 1852 universes first fish tank.

Decimus Burton was the first architecture interior decorator of the menagerie who was besides the interior decorator of Marble Arch London and Colosseum Theater.

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Q1: Identify and depict one of the jobs that presently exist and explain how it is potentially harming the company.

Problems in London Zoo

London Zoo since it ‘s opened in 1828 has played critical function in the state scientific and amusement activity of the society. London Zoo had grown quickly from early start and continues using but it ran into multiple jobs in 1960s and 1970s due to assorted grounds.

One of the major jobs which can be easy identified is the deficiency of scheme operation program for London Zoo. Operation scheme involved maintaining the everyday operations in topographic point despite the figure of visitant to the Zoo. Selling program had work out in the yesteryear but it all goes into drain, if terminal of the twenty-four hours clients feel lost and are non entertained or managed good. Customer dissatisfaction can potentially take to client non returning to Zoo and every bit good as it can make bad feeling which can harm new or reverting visitants.

In these competitory epoch of amusement ; client satisfaction is see a key to success, which London Zoo has failed to supply efficaciously over the period of clip. London Zoo has failed to please its client by non supplying quality of service for client processing which involved pull offing parking countries, waiting lines, information desk, client handling and information processing. Fail to accomplish can take to client sadness, can make pandemonium and earnestly damage the Zoo image.

Other job can be related to Society attitude and behavior towards the animate beings, today people are good more cognizant of animate being warfare, rights and preservation. There have been inquiries and argument refering “ what is the function of a Zoo in society ” , “ should animal be kept in imprisonment or used for human amusement ” . Peoples have become much more educated and are oppugning the function of Zoo in the society.

Attracting figure of visitants and using capacity direction operation to maintain them organise have been important jobs of London Zoo for long clip. It has harmed company potentially as it has lead to assorted jobs which included cut down in development undertakings ; figure of big animate beings has been move to sister Zoo to cut down the cost, services quality has affected due to miss of financess. This may take to people non returning to Zoo for following 3 to 6 old ages unless there has been major development or new attractive force in Zoo to drag them back to Zoo.

Q2. Describe the grounds that support your claim that job exists.

Problems Evidence

The major jobs of London Zoo as identified antecedently have come to cognize from assorted beginnings. The beginning has been assorted reappraisals, feedbacks and assorted surveies have been conducted on London Zoo to place these jobs.

From past experience of the Zoo we have seen the whole operations crashed when more so expected visitant ‘s attending. Management announce salvage my Zoo run after it failed to run into the disbursals. Campaign attracted 18000 visitants in a twenty-four hours which lead to finish pandemonium in Zoo ; there were waiting lines everyplace, eating houses run out of nutrient, parking jobs and visitants found them self lost.

There have been continues diminution in figure of visitants since 60s and 70s. Number of visitants have be fluctuating because of assorted grounds, There has been continues increase in figure of leisure and attractive force topographic points in London merely, there are around 130 major attractive forces in London. There have been legion communications and travel innovation has made easy to go and trip around universe which has made figure of domestic visitant to worsen.

As stated in instance there has been no major development for last 30 old ages, but in last twosome of old ages Zoo has done some development work to better the visitant attending degree.

There have been carnal public assistance, rights, jurisprudence and moralss awareness as it ne’er been antecedently. Britain Govt created carnal public assistance consultative commission in 1967 which subsequently became Farm Animal Welfare Council in 1979. It recommends carnal freedoms and rights. There are 5 major freedoms which are promoted under this council which have been given in appendix. There have been arguments in society in first half twentieth century but its get intensified in 1980s to protect the moralss of animate beings. Due to go on consciousness and argument in society has made people to believe about the being of the Zoo in society and their involvement towards the Zoo.

Customer Quality satisfaction has been the chief issue in menagerie. As it ‘s mentioned in instance survey, as Zoological society restructured is organizational sections to better the operations and quality of service. After reexamining assorted indifferent reappraisals, the quality of service has been hapless in London Zoo and as client feedback shows there has been lack in operation direction.

There have been figure of issues with visitants which includes hapless operations and Planning, Empty Cages, Low Food Quality, Queues Everywhere, Lack of Seating, Baby installation.

Few client reappraisals have been attached in appendix with mentions.

Q3. Carry out a critical literature reappraisal to place what is considered to be “ Best-Practice ” in the country of Operations Management related to the job.

Literature Review and Best-Practice


London is one of the major tourer attractive force for visitants around the universe, every twelvemonth about 150m figure of touristry twenty-four hours trips are made to London ( beginning: The Countryside Commission web site ) and estimated entire attending 50m to London attractive forces during 2006 ( Beginning: Visit London web site ) . As a consequence of big figure of visitants ; attractive force increases competition and importance to continuously better the service quality to pull big chow of visitants coming from domestically and internationally.

Literature Review

As antecedently discussed London Zoo has figure of jobs from which one of the major job is to turn to the issue of service quality and client satisfaction. There are assorted academic surveies has been conducted to turn to the issues related to client satisfaction, service quality and behavioral purpose.

Different theoretical account present different method of mensurating the service quality some writer describe as spread between client outlook and perceptual experience, alternate writer believe measuring the perceive quality by client is a constituent to mensurate quality.

A literature overview of different theoretical accounts can be found in Cauchick Miguel and Salomi ( 2004 ) presented in table 1 below.

Table 1 – Proposed theoretical accounts for mensurating service quality

( adapted from Cauchick Miguel and Salomi, 2004 ) .

As it can be concluded from the diagram there is no best pattern to be adapted to mensurate the quality service. SERVQUAL has been Centres of argument for most research workers but there have been critics of its truth, cogency and deduction on all sort of service industry.

There has been intense usage of SERVQUAL theoretical account in different service industry like banking, fast-food eating house, name Centre and other assorted industries despite immense unfavorable judgment of the theoretical account. As oppose to SERVQUAL other theoretical account was developed as a consequence of unfavorable judgment, SERVPERF is relatively less used in industries like hotels, public services, cell phones services and assorted other. SERVPERF critics believed it ‘s merely applicable in developed states.


One of the strong critics SERVQUAL theoretical account were Cronin and Taylor ( 1992 ) and they developed their ain new theoretical account based on the original theoretical account, they argued that quality service can be measured based public presentation merely. SERVPERF theoretical account is individual point graduated table and developed based on public presentation satisfaction as oppose to public presentation and outlook in SERVQUAL.


The SERVQUAL theoretical account is a technique that can be used to mensurate a spread and execute analysis of an organisation between client “ outlook for the service and their perceptual experiences of the suppliers ” . It can besides be used internally to execute the gab analysis of the employees and employers.

It was ab initio based on 10 facets if mensurating the service quality of an administration and subsequently refined by writer to five dimensions which are dependability, confidences, tangibles, empathy and reactivity.

SERVQUAL requires conductivity a elaborate study or inquirer to analysis the spreads between what was expected by the client and what presently offered by the administration. It involves relevant of import of each inquiry and measuring of sensed service and measuring of quality service provided.


From the brief literature reappraisal we can reason that best pattern can be SERVQUAL Model as its widely used in for service quality measuring theoretical account. SERVERF can be utile but it ‘s non as intensely studied and reviewed by researches and practicians.

SERVQUAL Gap Model Diagram illustrated

Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // contentid=2068 & A ; subjectid=101 [ Accessed 8 November 2009 ]

Q4. From the decisions drawn from your literature reappraisal and your findings within the instance survey make a proposal for the alterations you would wish to see introduced to work out the selected job.

Finding and Change Proposal

A decision can be drowned from research, grounds and literature reappraisal that Zoo has figure of jobs which can be addresses by following these stairss.

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Development Work

Animal Captivity and public assistance Issues

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

As antecedently found the client satisfaction and quality of service mark was low. Furthermore the determination of reappraisal of different client at assorted reappraisal sites shows that London Zoo operations have hapless public presentation which includes hapless operations and planning, empty coops, low quality nutrient and waiting lines everyplace. This shows there is a spread between client perceptual experience and service provided.

As suggested from literature reappraisal that client satisfaction and perceptual experience can be achieved and that can be used to better the services. After garnering the consequences from SERVQUAL theoretical account, these issues should be addressed operation direction tools.

Development Works

There has been greater diminution towards the visitants attending due to miss of attractive force and installation provided by London Zoo. The new development like “ African Bird Safari ” in 2005, In 2006 “ Meet the Monkeys ” gap and walkthroughs “ Into Africa ” “ Butterfly Paradise ” and “ Gorilla Kingdom ” and “ Clore Rainforest Lookout ” in the twelvemonth 2007 by the London Zoo were encouraging and right stairss towards making more attractive forces, But as analysis shows its lone mange to increase visitants at smaller graduated table and reappraisal shows client were non satisfy with the new Gorilla Kingdom as their outlook were much higher so the what the got.

There should be go on development in supplying support installations like babe installation, siting installation, parking, excess counters to cut down waiting lines and journey contriver for Zoo to walk through the Zoo to give complete and entertaining twenty-four hours out in Zoo.

Animal Captivity and public assistance Issues

One of the major concerns by animate being rights and public assistance society were to turn to the issues related to carnal installation and public assistance in society. London Zoo direction should work towards the imprisonment and felicity of animate beings. London Zoo should work to supply natural environment for animate beings so at that place felicity are confirmed with the entertaining of the visitants.

Animal breading and saving research work should be launched by zoological society and should raise consciousness about the work been done but zoological society, so in this manner alternatively of become party against all the carnal rights and public assistance administration ZSL can really work with manus to manus to turn to these issues and develop a positive society attitude.


The above mentioned points can clearly turn to the basic and major jobs presently faced by London Zoo. It can surely make positive and healthy attractive force and attitude of the society and which can take to new visitants and every bit long as returning visitants every bit good.

Q5. Additional undertaking: If you were appointed as a Management Consultant of London Zoo and you were requested to carry on a competitory analysis of your park versus those offered in: 1 ) Bristol menagerie and 2 ) Chester menagerie in order to better your competitory border and pull more clients ; which operations mange tools/models would you utilize to make so and why? After so making, what set of sensible betterments would you propose to the London Zoo manager.

Competitive Analysis

To measure the strength of competition is the key to derive competitory border on your rivals. The competitory environment provides chance to analysis the ain organisation and rival every bit good, to accomplish this border assorted tools and theoretical accounts are available which are widely used in different industry sectors.

There are different methods and techniques available to carry on a competitory analysis of different organisation in similar industry. Popular theoretical accounts include

Porter ‘s Five Competitive Forces

SWOT Analysis

Competitive Benchmarking

Porter ‘s Five Competitive Forces

Michael Porter theoretical account provides the model to derive competitory border by analyzing the industry context in which house operates. The competitory theoretical account is placing the 5 basic competitory forces:

Entry of rivals

Menace of replacements

Dickering Power of purchasers

Dickering Power of providers

Competition among the bing participants

Critics believe that this theoretical account is to analysis single concern schemes and excess attention is required to non to undervalue current organisation strength and failing.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is used to analyse the rival and place their strengths, failings ; chances and menaces which help find the mark market, competitory border, client services and prediction.


This is use to place the strength, possible scheme, selling strength, client services and positive tangible, intangibles.


Failings involve measuring the civilization, organisation construction, operation efficiency, operation capacity, market portion and place on experience curve.


An chance is consider as a opportunity to present new merchandise or service. Opportunity can originate due to external factors and can increase the opportunity of high return.


Similar to chance these may take to possible menace, it can be societal alterations, client, rival, new engineering, economic or political and regularity alterations.


Benchmarking is a procedure to place public presentation of organisational procedures and activity are best-practice. The aim of benchmarking is to measure concern unit, division, and administration public presentation as compared to similar industry.

There are 5 types of benchmarking

Internal Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking

Functional Benchmarking

Generic Benchmarking

Collaborative Benchmarking

In this scenario competitory analysis should be performed utilizing “ public presentation or Competitive Benchmarking ” .

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking is used to place and compare the company public presentation with a rival. Comparison can be all dimension of a concern it can run from finance, merchandise and services, engineering, development and personal constabularies.

To increase Zoo fight, it helps to understand how your operations and concern procedures compare to that your rivals. It allows to scrutiny of current procedures and failings which help to alter and better with experience and pattern. While conductivity benchmarking it should be clearly define and informations information shared. Incorrect comparing and less information may take to meaningless comparing.

Procedure of benchmarking can be luxuriant utilizing following diagram.

Benchmarking procedure [ online ]

Available at [ Accessed 17 November 2009 ]

Improvement Recommendations

Would wish to propose following recommendations:

Strengthen the competitory border and seek to come over failing identified while making competitory analysis.

Improve Quality of service and client satisfaction

Supply support installations like babe installation, siting countries and information desk

Improve day-to-day operation undertaking efficaciously

Increase the large animate beings which can increase the competitory border

Provide animate beings with closer to nature life installations

Take steps to provide the carnal felicity and public assistance issues.


Customer Reviews

London Zoo, non great!

“ On a 3 twenty-four hours trip to London and unluckily was portion of a twenty-four hours I felt could hold been spent someplace else! It is one of the worst Zoo ‘s I have of all time been to! Most of the coops were empty and to be honest I have been to much better menagerie! ! ” by gooseuk7 [ online ]

Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 9 November 2009 ]

London Zoo – An expensive waste of clip

“ Costly admittance monetary values to a menagerie with few interesting animate beings and many subdivisions and stables empty.

The admittance monetary values are already expensive at ?13 per grownup, ?10 per kid, but so the ticket Sellerss force you to pay an excess ?1.50 ‘optional contribution ‘ . It ‘s difficult to stand up to them to avoid this ‘donation ‘ . Car parking is expensive at ?9.

There were no elephants. This has been the instance for a piece, and has been mentioned by other referees, but seems a lurid skip.

– There were no gorillas – the whole subdivision is boarded away and under development.

– The bugs country was besides under development.

– There are none of the alien animate beings like pandas any more.

– Many of the animate beings that were present stayed out of position.

– The nutrient was pricey like the admittance ( but this is normal for such topographic points ) . “ by yood [ online ]

Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 8 November 2009 ]


“ I ‘ve been many times and this clip was the most dissatisfactory.

Excessively many countries seemed to be in the center of renovation.

Night zone was excessively dark – could n’t see anything.

I like mierkats, but they seemed to be everyplace.

The outback was blue demoing a deficiency of thoughts.

As I ‘ve said I ‘ve been before and those visits were much better, I would still travel once more in the hope that things improve.

To be honest – Chester menagerie is better. ” By munslowl [ Online ]

Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 8 November 2009 ]


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