1.0 Introduction

The Procter & A ; Gamble Company ( P & A ; G ) is one of the top shapers of consumer goods companies in the universe. Among the celebrated billion dollars trade names are Duracell, Oral-B, Gillette, Head & A ; Shoulder, Olay, Pampers, Pantene, and Wella. P & A ; G has three major classs of merchandises, chiefly beauty and training, wellness and wellbeing, and family attention merchandises. The organisation ‘s corporate mission is to touch and better lives of the universe ‘s consumers, now and for coevalss to come by supplying branded merchandises and services of superior quality and value ( Procter & A ; Gamble 2011 ) .

P & A ; G has a alone corporate construction that is really different from major market leaders in the universe. Its construction is one of the chief pillars for its turning capableness. P & A ; G has combined both the planetary graduated table benefit organisation with the local focal point of each peculiar state where its merchandises are sold ( Procter & A ; Gamble 2011 ) .

The corporate construction of P & A ; G consists of three major parts which are Global Business Units ( GBUs ) , Market Development Organizations ( MDOs ) , and Global Business Services ( GBS ) .A The GBUs focal point chiefly on stigmatization, rivals and consumers. They are responsible for the stockholder returns and profitableness of the company. MDOs are to cognize the consumers and retail merchants in the markets P & A ; G is viing and combine new thoughts from GBUs into concern programs that work in each state. The GBS in another manus is one of the four major pillars of the organisation to back up 127000 employees and 300 trade names sold. GBS provide over 170 employee and concern services including IT, finance, installations, buying and employee services every bit good as concern edifice solutions ( Procter & A ; Gamble 2011 ) .

P & A ; G established five concern schemes for its ain ( Procter & A ; Gamble 2011 ) . The first scheme is to develop sustainable advanced merchandises which are environmental friendly. Second scheme is to better P & A ; G ‘s operation to be more environmental friendly. Third scheme is to better kids ‘s lives via the organisation ‘s societal duty plans. Fourth scheme is to prosecute and fit the employees of P & A ; G to construct sustainability thought and patterns into their mundane work. Fifth scheme is to work transparently with the stakeholders.

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P & A ; G major concern processes focal points on consumer production invention and trade name direction. In order to accomplish both of these, P & A ; G has its ain intranet called Innovation Net ( INET ) to link different sections runing from R & A ; D, Engineering, Purchasing, Consumer & A ; Market cognition, Patent/Legal and Business Information Systems. With the integrating of AskMe Enterprise tools, P & A ; G will be able to leverage the information from each section to better monetise it ( Realcom 2009 ) . Knowledge workers of P & A ; G would be able to portion their cognition and collaborate to work out same jobs encountered via INET.

P & A ; G has strong relationship with Wal-Mart since 1980s because of the concern procedure mechanization between the two and the coaction carried out to work together better ( Christopher Koch, 2002 ) .A P & A ; G is set uping efficient relationship between the industry and academe with research universities ( Nathan 2011 ) .


In twelvemonth 2003, Procter and Gamble ( P & A ; G ) has signed a 10 old ages contract, deserving $ 3 billion with Hewlett-Packard ( HP ) to outsource her overall IT substructure. HP will run P & A ; G ‘s information centres and information engineering substructure, and besides supply desktop and end-user support, and to supervise web direction ( Sandeep Junnarkar 2003 ) .

2.1 Computer hardware platform

P & A ; G has selected Hewlett-Packard ( HP ) as her IT substructure supplier. Desktops and end-user support in P & A ; G ‘s planetary operations over 180 states are provided by HP.

HP was selected for its planetary IT expertness, services quality and cost, and collaborative attack, as most significantly shared a same vision and values with P & A ; G, which P & A ; G strongly believe this will be able to speed up invention in P & A ; G ( Palo Alto 2003 ) .

2.2 Operating system.

P & A ; G has started to acquire involved in high public presentation computer science ( HPC ) to run simulations in research, design and proving before production since early of 1980s to increase productiveness and cut down the production cost of company. However due to broad assortment of merchandises, and big figure of research workers, merchandise interior decorator and trial applied scientists in P & A ; G, the IT organisation needs a more user friendly computing machine bunch. P & A ; G besides faced troubles in incorporating package from different sellers as no any sellers can offer P & A ; G all the package they need in traditional ( Microsoft Corporation 2008 ) .

In mid 2007, P & A ; G replaces its UNIX operating system with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition runing system. P & A ; G employed Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 to back up its high public presentation proficient and scientific applications with parallel processing to better their public presentation. Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 non merely improved the usage of HPC and productiveness in P & A ; G, but besides improved cluster deployment and direction by 20 % ( Microsoft Corporation 2008 )

2.3 Enterprise package applications ( SAP )

P & A ; G runs its concern utilizing SAPA® package ( SAP AG 2009 ) . The cardinal challenge faced by P & A ; G is, she has broad scope of merchandises and has a really complex gross revenues order procedure. Emerging as a universe ‘s prime consumer merchandise company, P & A ; G puts her client as precedence and would wish to give satisfaction to her clients by on-time-delivery ( OTD ) .

P & A ; G uses community definition groups ( CDGs ) from the Enterprise Services Community ( ES Community ) plan provided by SAP, which create the gross revenues order cockpit – a individual proctor that supports the mundane activities related to gross revenues orders ( SAP AG 2009 ) . Through CDG and ES Community, productiveness of P & A ; G improved by incorporating functionality that required many scattered minutess into a individual cockpit.

2.4 Networking and telecommunications

The airy stance of P & A ; G on merchandise invention and development to be a company that collaborates-inside and out-better than any other company in the universe ( Cisco Systems, Inc. 2008 ) . Videoconferencing suites were used for P & A ; G squads to join forces internally and externally, but greater challenges are faced by P & A ; G due to undependable engineering which cause hapless picture and audio quality, and therefore prevented effectual coaction.

The job is so solved when GBS work with CISCO to develop a picture coaction scheme based on the TelePresence solution. In mid of 2007, P & A ; G has expanded to more 40 Cisco CTS3000 TelePresence studios, besides known as Video Collaboration Studios which enable squad members in P & A ; G exchange thought and even have meetings in proceedingss ( Cisco Systems, Inc. 2008 ) . Through these, squad members in P & A ; G are able to join forces innovatively and smarter without going anyplace, determinations doing are besides accelerated.

2.5A Advisers and system planimeters

P & A ; G commits herself to accomplish the ends of doing the company more efficient while running it cost efficaciously and to hold discovery chances in invention by traveling toward a digitized and envisioned environment. P & A ; G ‘s GBS created a web of customized workspace portals ( determination cockpits ) which stored latest concern intelligence which benefits 1000s of her employees who can entree information to do real-time concern determinations. The figure of portals grew to 160 over clip and had different platforms, engineerings which increased the trouble to pull off and dearly-won to keep. Different user interface of cockpits made it difficult for other users when utilizing other cockpits. There were excessively many bequest studies generated from all these cockpits which slowed down the procedure of accessing needed information for the executives ‘ level.A

P & A ; G needed a new cockpit platform to be standardized and streamlined, supply easy entree to a individual beginning of accurate, real-time concern information, heighten user experience, cut down the cost and inefficiencies related with cockpit development and care, better informations unity and the bringing of studies, accommodate web 2.0 characteristics. P & A ; G turned to Accenture for aid to develop and pull off the new cockpit platform. Accenture together with P & A ; G ‘s GBS redefined P & A ; G ‘s Vision for endeavor information direction, standardized and integrated systems for a simpler and faster organisation. By this, the cockpits are delivered 5 times faster than earlier and 35 per centum less development cost and 50 per centum reusability ( Accenture 2010 ) .

2.6 Data direction and storage

Procter and Gamble selects SAND/DNA for SAP NLS Pilot Project in March 2008. SAND Technology Inc. is an international supplier of intelligent endeavor information package.

P & A ; G emerged as one of the universe biggest consumer ‘s merchandises company, has broad scope of merchandises with approximately135, 000 people in more than 180 states ( Procter & A ; Gamble 2011 ) . Too many informations to be stored and managed expeditiously and be efficaciously is the cardinal challenge of P & A ; G ( SAND 2008 ) .

SAND/DNA enables extremely efficient informations storage, with minimum disposal demand and integrating with P & A ; G Enterprise Software Applications, SAP. Data stored are easy accessed from SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 ( SAND 2008 ) . SAND besides provides lower cost informations storage over a long term ( Yazdi Bagli ) .

2.7 Internet platform

Key challenge in P & A ; G in cyberspace platform is making out to consumers through digital universe. P & A ; G sees digital universe as an chance to make out their trade name to consumers, and construct up connexions with their consumers ( Angelica Mari 2009 )

Microsoft.NET has synergistic characteristics and like touch, gestures, rich UI, and location consciousness, enable P & A ; G to pull and link with consumers. Besides being technically impressive, Microsoft.NET is cost effectual and efficient development platform ( Microsoft 2009 ) .


3.1 Cloud computer science and its current tendency

Cloud refers to the Internet. Cloud computer science is a theoretical account of calculating where houses and persons obtain calculating power and package applications over the Internet, instead than buying their ain hardware and package. ( Laudon, K.C. & A ; Laudon, J.P.,2010 ) . The hardware and package capablenesss are provided as a service over the Internet by sellers such as salesforce.com. Through cloud computer science, hardware and package are managed by sellers, including installings, constellations, proving, running, security, and updates ( Salesforce.com 2011 ) .

In traditional manner, different types of right package are needed in each and every computing machine in company to do certain all the staffs are able to transport out their work. The operational cost will be really high due to purchasing new package and supplying licence for package. However, this job can be solved utilizing cloud computer science. Users are merely required to log in to one application, which allows users to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the plans the user would necessitate for his or her occupation. This made scaling up and down of package easier. In this manner, cloud calculating allows a company to increase their capacity or add capablenesss on calculating without puting in new substructure, developing new forces, or licencing new package ( Eric Knorr & A ; Galen Gruman, n.d. ) .

Presently in cloud computer science, users are able to entree to the application every bit long as an electronic device ( i.e. Personal computers, netbooks, Smartphones ) has entree to the web. Users are able to maintain up their work everyplace and easy.

3.2 Cloud calculating solutions

Salesforces.com Gross saless Cloud and Service Cloud are applicable to P & A ; G gross revenues squad and client support squad. Gross saless Cloud Enterprise edition with $ 125 per user a month will be applicable to the full organisation with characteristics such as hive awaying client contacts, tracking client interactions, incorporating with Google apps, studies and analytics, gross revenues calculating and many more characteristics which will be profiting the gross revenues squad ( Salesforce.com 2011 ) . The Service Cloud Enterprise edition with US $ 135 per user a month will be able to better P & A ; G client support whether it is offline or on-line with web customization and integrating. Web 2.0 integratings such as Twitter and Facebook will further heighten the productiveness of P & A ; G ‘s client service by interacting with the clients in existent clip ( Salesforce.com 2011 ) .

3.3 B usiness benefits and cost of cloud computer science

Many organisations have changed their IT substructure to overcast calculating due to be and clip effectual. In cloud computer science substructure, no hardware or package demand to be installed, but all the concern activities, includes client relationship direction ( CRM ) , HR, accounting are able to be carried out by opening a browser, log in, custom-make the app, and get down utilizing it ( Salesforce.com 2011 ) . Other than that, IT teams will non be blowing their clip on installings, cares and upgrading their package because all the updates are performed by sellers.

Cloud calculating enables a fast entree to have informations from different distant devices and able transportation and sharing file between users rapidly.All the alterations made besides will be synchronized in Personal computers and nomadic devices ( Rivka Tadjer 2010 ) . Other than that, cloud calculating allows easy and fast integrating of applications, both traditional package and cloud computer science substructure ( Salesforce.com 2011 ) . Therefore, all colleagues are able to maintain up their plants easy. Business activities are non restricted in office workplace, but every worker can entree and execute their work with any internet devices they have.

Other benefit of cloud computer science is we do non confront the hazard of loss of informations as all the informations and files are stored in the cloud. Complete catastrophe recovery is available and informations will non lost during ascents. Customizations and integratings of all the plants and informations are automatically preserved during an ascent ( Salesforce.com, 2011 ) .

By implementing cloud calculating substructure, less adult male power needed to pull off and update the hardware and package. This allows adult male power in IT section to concentrate on strategic activities with greater impact on the concern.


It is recommended that P & A ; G to follow the cloud calculating for better concern procedure and efficiency. Salesforces.com is recommended for P & A ; G ‘s gross revenues and client service squad for the gross revenues order procedure while HP cloud solution is recommended for the company ‘s IT substructure. Below are the grounds of why such recommendations are made.

4.1 Customer and supplier services: incorporating SAP into Salesforce.com

The gross revenues order cockpit by SAP is of import for P & A ; G gross revenues order procedure. The restriction of the current state of affairs is that the gross revenues squad and client service squad has to be in office in order to entree to the cockpit and the squads have to travel back and Forth for drawing information from different platforms. By incorporating the gross revenues order cockpit into Salesforce.com, P & A ; G ‘s employees would be able to entree to gross revenues procedure by SAP, CRM and other gross revenues tracking in one platform at anyplace, anytime every bit long as they have the internet entree. Upon using such integrating, P & A ; G will be able to salvage more on maintaining cost, integrating cost, and clip to hold more productive gross revenues procedure, better client satisfaction as the employees are able to see the jobs and work out them in the shortest clip possible. The gross revenues squad is able to salvage more clip in acquiring information and disbursement more clip with the clients.

4.2 Achieving concern scheme

One of the concern scheme P & A ; G has is to better P & A ; G ‘s operation to be more environmental friendly. Adopting cloud computer science can assist the company to accomplish this scheme. It is said that many companies will travel to overcast calculating to devour 90 % of the electricity from public utilizes alternatively of bring forthing the same sum of their ain electricity ( Consero Insights 2010 ) .

4.3 IT substructure and cost

P & A ; G outsourced its IT Infrastructure to HP with $ 3billion over 10 old ages. HP will pull off overall substructure in P & A ; G from information centres, general web direction to desktop and end-user supports.

In term of cost, cloud computingA can cut down the cost of IT hardware and services over the clip as in cloud computer science, payment are based on byte of use ( Cloud Calculating IT 2010 ) . Traditional IT Infrastructure is restricted to the bound of accredited user, which will do inelasticity in scaling up the company ( Zemanta 2009 ) .

Key constituent in cloud calculating – package as a service ( SaaS ) which enables company entree on applications and big sum of calculating power without buying it. SaaS can be operated by multiple computing machines at the same clip yet no ascents and contract reclamation required ( Knowledge @ W.P. Carey 2008 )

4.4 Information Technology

P & A ; G recognize the importance of digital universe, as a medium to touch the life of people. P & A ; G besides implementing “cultural revolution” to develop and develop IT staff with the accomplishments necessary to “ intermix ” IT with P & A ; G ‘s concerns and supply IT invention. P & A ; G ‘s IT organisation play a critical function in determining the company ‘s hereafter and P & A ; G uses IT engineering to place market tendencies, anticipate concern demands and create plans globally ( Thomas Hoffman 2006 ) . Cardinal characteristic in cloud computer science which is handiness, handiness and scalability ( Tony Chung 2008 ) enable P & A ; G to obtain informations to transport out market analysis handily. On the other manus, cloud computer science is said to be illimitable, flexible to scale up and down without impacting its public presentation and operational cost.

4.5 Competitor Firm ‘s IT Services

Unilever, one of the strong rivals of P & A ; G boost their gross revenues by concentrating on the consumers instead than advertisement and publicities ( Russell Parsons, 2010 ) . Unilever focal point on one-to-one footing on several group to guarantee effectual attack ( Unilever 2011 ) .A Unilever partnership with BT to execute high quality and cost effectual planetary web by presenting managed webs and communications solutions to clients around the universe ( Unilever 2002 ) .

4.6 Competitor Firm: Unilever IT investing

Unilever has an one-year IT budget at about USD1128 million ( Natasha 2010 ) . Unilever invested into its planetary web which provides advanced messaging and security services in 2002 ( Unilever 2002 ) . Unilever besides employed Business Objects informations integrating merchandises by SAP to rapidly incorporate its legion informations beginnings to go on its growing scheme to consolidate trade names, simplify procedures, streamline supply ironss, and increase grosss ( Business Objects 2008 ) .

Compared to Unilever, investing of P & A ; G in IT is much lower. However, one good thing in Unilever ‘s IT is Business object, which is able to lade informations, transform into utile informations and burden in informations warehouse in short clip where P & A ; G can see in IT substructure.

5.0 Decision

The findings in this study show that cloud computer science is good to P & A ; G in footings of cost economy, productiveness, and efficiency. Salesforce.com SaaS will break assist the gross revenues and client relationship direction in P & A ; G through existent clip informations anyplace every bit long as the employees have the cyberspace connexion. HP IaaS will be salvage more money in IT substructure as P & A ; G merely pay for what isA being used and will be able to scale up or down harmonizing to the use anytime in future. It is strongly recommended that P & A ; G to follow cloud calculating solutions to assist the company achieve better consequences.


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