This individual appeared as if she was wearing casual attire. According to the information it all depends on the dress code that your company has in place. The lady in the picture appeared to be dress professional. Her hair was neat, nice dress shirt, no over obsessive rings or bracelets. This individual had to be knowledgeable about their career. She had to have good communication skills. She was also put under pressure to meet deadlines. With all of this being said, she still had a smile on her ace as if she were happy.

The career field that I am planning on entering into is the Health Information Technology field. The appropriate attire for my profession is casual dress attire. This means that khaki pants are authorized. Polo or button up shirts. No funky haircuts. Tattoos are prohibited and must be covered up (University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2014). A professional in my career field is someone who can do their Job with extreme proficiency. They have to have medical knowledge and understand the logy and anatomy of the human body.

They must be able to motivate themselves and move in a timely manner. I believe that I am a professional. I am able to dress and talk as a professional. I have all the attire of that is required to perform in my current field. I am confident and believe in the attention to detail. I have all the necessary skills to become a professional in my current field. It takes time and effort to become something. Once you know the standard, you are better capable of performing at a top level.

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