Through my challenges, I started to think about why is it so complicated to come to United States, about immigrants and how hard it is for them. I read Thomas Friedman ‘s article, where he says that the best solution for United states to build a future is to open the immigration door and let everybody come to United States, and I am not in complete agreement with him. The government should control immigration, and immigration door should not be opened.

The reasons are ratio of profitable for country immigrants and all other immigrants and because America is not an adoptive parent for whoever wants to immigrate to this country. The ratio of profitable immigrants and all other immigrants. Friedman posits that immigrants are smarter than Americans and they are hope for future of United States. To support his point, he uses an example of that all majority of 40 students in the 2010 Intel Science Talent Search are kids of immigrants, particularly Chinese and Indians.

The kids of immigrants who won this Intel Science Talent Search exemplify for Friedman ‘s idea but the Comparative 2 number of immigrants bringing benefits to the country is incredibly smaller in proportion to those that bring negative affects. Et ‘s think about ratio between those smart immigrants and other immigrants. There are 4. 3 million Chinese immigrants (Kristin McCabe) and 3. 19 million Indian immigrants (Guidance Regatta) in United States but only less than 40 people in this situation, students were finalists at Intel Science Talent show.

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Even if we take full number of finalists as Chinese and Indian immigrants, they are only represent 0. 0005 percent of them from those 7. 49 million of Chinese and Indians and this number is only from Chinese and Indians who are considered educated immigrants in United states. What if consider full number of all immigrants and add in our consideration their level of education? According to Stephan Streetlight, 30 percent of Mexican immigrants have not fully finished school and 62 percent have no school diploma at all (Pl). In addition if we take number of Mexican immigrants to that 0. 005 percent of “smart” immigrants, “smart” immigrants will disappear, due to this miniscule percentage in comparison to uneducated immigrants. From this analysis we clearly can see that profitable “quality’, in our case quality is level of education, of immigrants should be controlled by government. It is difficult to make and agree with such a serious statement by cooking only on those 40 finalists and watching only that Intel Science Talent Show. A the same time it is okay to make so big conclusion for Friedman and say that United States should open the door for immigrants.

Fortunately or unfortunately I am not a American citizen but even so, as an outsider looking in on situation with immigration and the idea that door for immigrants should be fully opened, I think that such an open – door policy it is not good idea. KHz]Moravia 3 What is so attractive about the United States for immigrants? Of course it is opportunity for a better life. But why is United States such a great country where people have better living conditions, where human rights are respected better than in any country I have been to and many other reasons that encourage immigration t its shores?

Because for thousand’s of years, Americans, through hard working, mistake after mistake, from try to try, built this country. If person has no patriotic character and spirit for his country he will never do anything for it . 1 do not think those people who devoted and even gave their lives for the development of this country did it for someone except for Americans in other words for immigrants. To say Otherwise is to disrespect and devalue those who build this country. It is Just no fair for entire nation if people come to their country and use everything when they even did not lift a finger help build this country.

The point of not letting everybody immigrate to United States is not only about giving respect and value it is also saving culture and peace of citizens of the United States. It is not a secret and even if people say that problem of racism nowadays is not that serious problem there is a problem with racism and mixing of culture what is not always good. I clearly can see owe people look at me when I speak in my native language, I can clearly see how people react when I say “Ecclesiastically” to the other Muslims. I feel it even if I look like a white race person.

I can imagine how people from Asia, Latin America and especially people form Middle East feel. In this case if government will control and let immigrate only educated immigrants who can be profitable in something for country it would be fair for both and for those who built this country and for those who build it. Also KHz]Moravia 4 this control will keep peace of Americans and save the important, for every American citizen, culture. How Ronald Reagan said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation”(Pl) make sense for all my words above.


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