In add-on to calculate hard currency flows. directors and investors are besides interested in prognosiss of the firm’s fiscal statements. These projected fiscal statements are called pro forma fiscal statements. They give both the direction and investors an penetration into what the fiscal statements will look like in the hereafter and a signal as to any demand to raise long-run financess. The get downing point in the creative activity of the pro forma fiscal statements is the building of the pro forma income statement ( make you retrieve why? ) .

Like the hard currency budget. it besides relies to a great extent on the gross revenues prognosis. Significant mistakes in the gross revenues forecast will ensue in mistakes in the income statement which. in bend. will do mistakes on the pro forma balance sheet. Pro Forma Income Statement There are two attacks to making the pro forma income statement: the per centum of gross revenues method and what I will name the judgmental attack. The per centum of gross revenues attack is simplistic and prone to mistake ( gauging fiscal statements is slippery plenty without intensifying the mistake utilizing an inferior technique ) .

The per centum of gross revenues method assumes that all points on the income statement except involvement disbursal and revenue enhancement disbursal vary in direct proportion to the alteration in gross revenues. This is merely normally non true. Some points will alter with gross revenues. but others will non. See the unfavorable judgment of the per centum of gross revenues attack at the top of page 116 in your text. My illustration will concentrate on the judgmental attack which allows the analyst to use judgement to calculate the degree of those points that are non expected to change with gross revenues. My vehicle for exemplifying the creative activity of a pro forma income statement appears below:

Assume that gross revenues for the BMX Corporation are expected to be $ 12 million in 2008 and that gross revenues in 2007 were $ 10 million. Further assume that cost of goods sold can be divided into two parts: a portion that varies with gross revenues and a portion that does non ( i. e. . cost of goods sold has both fixed and variable constituents ) . Further assume that operating disbursals can besides be divided a fixed part and a variable part. Further presume the house plans to increase its borrowing in 2008 which will increase involvement disbursal on the income statement.

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The first measure in the analysis is to find the per centum addition in gross revenues: ( 2008 gross revenues – 2007 gross revenues ) /2007 gross revenues = per centum alteration in gross revenues ( $ 12 million – $ 10 million ) / $ 10million – 1 = . 2 or 20 % The 2nd measure in the analysis is to build the 2008 proforma income statement presuming those points that vary with gross revenues will increase by the per centum alteration in gross revenues ( 20 % ) and that those points that don’t remain fixed. An illustration of this procedure is given on the Excel worksheet below. Double chink on the worksheet to entree it. so scroll up or down every bit needed.

Notice the variable disbursals are found by taking the 2007 disbursal and multiplying by 1 + the per centum alteration in gross revenues ( 1. 2 ) . This increases those disbursals by 120 % . A common mistake pupils make is to merely multiply the variable disbursals by the per centum alteration in gross revenues. If we did that here. we would be multiplying the variable disbursals by 20 % . In other words. we would non be increasing variable disbursals by 20 % . we would be cut downing them by 80 % . Notice the pro forma net income for 2008 is $ 600. 000. You may wish to analyse the consequence utilizing a rigorous per centum of gross revenues attack would hold had on pro forma net income.

Would net income be higher or lower as a consequence? You would be right to feel the potency for an exam inquiry here. Finally $ 200. 000 in dividends are deducted from the $ 600. 000 net income giving us a $ 400. 000 add-on to retained net incomes. The 3rd measure is to utilize the $ 400. 000 pro forma add-ons to maintained net incomes in add-on to a figure of other premises to calculate the Pro Forma Balance Sheet. I will besides utilize the judgmental attack in this measure. The 2007 historical balance sheet and the pro forma balance sheet for BMX Corporation appear in the Excel worksheet below.

To entree the worksheet. dual chink on it. so scroll up or down every bit needed to see view the worksheets. I will do the undermentioned premises sing the pro forma balance sheet: 1. The house wants to go on to keep a minimal hard currency balance of $ 100. 000 2. Marketable securities will increase to $ 75. 000 in 2008. 3. Histories receivable have historically been 36. 5 yearss of gross revenues. Since gross revenues for 2008 are expected to be $ 12. 000. 000. histories receivable will be $ 12. 000. 000 ten ( 36. 5/365 ) = $ 1. 200. 000 ( you could besides make the followers which is algebraically indistinguishable: ( $ 12. 000. 000/365 ) Ten 36.

5 ) . 4. Inventories have historically been 20 % of cost of goods sold. Since cost of goods sold for 2008 are expected to be $ 9. 000. 000. stock lists will be $ 9. 000. 000 ten. 20 = $ 1. 800. 000. 5. Vectra will increase fixed assets by $ 750. 000. Depreciation disbursal for 2008 is estimated to be $ 200. 000. Net fixed assets for 2008 will be: Net fixed assets ( 2007 ) + add-ons to fixed assets – depreciation disbursal 2008 $ 5. 000. 000 + $ 750. 000 – $ 200. 000 = $ 5. 550. 000 6. Annual purchases ( all on history ) have historically averaged 60 % of cost of goods sold.

The histories collectible balance. in bend. is typically 20 % of purchases. Histories collectible will hence be $ 9. 000. 000 Ten. 60 Ten. 20 = $ 1. 080. 000 7. Taxes collectible will be about one one-fourth of the revenue enhancement disbursal shown on the 2008 pro forma income statement. Taxes collectible will be $ 400. 000/4 = $ 100. 000. 8. Notes collectible will increase to $ 1. 000. 000. 9. There will be no alteration in other current liabilities. long-run debt. or common stock. 10. Retained net incomes on the 2008 pro forma balance sheet will alter by the add-ons to retained net incomes ( $ 400. 000 ) shown on the pro forma income statement.

Since the 2007 retained net incomes was $ 1. 000. 000. the maintained net incomes for 2008 are expected to be $ 1. 000. 000 + $ 400. 000 = $ 1. 400. 000. Notice the 2008 pro forma balance sheet did non ab initio balance: e. i. . entire assets ( $ 8. 725. 000 ) did non be the amount of entire liabilities and equity ( $ 8. 332. 500 ) . In other words. the firm’s demand to fund assets of $ 8. 725. 000 in 2008 will non be met at awaited degrees of debt and equity. This is the firm’s signal that it will hold to raise financess by publishing extra debt or equity in the sum of $ 392. 500.


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