Construction planning is a critical and testing activity in the management and execution of construction projects.

It involves the choice of technology, the designation of work tasks, the estimation of the required resources and durations for individual tasks, and also the identification of any interactions among the different work tasks.

A good construction plan is essential for completing a contract on time and on budget. Developing the construction programme is a critical task in the management of construction, even if the plan is not written or displayed as a bar graph ie. (Windows MS Project).

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When using a bar graph all parties will recognize the value of programming which allow progress to be reviewed and monitored at regular intervals.

Method statement;

A method statement is a description or brief of the scope of the works and the assumptions made in formulating the plan for completing them.

Objectives of preparing a method statement;

i. To enable managerial experience to be called upon during estimating. There is a demand relating to performance. Managers find it necessary to record resources, quantities and time in order to contribute.

ii. To enable data concerning new construction techniques and methods of handling material to be included in an estimate. As the planning debt is often consulted on method statements, a method statement may be developed from work study data and planning cycles prepared for alternative plant and labour situations.

iii. To allow the plant requirements for a project to be summarized for inclusion in the prelims or plant schedule

iv. To ensure the output and duration of different methods of machines is realistically matched

v. To give guidance to the estimator or specific bill items relating to plant and labour requirements in order that realistic rates may be built up

Network programme

Method Statement

Establish site


The contractor is to take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorized access to the site and to safeguard the medicenter, its contents, the works, products and materials.

Hoarding and Scaffolding

Sufficient and adequate hoarding will be installed before any demolition work commences.

Stability of the scaffolding will be maintained at all times to prevent possibility of collapse.


The disconnection of any gas, water or electricity supply to the existing site is to be complete before demolition is to take place by approved contractors.


(i) The means of demolition to be limited to either by hand or other mechanical means. (as defined in BS6187: 1982)

(ii) Where works cannot be completed safely from part of the building or structure, a suitable working plat-form made from standard scaffolding or special purpose scaffolding must be used.

(iii) The demolition is to be carried out in such a manner that no part of the building is left in an unsafe condition at any time.

Plant Equipment etc

The anticipated crane to be used will be hydraulic all terrain unit on four wheels or spreaders. JCB & accessories, Cherry pickers, hand tools and skips and scaffold erected by specialists as the work progresses.


Once levels are being reduced services can be relocated and commencement of excavating foundation and lift base can proceed before concrete found pour;

Drainage beneath slab to coincide with Brick work to DPC to accommodate for any lintelin(bridging) over drainage runs before preparation of floor for concrete pad pour.


Erection sequence

* All erection will be carried out in accordance with our method statement and crane lifting plan produced by an appointed person.

* Before erection commences all erection will be strictly via cherry picker access.

* All labour will be inducted by the site manager and we produce all relavent certificates/document for all plant used. Crane will be positioned inside the building avoiding any permanent structural elements.

* Steel will be offloaded from articulated lorries which will be carefully reversed into the site and steel positioned in required position to be erected.

* Erection of columns to commence prior to gable ends and tied in with floor and eaves ties.

Erect all elevation bracing and ties;

Erect rafter and tie in with roof bracing, ties, etc.

On completion ensure that all fastenings are correctly torque, plumb and line to site agents satisfaction.

Each of our operatives has been suitably trained to successfully carry out his/her function and has been instructed and is aware of our safe system of works publication, a copy of which will be sent via post to you.

All deliveries to be via hard, clean access devoid of any trenches, holes, spoil or materials.

The entire working area, to be coated with suitable, hard clean standing surface for use by our transport, cranes and operatives.

Once roof covering is applied, brick layers and other trades will not be so weather dependant. Once windows have been installed, the building will be water tight and secured before the two week holiday break.

Commencement of first fix mechanical and electrical installations can go ahead along with all other internal works.

As this takes place all external work can commence such as the paths, parks and landscaping.

The estimated earliest completion date of this project from inception is approximately Eighteen weeks according that there are no delays caused by events outside the control of either party (Contractor and client).

Areas of concern

Activities with Risks to Health and Safety;

The Site Manager will be responsible for identifying and managing activities with risks to health and safety which are not covered by Method Statements, Risk and other Assessments, such as the storage of materials, movement of plant and vehicles, means of access etc. These activities will be controlled according to the systems of work laid down in the Company Safety Policy.

Emergency Procedures

All emergency plans and telephone numbers will be displayed on the on site emergency procedure document and held by the site foreman.


On-site and/or off-site storage, parking, rest/messing or other requirements which will affect neighbors or cause problems (A method statement for site organization will be required)

Due to the nature of the site (General hospital outside the medicentre boundary), care and consideration will be taken as not to disturb the working environment.

All material deliveries, unloading, storage and moving of materials are to be done with due care for the residential nature of the site and surroundings so as to maintain an undisturbed environment for occupiers of the sites and nearby dwellings.

Presence of Asbestos

Asbestos based materials may be present in the structure. Removal is to be carried out by an approved contractor licensed by the HSE.

Outline Bar Chart


The key to successful management and planning of a construction project is based upon clearly defining the responsibilities for all aspects of your project.

Careful planning is essential and begins with addressing the pros and cons of moving and understanding the construction process well enough to know when certain tasks are necessary or not.

Good communication within a contract will be necessary to make sure that your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget. The most successful way for this to work is to have a programme which will confirm that the contractor can perform within the given time, or, that his proposed time scale is realistic.


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