In the beginning. “The Bungalow fad did non originate in a cultural vacuity. but was one look of a lodger artistic motion at the bend of the century known as Humanistic disciplines and Crafts” ( 110 ) . In the 19th century. the Progressive reform epoch promoted simple architectural manners. As the epoch progressed society changed life manners. But did they maintain them conservative or extremist? “The Bungalow’s entreaty was besides related to dramatic alterations catching adult females in late 19th century” ( 111 ) . The protagonists of the Bungalow manner of architecture were extremist because of the patterned advance or epoch. and simpleness that proceeded throughout society.

Progression concerns how good we appreciate artifact and intend to continue everything or architecture. In other words. maintaining it nice and conservative. Gustav Stickley explains why tradition was non good plenty. “To preserve these features and to convey back to persons life and work the vigorous constructive spirit which during the last half-century has spent its activities in commercial and industrial enlargement. is. in a nut-shell. the Craftsmen idea” ( 123 ) . Tradition was non good plenty. Peoples in twentieth all had reputes to continue. Stickley claims. “That the influence of the place is of the first importance in the defining of character is a fact excessively good understood and excessively by and large admitted to be offered here as a new” ( 123 ) . They needed to unbend out their criterions and alter their furniture and architectural place design.

Before the epoch had progressed. traditional place designs were really simple. but besides excessively much. Because people held on to there traditions they could hold been considered hoarders. Stickleys suggests. “We demand to unbend out our criterions and to acquire rid of a batch of rubbish that we have accumulated along with our wealth and commercial supremacy” ( 123 ) . Again he explains. “Therefore we regard it as at least a measure in the way of conveying about better conditions when we try to be after and construct houses which will simplify the work of place life and add to its wholesome joy and comfort” ( 124 ) .

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In decision. because of times altering we are ever influenced to hold the new things and be up to day of the month. “The Bungalow reflected the influence of a progressive political orientation characterized by a belief in efficiency. religion in the power of the environment to transform people. and a misgiving of concentrated wealth. category divisions. and breaking. house reform” ( 134 ) . The protagonists supported the drastic alterations because they were influenced by the society.


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