Reform motions started in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century to turn to specific jobs. The women’s rights motion. the moderation motion and the motion to stop kid labour would be a portion of it. All of these motions became successful by difficult work. The women’s rights motion is when adult females fought for their rights and entitlements. The moderation motion is a societal motion that prohibited the usage of alcoholic drinks. The motion to stop kid labour was made to stop kid labour.

Women all over America were denied their rights. They felt that it was unjust how work forces had all of the rights and they don’t. This is shown in Document 1. Two of the rights that they were denied are. the right to the merchandise of her work and the right to be free of their hubbies detention. It was as if they were treated as slaves. Even after the clip of bondage. But after contending Congress and making a batch of protesting they were able to accomplish some of the things they wanted. In Document 2 it states that adult females got better rewards for equal work and a figure of Torahs adult females wanted were passed. In other words it took difficult work to accomplish what they wanted. It did non merely come over dark.

Child labour started in the 1800’s. Young kids would travel work in Millss where they would acquire injury and merely acquire paid small to nil at all. It was really hard to get rid of child labour. In Document 8 it says that. “ Merely provinces had the authorization to do Torahs against it. ” So if one province did non hold with stoping child labour that province would be pro child labour. It took a batch of work to get rid of child labour in America. This is shown in Document 9. One manner the Fair Labor Standards Act protected kids is. “ No manufacturer. maker or trader may transport. or present for cargo in interstate commercialism. any goods produced in an constitution which has employed oppressive kid labour within 30 yearss of the remotion of all goods.

In decision the women’s rights motion and the motion to stop kid labour were two motions that drastically changed U. S. history. It took a batch of difficult work and a batch of protesting but the motions made a alteration. I agree with both of these motions. They let adult females hold rights and kids non hold to work in mills or anyplace.

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