Background of the Problem SIT is the second largest IT-based educational institution in Asia and has branches all over the Philippines. It has a branch in Mammals and is located at Macarthur Highway Verities compound, Dakota, Mammals City, Vulcan. There are more than two hundred students and around sixteen (16) personnel including part-time and full-time faculty members. All students and faculty members are allowed to borrow books. The SIT College Mammals Library has only one Librarian. There are 5,586 books with a wide array of topics/subjects.

It houses two computer units as extension to research for users whose needs are not supplied within the location. As for the school librarian, the librarian has difficulties in computing charges generating reports, monitoring overdue and managing database. The proponents aim for the improvement and efficiency of the school’s library transactions. 1. 2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology Library System is an enterprise resource planning system for a library, used to track items owned, bills paid from patrons who have been lost the book or overdue book and patrons who have borrowed. 3 Project Rationale The library of SIT College Mammals will benefit from the proposed computerized library system with Barded Technology. It will reduce time and effort for both librarian and students. students The Students of SIT College Mammals will benefits from this system because they can easily borrow or return from the library. They don’t need to search the book by borrowing through index card. Librarian The librarian will also benefits a lot from this system because the computerized library system with barded technology would help her lessen her work from maintaining the books from their availability since its already computerized.

The work of the librarian would be easier and faster. It will help her to easily monitor the transaction of the books. Proponents The proponents will also benefits from this system because the proponents can apply their knowledge that they have learned from school. The system is a very big advantage to them because it will develop their skills in terms of programming. 2. 0 PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2. 1 Problem Statement Since SIT College Mammals is using manual transaction there are possibility that data eight get misplaced during manual transactions and time consuming.

Too much paper work, since everything and every detail is written down manually in paper. 2. 2 Proposed Research Project 2. 2. 1 General Objectives The main objective of this study is to come up with Computerized Library System with Barded Technology for SIT College Mammals.. The proponents would like to automate SIT College Mammals process using Barded Technology to reduce tie and effort for both librarian and students. 2. 2. 2 Specific Objectives 0 To create a module that will compute penalties for delinquent borrowers.

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A function that will generate a minimum amount of penalty for the delinquent of the library. The penalty will be based on the librarian. 0 To create a module that will generate reports. System will generate standardized reports such as list of borrows, list of new books, list of damaged books, list of delinquent borrowers and other periodically and start to end date of report and other options can be included . This system will held the librarian create reports that are required by school. 0 To create a security and model in audit trail.

The proposed system will improved the record keeping process of their current system by having security measures and database that will accommodate all the transactions inside the library. Each user will be given a certain level of security to ensure the security of the database. The module has a log in system that will require surname Ana password Deterred system can De uses . Level AT Calicles wall De implemented to protect confidential records that other users should not see or use. An audit trail will be used to track transactions that require the modifying or updating of sensitive and confidential records. To create a transaction module for borrowing and returning book(s). – Having a computerized system in borrowing, returning and searching of books. It is easier and more convenient for the user to find a certain book by title, by subject author. The time required in searching and processing these transactions in the will require the modifying or updating or updating of sensitive and confidential record. 2. 2. 3 Scope and Limitations Scope Proposed system will cover the following: 0 Books File Maintenance

The system can store, retrieve, modify and deleted file will moved to archive of records. Return and Borrowing Transaction The system is automatically set the day of return and borrowing. Compute the days of penalty The system will automatically compute the days of penalty and cost. 0 Reports Book List Patron List Transaction List Returned List 0 Archives Books Patrons 0 Utilities Back-up and Restore Audit Trail Setting User Setting Change Password Time and Date Setting Limitations The system will not cover the following: 0 Reservation The system will not cover the reservation of the books.


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