I tried too create a concept which is from real life, so that viewer will not get bored. My short film will be presented through a sequence whose ingenuity and visual appeal ,camera skills and incongruity has the power to evoke laughter. Target Audience:- As I have planned to make a CGI animation film which will be full of romantic humor, my target audience will be grown-ups, like above thirteen. I chose this concept because I would like to give a piece of work especially for youngsters around 15-25 years. This story can become a great laugh for my target audience, so they will surely enjoy a lot.

Scope:- Animation! This is the vehicle I have chosen to express myself in. A whole list of tools” is required: drawing, timing, phrasing, action, acting, staging, imagination, observation, interpretation, logic, caricature, creativity, clarity, empathy, and so on?a mind boggling array of prerequisites. Rest at ease . 1 wasn’t born with all of them. Some of them may need a little sharpening, others may need to be awakened as from a deep sleep, but they are as much a part of my arms, legs, eyes, kidneys, hemoglobin, and speech.

The key skills I will be aiming at will consist of Modeling as I am interested in providing an experimenting technique, rigging will be specialize area and lighting will adhere to the environment. There will three main stages for my project preproduction, production, & post production. Pre-production Idea ,concept, development of story, Concept art of Character and Environment, Screenplay , Story board , Animating Production Modeling , Texturing , Rigging , Animation and Lighting Post-production Rendering, Composition, Editing and Sound mixing.

Story:- o* The Bang It’s a sunny afternoon, in the city. The frame focuses on a silent residential street dings; in one point perspective . There is a guy walking on the footpath of street. He sees that a girl is coming from far. He prepares himself to look presentable in front of the girl. His manner of walking completely changes, his body language also shows variation. He pretends like a stud in front of her. He does high Jump through bump grill, moves around the pole. He kicks a can and walks ahead. But when he looks at the girl .

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