1. 1 Summarise the policies and processs of the scene relevant to advancing kids and immature people’s behaviour

• Behaviour policy
• Wagess and countenances
• Attendance
• Anti-Bullying policy
• Covering with struggle and inappropriate behavior
• Code of behavior
Behaviour policy: is a usher for all staff on how pupil’s behavior should be managed. It provides a cleared shared apprehension between the Head Teacher. staff. parents and students on subject. It is critical that the policy is invariably being put into pattern to guarantee the safety of the students in school and the efficiency of pupil’s ability to larn.

In my puting the behaviour policy includes:
* Expectations and duties of Teachers behavior and pupil’s behavior
* Principles of direction
* School regulations
* A usher on how to implement the policy utilizing congratulations and effects
* Bullying and a usher on how to acknowledge and cover with it

The rules of the policy in my scene are:
* Children have the right to larn and instructors have the right to learn * Children are encouraged to do ‘good choices’’ and be successful in school * Staff are required to promote a positive attack to behavior direction by utilizing the systems. wagess and retrieving verbal congratulations is vitally of import * Successful execution is a balance of acknowledgment of good and hapless behaviour. duty. common regard and swear The students are required to:

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* Respect others
* To take duty for their ain behavior in an age appropriate mode * To fall in staff in making a lovingness. reciprocally supportive ethos * Children should cognize and understand the regulations. wagess and countenances of the behavior policy Rewards and countenances: Wagess and countenances are in topographic point to praise and honor positive behavior and to seek to eliminate negative behavior. In my scene there is a assortment of wagess systems and a joint reward/sanction system: * Buddy board – The board has a sad and a happy side and kids can be moved to either side throughout the twenty-four hours but it is ever re-set for the beginning of the following twenty-four hours. * Buddy card – where kids can gain casts each twenty-four hours for demoing positive behavior. each clip a card is completed it goes into a poke and at the terminal of the term/year a card is pulled out the poke and that child gets a award. * Marble jar – where kids can gain marbles to make full the jar. The category is rewarded each clip it’s filled. Marbless can ne’er be taken out of the jar by instructors as penalty to inappropriate behavior.

Attendances Policy: Schools have a legal duty to supply an accurate attending registry of all their students. A school attending policy is in topographic point to guarantee this and to cut down the absence rate of students. Most schools have a reward strategy in topographic point for those students who have a 100 % attending during a term. The policy should province how the ethos and ends of that school will advance and take to good attending.

Anti-Bullying: The purpose of an anti intimidation policy is to guarantee that students learn in a supportive. lovingness and safe environment without fright of being bullied. In my scene. we have processs in topographic point on how to cover with intimidation or suspected intimidation in school. My scene besides raises the consciousness of strong-arming to students and how to cover with it through inclusion of PSHE. assemblies and other capable countries as appropriate. in an effort to eliminate such behaviors.

Covering with struggle and inappropriate behavior: In my puting the school policy has processs for covering with riotous behavior. Consequences are in topographic point if kids choose to ignore the regulations of the schoolroom. Consequences are set out in a clear hierarchy that will demo pupils what will go on each clip they make ‘wrong choices’ and disobey the school regulations. Students who do non react to the normal instruction and subject schemes may necessitate farther support from some of the followers: * Framework for Intervention

* Nurture Groups in Reception. KS1 AND KS2 ( If child tantrums standards ) * Learning Mentor Support
* SEN support in the signifier of IEPs or a mark added for behavior * External Agencies
* Senior direction of Leadership Team developing Individual Behaviour Plans ( IBP ) These programs are specific to each students demands and will be drawn up affecting parents and frequently include external bureaus.

Code of behavior: Code of behavior is a set of regulations and guidelines for students so they understand how they should act in school and what is expected of them. It is of import that the kids are reminded of the codification of behavior so that it becomes their everyday and they to the full understand it. It is indispensable that positive behavior is ever promoted and praised to promote kids to go on their ‘good choices’ . Teachers and other grownups in schools should besides show positive behavior as kids notice when adults’ behavior is out of character. If instructors are being positive function theoretical accounts it is more likely that students will besides act in a positive manner. 1. 2 Evaluate how the policies and processs of the puting support kids and immature people to: * Feel safe

* Make a positive part
* Develop societal and emotional accomplishments
* Understand outlooks and bounds
In my scene we follow the model of Every Child Matters and its 5 results. Two of these results apply to Feel Safe and Making a positive part. Some of the followers has been Group treatment:

Feel Safe
* Encourage Inclusion
* Trust and Confidentiality
* School Security
* Teacher/Pupil relationships
* Problems being solved/teachers covering with struggle
* Friendship/Community
* Health and Safety – Equipment ( PAT tested )
* Safeguarding
* Empathy and understanding
* Staff being accessible
* Preventions of favoritism and intimidation

Positive Contribution
In my scene we have hebdomadal awards for kids to promote positive parts. we have ‘star of the week’ where each category choose one kid to have an award for something they have achieved in the hebdomad. The Passport competition where kids are given undertakings to finish each hebdomad to gain wagess and there is besides a caput instructors reward along with attending awards and most improved behavior awards. * Rewards and Sanctions

* School councils/pupil duty
* Mixed ability talk partners/buddies
* Outside school competition
* Respect
* Equal Opportunity
* Recycle/Eco Friendly
* Assurance

Social and Emotional accomplishments
* Circle clip
* Emotional image cards
* Learning/Understanding emotion/expression through activities
* Equal Opportunities
* Everyone holding their say
* Valuing sentiments
* Treat everyone equal
* Educate and Encourage diverseness and civilization through PSHE and activities Understand outlooks and bounds

All kids and immature people in a school puting should understand and cognize the outlooks and bounds of their school. In order to accomplish this. kids must follow the guidelines that are set by the school through the schools regulations and category regulations. Children understand that within the school they must develop a sense of duty. in order to make this. students are expected to apologize when it is appropriate. accept the effects of their ain behaviour and to recognize chances to assist others. * Reinforce school regulations and category regulations through:

* Discussions
* Displaies
* Understand countenances and wagess
* Respect diverseness
* Establish schoolroom regulations and boundaries
* Realistic outlooks
1. 3 Explain the benefits of all staff consistence and reasonably applying boundaries and regulations for kids

It is of import to keep consistence when using regulations and boundaries for kids in school. In my puting all staff should be cognizant of the schools policies and besides the wagess and countenances systems that are in topographic point and stick to them at all times. When staff fail to be consistent. children’s behavior may go fickle. or unexpected. If a instructor is non honoring one kid for the same thing that another kid has been rewarded for. it can do jobs with pupil’s behavior and struggle can originate between the kids and even between kids and staff. The same can originate if a kid is non given the same effects for acting unsuitably and can take to some kids disputing instructors to their bounds because they think they can acquire away with doing ‘bad choices’ .

2. 1 Explain the benefits of actively advancing positive facets of behavior
Praise is the most powerful and effectual signifier of positive acknowledgment you can give to a kid. In my scene we have a consistent and meaningful system of wagess which increase the students self esteem and promote positive behaviour. Promoting Positive Behaviour focal points on good behavior and sets out to guarantee that kids who work hard and act good will be recognised and rewarded in a assortment of ways. Promoting and honoring such behaviors can let kids to be constructive. productive and content members of society and promote kids to be ‘good citizens’ at school. out of school and besides throughout their lives.

It is of import to honor kids every bit to demo that everyone is respected. treated the same and there is no favoritism against students in any manner.

3. 5Explain the kinds of behavior or subject jobs that should be referred to others and to whom these should be referred

In my scene we have guidelines to follow when certain pupil behaviour needs the support of specialist staff such as SENCO. SENCO will frequently sit and discourse any issues with kids who have been aggressive or show marks of strong-arming behavior and sometimes they may be referred to a psychologist if they feel there might be implicit in concerns about the kid and their behavior. I feel comfy covering with inappropriate behaviour in the schoolroom and issuing warnings and effects if necessary but I would mention some state of affairss to the category instructor if I felt a kid was out of my control or needed farther support.

I would mention students if:
* They are a danger to themselves and/or others
* If I was covering with a hard state of affairs on my ain which I felt I could non command efficaciously without support * If I was non comfy covering with a student. for illustration. if they are acting erratically. out of kinds or sharply If I child is referred to SENCO. it may be necessary to invent schemes for usage in the schoolroom to assist back up the kid and prevent any break to other students during lessons. The kid may besides be given an IBP to supervise a kid and take stairss to better their behaviour. When a kid is demoing relentless negative behaviour they would be referred to the Head Teacher. Some kids may be referred to the Behaviour Unit which is run by the local authorization and can assist cover with students who have behavior jobs outside of school. The behavior unit may see schools to work with and detect specific kids. Schools will frequently hold educational psychologists visit to offer support to kids and grownups on a assortment of particular demands jobs and can besides asses kids and invent single plans to back up students. 4. 5Explain how you recognise and take immediate action with any intimidation. torment or oppressive behavior harmonizing to the policies and processs of the scene

In my scenes policies we have information and counsel paperss giving staff the advice they need on how to recognize any kinds of behavior which needs support. In the behavior policy there is a subdivision on how to recognize and cover with intimidation and we besides have an anti-bullying policy and a child protection policy with farther counsel on covering with intimidation and torment.

Childs can demo marks of being a victim to intimidation and our consciousness to these marks are critical. Children may hold a sudden alteration in their behavior. their work. a loss of appetency or several unexplained absences. Children are encouraged to describe behavior that worries them but rather frequently kids will be excessively frightened to state an grownup or believe that it is their mistake or are to fault for the intimidation they are having.

My scene usage codification words that staff can utilize to react instantly if kids have a reoccurrence of any intimidation and staff will so instantly refer to the behaviour/child protection policy to cover with the state of affairs. Parents will be involved irrespective of the result of a intimidation or harassment probe.

Harassment can come in many different signifiers and it is of import that we understand the different types of torment and have the cognition to recognize them.

Harassment can include:
* Stalking
* Sexual
* Racial
* Religious
* Strong-arming
* Disability
* Sexual orientation
* Assault

Oppressive behavior can sometimes be more hard to recognize. Oppressive behaviour is inflicted on person who does non needfully desire to make something. but is coerced. convinced or forced into it. It is a compressing state of affairs for the individual being oppressed and for a kid this can be highly hard to get by with. The NSPCC have devised a distance larning plan in schools for covering with toughs but it is down to the staff to recognize such behaviors and act upon it instantly for the security and attention of the kids involved.

5. 3Explain how you use ain cognition of advancing positive behavior to lend to reappraisals of behaviour policies. including strong-arming. attending and the effectivity of wagess and countenances

I am cognizant of the systems in topographic point in my scene to cover with intimidation and hold a good apprehension of the bahaviour policy which informs me how I can honor and countenance students behaviour consequently. I am a really patient individual and I am consistent with my congratulations and encouragement towards positive bahaviour. I can honor kids non merely with verbal congratulations but besides by giving spines. offering ‘buddy stamps’ . ‘marbles’ or adding their names to the happy side of the buddy board.

I am besides comfy within my puting to publish warnings to kids who show negative behavior or who make ‘bad choices’ . The warning would affect me explicating to a kid what behaviour I considered inappropriate. what bahvaiour or undertaking I would wish them to accomplish and what the effects would be if they were to go on their negative behavior. Should the behavior continue. I would follow my cognition of the wagess and countenances system in the Behaviour policy to publish effects.

Each clip I issue a warning or effect to a student I will inform my category instructor or learning helper in the schoolroom and I will feedback to her the state of affairs and how I dealt with it. The instructor can so give me any advice on how to cover with farther state of affairss like this or if there are any particular fortunes I need to see with certain students such as SEN or Acorns kids who have societal and emotions troubles.

Promoting positive behavior starts by puting a good illustration and being a function theoretical account for the kids. Children ever learn so much of their behavior from miming the actions of their equals and grownups around them.

In my scene I frequently praise kids who turn up early for school or have attended every twenty-four hours in a hebdomad. The category I am in benefit greatly from the excess congratulations they receive from staff and their attending has much improved since the beginning of the twelvemonth where it was really common for the kids to lose yearss off on a regular footing or arrive at school really tardily.

We remind kids that they are rewarded with a certification at the terminal of each hebdomad for 100 % attending along with no late Markss. We besides remind kids that they will be rewarded with a school disco at the terminal of the school twelvemonth if they achieve a 95 % attending along with an award and congratulations from the caput instructor in a jubilation assembly.

5. 4Explain how you provide clear and considered feedback on the effectivity of behaviour direction schemes to inform policy reappraisal and development

In my category we have 4 students who are Acorns kids. These pupils all have IBP’s in topographic point which I have been transcripts of to see what stairss and marks are in topographic point to assist advance positive behavior.

A twosome of the Acorns kids are low ability kids besides experience communicating troubles due to eyesight jobs and both of them wear spectacless. These kids do non ever sit where they are close plenty to the smart board and instructors will frequently bury to remind them to travel closer. Since acquiring to cognize the kids in the category I have noticed that these 2 kids do non work good if they are non sat cardinal to the board and near plenty to it and hold frequently been moved to the sad side of the buddy board or given clip outs for non acting suitably.

I have suggested to the category instructor that we move the spare tabular array in the schoolroom to a cardinal topographic point in forepart of the smart board. which could assist the kids to see the board better and could take to better concentration and accomplishing more. The instructor agreed and we have seen a considerable betterment in the work from those 2 students. The issue of their seeing and hapless concentration when unable to see the board was non portion of their IBP and whenever the category has learning supplies or new helpers. they would be incognizant of the issues sing the students and this will hold a damaging consequence on both the instruction staff and the students.

I am still new to my arrangement and take a batch of attention when doing suggestions to instructors about their students. Teachers have been really grateful of my suggestions and I feel comfy showing my thoughts and sentiments and I will be go toing PPA meetings in future and besides sing the raising room to detect and derive farther cognition on the benefits of raising for Acorns kids. where I will be able to lend to IBP’s and ILP’s on occasions.


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