Our research undertaking is “ Promotion of Cosmetic medical touristry in Pakistan a locale of international touristry ” . We are making this undertaking with the hope of lending positively to the growing of our national GDP by inclusion and investing on medical touristry by the authorities. It ‘s the portion of MBA and it is the demand of our institute, “ University of Central Punjab ” , for the completion of our grade. The intent of undertaking is to happen any tendencies for the authorities and private sector to look at medical touristry as a feasible beginning of gross. After completion of this undertaking we can reason with grounds and the chief grounds why as a state we should concentrate our attempts on medical touristry and do it province sponsored therefore being able to add valuable pecuniary value to our consumption. With our recommendations we feel that a positive measure will be taken in the right way. We are making work on this undertaking to roll up informations and other relevant information to hold the exact extent of possible benefits, so that it would be fruitful for the state ‘s future growing every bit good as for development of primary, secondary and third employment chances that would blossom because of investing and publicity of this sector. It is our group undertaking which is being supervised by a senior individual allocated by our institute. In order to do our undertaking more dependable, field informations was besides collected and analyzed. Datas from the pre-research on this subject will besides be studied to do our undertaking good designed and easy apprehensible.

3 Introduction:

Man can last through every catastrophe or catastrophe, but the lone thing he can non bear is being un-noticed or non being considered for any beauty definition. Detecting new ways to look capturing and attractive to all sets of people is a adult male ‘s greatest pursuit of all time. To fulfill his un-fulfilled beauty assessments, adult male has ever been experimenting with his ain expressions. These were different points or objects such as large plume chapeaus, flowered curtains, leather jackets, fluxing scarves, covering gowns, brassy boots, enrapturing jewellery and characteristics heightening cosmetics. On the contrary, all those expression parametric quantities have evolved from accoutrements to its ain organic structure and characteristics. Now a twenty-four hours a individual does non do his personality statement through his diamond jewellery or existent pearls instead he can travel erect and heterosexual headed in his society by holding the most appealing organic structure and facial characteristics. These could be anythingaˆ¦ . A thin olfactory organ or Fuller lips, broad brow or narrow oculus borrows enhanced laugh line or furrow less face, low flop line or heavy place, house tummy to sound thighsaˆ¦.. Therefore, medical scientific disciplines have come up with a solution to run into this century ‘s beauty demandsaˆ¦aˆ¦ There was a clip when in order to maintain gait with the modern universe people had to see a manner shop to catch frocks and had to hold services in beauty salons in order to larn application of cosmetics. These yearss this whole scenario is in all together different worldaˆ¦aˆ¦from cosmetics to “ COSMETIC SURGERY ” .

In western portion of the universe, decorative surgery is non a new thing any longer while it is relatively new in our portion of the universe. Our state does hold the trained sawboness and paramedical staff for this field where to the full equipped installations can besides be established or re designed with the bing resources. And these sawboness somehow are entertaining to decorative surgery demands every bit good. But still they have the possible to provide to the alien possible clients. Through whom they can gain more net incomes while still our surgery rates would be more cost effectual for those clients.

Our mark population will dwell of two major samples, one from sawboness who are presently covering with private patients from abroad and the other from on-line study of different people overseas interested in sing Pakistan for such a process. The primary informations for the survey is represented by the questionnaire study, observation and interview consequences that would be acquired from the respondents. On the other manus, the literature reviews to be presented of the survey represents the secondary informations of the survey. The information collected will be analyzed utilizing the computing machine package SPSS and excel.

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Pakistan ‘s portion in South Asiatic Tourism is besides non encouraging. Foreign reachings in Pakistan are much lesser than India, Iran, and about equal to Bhutan, a smaller state with much less returning cultural traffic. An overview of Pakistan ‘s mean portion in South Asiatic market serves an oculus opener for the touristry direction in Pakistan,

Harmonizing to this graph representation obtained from the Ministry of Tourism 2006 publication, Pakistan has a 9 % arrival portion of the regional ( general ) tourer inflow. Comparing this with the 43 % in India and 24 % in Iran, we are far behind these major participants and we need to aim our schemes to tackle this potency.

Tourism bring forthing Markets: Statisticss of market wise tourers ‘ reachings in Pakistan for last four old ages shows that Europe is the taking part, which occupies a major portion in Pakistan ‘s market, followed by South Asia, America and South East Asia. The undermentioned graph represents the % of last five old ages ( 2001-2005 ) norm portion of each part.

Comparing the above with the Annual reaching portion planetary part wise, we see that South Asia has an overall per centum of 24 % , out of universe touristry portion. The bulk 42 % of the tourer reaching occurs in Europe.

Looking at a grpah of reaching by motive, we may reason that medical touristry may or may non be a portion of it. If we assume it is a portion so it can be a part of the “ others ” field. The “ others ” field is less than 3 % of entire portion which forces us to reason that medical touristry is a really little part of motive for tourers to see Pakistan.

A Turning Industry

Medical touristry is turning quickly, far surpassing the 4 to 6 per cent growing in general travel engagements predicted for 2006, with the figure of medical tourer visits to many states swelling by 20 to 30 per cent a twelvemonth. The industry in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and India, presently worth about half a billion dollars a twelvemonth in Asia, is projected to bring forth more than US $ 4.4 billion by 2012.

India ‘s medical touristry concern is turning at 30 per cent per twelvemonth and is forecast to bring forth at least US $ 2.2 billion a twelvemonth by 2012. Singapore is aiming to pull one million foreign patients yearly and force the GDP part from this sector above US $ 1.6 billion, while Malaysia expects medical touristry grosss to be in the part of US $ 590 million in five old ages ‘ clip.

Coupled with strong growing in Asia ‘s other well-established medical touristry markets, such as Thailand and South Korea, the industry is set to confidently stride past US $ 4 billion by 2012.

The current estimated 1.32 million medical tourers come to Asia from all corners of the universe – including US and Europe

“ Asia is a preferable health care finish and is set to turn farther, fuelled by the comparatively low-cost health care services available, ” says Mr Birch.


The intent of the survey was to:

Check viability of advancing decorative medical touristry as a proper portion of the touristry industry in Pakistan.

Examine obstructions and challenges in accomplishing above aim

To carry through MBA demand.



The patients included had nasal defect due to trauma, accident, assault, infection or tumor

deletion. Surgical options available for operation included skin/ composite transplants, median/paramedian brow flap, nasolabial, scalping brow and arm flap, which were performed under general anaesthesia where needed. The skeletal support was provided by utilizing different transplants from the rib/iliac crest. Patients were monitored closely for first two yearss where as stitches were removed within 6-9 yearss and the patients were followed up every monthly for first three months and six months interval onwards. The consequences were assessed objectively and subjectively. Among 21 patients of rhinal defects male to female ratio was 1:1.1 and the mean age was 40.3years and 35.9 old ages severally, causes includes assault and accidents. It was concluded that median/peramedian brow flap is the most suited option and Reconstruction every bit good as aesthetic constituent of the rhynoplasty should be given importance.


Antibiotics is indispensable in patients with higher hazard of infection, this survey explains the usage of antibiotic among members of two associations in plastic surgery for this a questionnaire was sent to American Academy of Facial Plastic & A ; Reconstructive Surgery ( AAFPR ) & amp ; British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( BAAPS ) in May 2006 whose consequences were analyzed and the followers was documented. 78 % of the sawboness from AAFPR & A ; 54 % from BAAPS used antibiotics out of which 92 % of AAFPR & A ; 96 % of BAAPS used it on instance to instance footing. Merely 2.6 % of AAFPR & A ; none of BAAPS members used antibiotics were administered under anesthesia staff. 67 % of AAFPR & A ; 65 % of BAAPS used antibiotics merely before operation & A ; 32 % , 35 % used it within half an hr severally. Hence it was conducted that contraceptive peri-operative antibiotics is a common pattern in facial plastic surgery.

Low-level Laser-Assisted Liposuction: A 2004 Clinical Study of its Effectiveness for Enhancing Ease of Liposuction Procedures and Facilitating the Recovery Process for Patients Undergoing Thigh, Hip, and Stomach Contouring

This article determines the effectivity of low-level optical maser assisted suction lipectomy in diminishing the patients postoperative uncomfortableness i.e. reduced puffiness, enhanced wound healing, decreased usage of recovery medicine & A ; diminishing surgical clip spent to obtain optimum consequences. Erchonia EML, 635 – nanometer, 14- Mw double rectifying tube low degree optical maser was used on the mark tissue for 12minutes. Among 36 trial group patients 75 % met their major success standards compared with 32 % placebo-group patients who received “ bogus ” intervention. Success standards were defined as at least a 30 % difference between groups. Forty-three per centum more of the trial topics than placebo topics met success standards, transcending the mark by 13 % . It was concluded that the Erchonia EML significantly enhances the quality of suction lipectomy procedure by heightening the instance of fat extraction & A ; diminishing the patient ‘s postoperative uncomfortableness, as a consequence of optical maser intervention particularly in the country of thighs, hips & A ; tummy. The low degree optical maser intervention is considered more effectual than the traditional optical maser intervention.

Two Old ages Review of Facial Fractures at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan

This survey contains the reappraisal of features & A ; direction of facial breaks in our third attention infirmary in Islamabad. The survey included merely big patients of either sex. In all instances plane X-Ray, OPG, Water ‘s position & A ; CT scan were obtained and they were managed by unfastened decrease internal arrested development ( ORIF ) via intra-oral attack, few breaks were approached from the external lesion on the line of break. Among 96 patients most were males with a male to female ratio 3.1:1. The average age of the patient was 36.5 old ages and the bulk of whom due to traffic accident 53.1 % followed by assault 21.9 % . The most common facial bone involved was mandible ; assorted associated hurts were besides noted in these patients. Treatment employed included Maxillo-Mandibular Fixation lags prison guards micro home bases. The most frequent complication was pain and/or lower lip paresthesia. It was concluded that the patients with these hurts must undergo early intercessions including decrease and stabilisation of breaks.

Low – Degree Laser – Assisted Lipoplasty Appearance of Fat Demonstrated by MRI on Abdominal.

This survey involves the MRI findings as a consequence of the alterations of hypodermic fat after exposure to a low-level rectifying tube optical maser & A ; puffy infiltration. The hypodermic abdominal fat is exposed for 4 & A ; 6 proceedingss irradiation clip. The alterations in the features of the fat before and after tumescence and application of the low degree rectifying tube optical maser are documented by utilizing MRI techniques. 3 patients were evaluated with T1 & A ; T2 sequences prior and after infiltrating the hypodermic tissue with puffy fluid and once more after exposure to low degree optical maser beam. The MRI showed no optical maser exposure in the T1 sequence, but after 4minutes of optical maser exposure it demonstrated that the adipose tissue is partly coalescing and has changed its signals and after 6minutes it appeared to be blurred. The fatty denseness and organisation seems to hold changed wholly after exposure to the optical maser beam for this period of clip. ( The scanning negatron microscope revealed that at this peculiar clip 100 % of the fat was in the interstitial infinite and the transitory pore was now unfastened ) . The MRI rating of the hypodermic fat seems to correlate good with the findings of the scanning negatron microscope, demoing that there is a definite alteration in the consistence of the hypodermic fat following exposure to the low degree electronic rectifying tube optical maser.

5 RESEARCH Question:

Why should aliens prefer Pakistan for decorative surgery?

What are grounds for reluctance if any?

What single degree patronages do local sawboness have?

What is the impact of this on foreign exchange / local gross?

Conditionss required showing Pakistan as a favourable option.


H1: The impact of single sawboness on publicity of decorative medical touristry is non traveling to give important consequences

H2: Finish touristry should go on to acquire more importance in publicity by province alternatively of diversifying in to decorative medical touristry

H3: There is no relation between additions in gross by touristry by add-on of decorative Medical Tourism.


To find if medical touristry will be a feasible option to hike the touristry industry in Pakistan




Data intervention


In this survey, primary and secondary research would be both incorporated. The ground for this is to be able to supply equal treatment for the readers that would assist them understand more about the issue and the different variables that would be involved with it. The primary informations for the survey will be represented by the questionnaire study, observation and interview consequences that would be acquired from the respondents. On the other manus, the literature reviews to be presented of the survey will stand for the secondary informations of the survey.

DATA Analysis:

The responses to the structured close-ended inquiries and interviews will be rated in per centums. The per centum of respondents for each option will be given and analyzed. The information collected will be analyzed utilizing the computing machine package ‘s known as Statistical Package for Service Solution ( SPSS ) and Microsoft Excel. Data analysis procedure of looking at and sum uping informations with the purpose to pull out utile information and develop decisions had led to the fulfilling of the aim of our research.

We will analysis the information in three stairss

1st we will analysis the questionnaire 1

2nd we will analysis the questionnaire 2

3rd the chief analysis on the base of questionnaire 1 and questionnaire 2

7 Consequences

5.1 Recommendation

Although some private practicians are already profiting from medical touristry on a private footing, it is about clip the state was able to capitalise on this and utilize it to increase portion in the GDP. We would reason with the undermentioned recommendations:

See professional medical service as a exportable trade good

There are many practicians who pattern a part of their clip in Pakistan and the remainder in states like Ireland, UK or USA. The authorities can supply them discounts and publicity benefits by pulling clients to Pakistan and easing their stay and intervention.

Concentrating on major metropoliss every bit good as the tourer attractive forces

The focal point may be to develop substructure in the tourist musca volitanss of Pakistan and so hold options of intervention in either major metropoliss or in the rural countries as good. The financess from the foreign visitants may be used to prolong such expensive substructure in the rural countries which have huge natural beauty but deficiency such installations.

State sponsored advertizement and international exposure

The authorities should publicize our capacity and endowment in international forums and possibly should keep a symposium and supply cardinal ministry to organize the attempt.

Central Website

The authorities or general organic structure of decorative sawboness should hold one cardinal web site which should be maintained by a regulating organic structure. The web site should supply images, inside informations of physicians / sawboness and besides have a list of successful processs. They may even make up one’s mind to hold stack ranking of successful physicians with first-class certificates. This along with testimonies from the patients will travel a long manner in making a positive feeling amongst possible visitants.


There should be publicity in international magazines and newspapers. Some columns on this can besides be published. We may see promotional Television ads and runs explicating the benefits of coming to Pakistan alternatively of any other state for intervention and stay.


In the terminal by all analysis of inquirer 1,2 and the combination of both we have concluded that Surgeons are already profiting from this planetary chance and it is clip that the authorities should do an attempt to tap in to this market that runs in the one million millions of dollars yearly. States like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines are already basking the benefits and there is no ground why Pakistan should remain behind.

The investing to advance an already bing accomplishment set is non immense. The lone investing would be in the publicity of this accomplishment to the other states and the possible clients that we can pull from at that place.

Our study concludes that we already have critical success / consideration factors such as skilled physicians, clean installations, educated attenders / nurses and a low cost option. All we need is to advance it and allow it bring forth the much needed gross.


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