When people go going, they purchasing a merchandise that involves and includes people. It offers tourers an exciting opportunity to go -even if it ‘s merely for a small while- a portion of another civilization. This paper is looking at the importance of managing and selling heritage and cultural touristry and to what widen its used as a publicity scheme to hike touristry in Barcelona. Due to globalization and increasing competition, many metropoliss are sing a phase of regeneration. Particularly since traditional industries like the fabric mill are worsening, a major precedence is to pull foreign investing and go a high profile finish for tourers. To accomplish that, civilization and heritage are used as valuable assets for advancing a metropolis.

Definition of cultural and heritage touristry

Culture and heritage have been elements in touristry since a long clip. When looking at the function of cultural and heritage touristry, definitions need to be made. Culture can be defined in footings of shared norms, values, imposts, artistic accomplishments by a group of people at a certain clip ( Beech & A ; Chadwick, 2006: 486 ) . McIntosh, Geoldner and Ritchie have recognized civilization as a incentive for people to go, identified by the desire to see and cognize more about other civilizations. This includes to happen out more about the indigens of a state, their, life style, music, art, folklore, dance etc ( Cooper, et al 2008: 47 ) . Heritage can be defined in footings of what is inherited by one coevals from past coevalss, that can be i.e. a belongings or a tradition. All in all the National Trust ‘s definition of cultural heritage touristry is explaning it really good: it is “ going to see the topographic points and activities that genuinely represent the narratives and people of the past and present. It includes historic, cultural and natural resources. ” ( culturalheritagetourism.org )

Cultural touristry merchandises

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Developing successful touristry attractive forces involves an apprehension of what touristry is and how it works. There are cardinal rules, which makes tourers being attracted to a finish. The nature of touristry can be defined as a commercial activity which involves the ingestion of experiences, in pattern it is a concern with the intent for economic benefit of the tourer finish. The touristry industry enables tourers to devour experiences ( McKercher & A ; du Cros, 2002: 27 ) It is amusement and a demand-driven activity which is non easy to command. Cultural heritage attractive forces are a portion of touristry and non all cultural assets are cultural tourer attractive forces ( McKercher & A ; du Cros, 2002: 26 ) .

Promoting Culture and Heritage Tourism in Barcelona: Selling tools

Barcelona has inherited a comfortable cultural tradition, which is ensuing from its brilliant place in the Mediterranean. It has over 2,000 old ages of history and Barcelona experienced the Iberian, Roman, Arabic and Christian predating civilisations. It has a typical personality as the capital of Catalonia, an country with its ain Catalan linguistic communication and civilization ( professional.barcelonaturisme.com ) . During the past decennaries, Barcelona proofed itself as a vibrant, advanced and inventive metropolis, which knows how to remain in the international limelight. Worldwide 37 % of trips are taken with the ground to see culture. , where Spain ‘s market portion of cultural touristry is 8,2 % . 21 % of all foreign tourers came with the intent to research civilization, compared to 59 % for leisure and vacation. Cultural touristry is the 2nd biggest section of international touristry in Spain with figures of 9 million tourers in 2003 ( ectn.eu.com ) .

Barcelona has confidently established its place as one of Europe ‘s prima metropolis touristry finishs. With about 4 million overnights in 1990, 8 million in 2000 and 12 million overnights during 2008, Barcelona has experienced a monolithic growing over the past decennary ( turisme2015bcn.cat ) .

In 1993 the public-private “ Turisme de Barcelona ” Consortium was founded with the purpose to advance the metropolis itself every bit good as reshape the image. It can be seen as the as a continuation of the work from COOB after the Olympics, which was set up by the Chamber of Commerce and the City Council ( professional.barcelonaturisme.com ) . Several schemes were created to accomplish the new ends. One key scheme was set to advance cultural touristry: ‘We will advance cultural touristry based on the metropolis ‘s identifying elements such as the Catalan linguistic communication, its position as regional capital, alone architectural heritage and Catalan cuisine ‘ ( turisme2015bcn.cat ) .

The development of cultural services and undertakings are frequently used to back up the selling and touristry attempts. This could intend the creative activity and reclamation of museums and art galleries and the hosting of art festivals. This facet is frequently portion of a comprehensive cultural touristry scheme ( Page, S & A ; Hall, CM, 2003: Chapter 8 )

Every twelvemonth Turisme de Barcelona is gaining about 400 promotional activities, which are selected harmonizing to different market cleavages, tourer typologies and states. These can be art and civilization, shopping, athletics, night life or leisure to call merely a few. The traditional and established iconic landmarks such as Park Guell, La Ramblas or Gaudi ‘s work as tourer attractive forces are giving the metropolis a alone image. Barcelona is utilizing several schemes to advance itself ; with the most of import scheme being finish stigmatization, where the cultural and heritage facet plays a prima function. Besides, there is no uncertainty that ‘cultural and heritage resources in peculiar drama a cardinal function in the development of urban touristry ‘ ( Page, S & A ; Hall, CM, 2003: Chapter 3 ) . The media in its worldwide spectrum is used to transport out the trade name and to advance Barcelona as a tourer “ topographic point merchandise ” by utilizing telecasting, wireless, imperativeness and cyberspace ( turisme2015bcn.cat ) .

Barcelona is known throughout the universe as a cultural metropolis with an of import heritage and vivacious assortment of cultural attractive forces. Barcelona has nine World Heritage Sites to offer ( Palau de la Musica Catalana, Park Guell, La Pedrera, Palau Guell, Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo , Casa Vicens and Cripta de la Colonia Guell ( professional.barcelonaturisme.com ) .

During a five-year period, Barcelona enlarged its cultural attractive forces with new enterprises. In every twelvemonth, a peculiar country has been devoted in a programme through the Universal Forum of Cultures 2004. In 2000 music was devoted, while 2001 was bestowed to art. In that twelvemonth when the metropolis hosted the triennial exhibition Experiences, Barcelona Art Report 2001 and the International Congress of Museums. In the twelvemonth 2002, Barcelona strengthened its international place when it hosted the International Gaudi Year, which has put the metropolis in the universe civilization of limelight. In the twelvemonth 2003, athletics and design were the metropolis ‘s thematic events and received large media coverage ( professional.barcelonaturisme.com ) .

In Barcelona has over 50 museums which are showcasing lasting aggregations by celebrated creative persons such as Picasso, Miro and Tapies. The metropolis besides offers a broad pick of theater and amusements installations, and hosts celebrated festivals such as the Summer “ Grec ” Festival, where theater, music and dance come together. The metropolis has two most of import classical music locales, the Palau de la Musica and L’Auditori, which both present top-quality programmes. Furthermore, the metropolis ‘s opera house, the Gran Teatre del Liceu, has one of Europe ‘s most outstanding opera seasons ( professional.barcelonaturisme.com ) .

Barcelona offers different rubber-necking Tourss to detect Culture and Heritage, where riders get provided with any information they may necessitate. They besides give a verifier brochure which offers price reductions at the chief metropolis attractive forces. This is a tool to advance the visit of Culture and Heritage sites.

The Barcelona Tourism Board introduced a few old ages ago the Barcelona Card, which 1s purchased provides tourers with free travel on metropolis conveyance and price reductions and free offers at museums, leisure attractive forces, cabarets, stores, eating houses, on amusements and other services. Assorted Walking Tours, where the Gothic One-fourth can be discovered, where they show the tourers through the historic and political bosom of the metropolis. With a Modernisme path, the Catalan art nouveau edifices by designers such as Antoni Gaudi . Domenech I Montaner and Puig I Cadafalch are showed and explained. There is besides a Gourmet path bing which goes through the old town and gives visitants the possibility to research Barcelona ‘s gastronomic civilization. Barcelona besides offers the “ Articket ” , a ticket that allows tourers to see the 7 taking museums in Barcelona ( barcelonaturisme.com ) .

Critical Position

Cultural touristry brings persons and human communities into contact. It can promote the resurgence of the traditions and the Restoration of cultural sites and memorials. But unchecked touristry can hold the opposite consequence. On the one manus, cultural heritage can function as a touristry attractive force, and touristry can take to the fiscal and political support for direction of a heritage. On the other manus, there is besides possible struggle insofar as touristry can damage cultural heritage, and hence bounds on trial can damage touristry or instead keep back its enlargement. What is clear is that touristry is turning and will hold an increasing impact on cultural heritage. The World Tourism Organization ( WTO ) predicts that cultural touristry will be one cardinal touristry market sections in the hereafter, and notes that growing in this country will show an increasing challenge in footings of pull offing visitant flows to cultural sites.aa

how development cooperationin specific scenes, industry organisations note

that “ the challenge is to pull off the hereafter growing

of the industry so as to understate its negative impacts

on the environment and host communities

whilst maximizing the benefits it brings in footings

of occupations, wealth and support for local civilization and

industry, and protection of the built and natural

environment. ”



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