Then I decided to grab one mouth -? watering plate of paella and to my surprised the chief cook are Jade Raze and Koru Yakima. Then I finally reached the shores of Cube and quickly made my way to Cube international Airport. While waiting for my departure to go back to Manila. Vie got a chance to meet Licensed Engineers: Jeerer Dale Roomer, Anne Rotten Lacing, Dianna Lee Again and Christian Ray Ambrosia. The pilot are Gerard Figurers Jar. With Lillian Callahan. I learned from them that this airplane was made by Mechanical Engineer: Daryl Panamanian and Kate Goldberg, Industrial Engineer.

I suddenly felt dizzy, so I asked en of the attendants to hand me a glass of water. I was so shocked to see Erik Anne Scalawag who is now a Flight Attendant. Upon reaching Manila, I went to a bank to withdraw my money and I surprised because Lei Anne Guilt, Soil Mercado, Trash Fungal, Jeremy Maroon, Jade Raymond and Kent Ian Mendoza are the Accountant of that bank. After that I went to Hospital to Occult my sprained uncle. While walking upstart I bump wilt Cardiologist Dry. Collette Dry Demand with her nurse Laurence Oliver’s then I learned from them, in that hospital Chemist: Charlene Bernard and Psychologist: Sheens Marvel Pond.

I asked that who is the Radiologists in this hospital, then I surprised because Dawn Angel is. On my way to church but before I went to the church I entered a mobiles to buy Simi card, my former classmates Jungle Motto Is now a IT specialist with Branded George Manacling a Web Developer. I learned from them that Vance candelabra Is the owner of Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular together with Marianne Joy Galvan. While riding on a bus I read a newspaper. I read that a new film title Nag Pogo is written by Assyria Balance and Directed by John Carlo Rexes with Graphic Designer: Joshua Ere De Santos.

I finally ached the church then I heard the pries saying the word of God and that voice is familiar then I entered the church, I smile because Joshua James Addams is now a Priest. Then my smile Is continuous because Vie met my former classmates Rene Ales and Kit Close Dudgeon a licensed Custom Brokers and Evelyn Gale Delegated and Lady Cantata Joe Raymond a licensed Lawyers. On my way to Rental to play my game ABA (San MIS Coffee Mixer) against my former classmate and my bestrides Lester Kent Samson(Bray. Genera). I feel so excited. There’s something in my mind.

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During our warm-up, there’s a loud noise owing from the entrance. When I look at them I saw all oh former classmates and Sir Ronald De Leon, will watchword game. My classmate Zen Merle Brutal, now a On my way home to hotel and that hotel is owned by Jollied Soon together with Iranian Scaly Digamma and their secretary is Rustier Amazon. Tired but happy because I met all of my former classmates and of course we won against Lester Kent Samson and his team. Also Mr.. Reynolds De Leon watch our Game It’s been 10 years after we graduated at the section of IV-Henry Byrne, Batch 2013-2014.

Class Prophecy Submitted by: Grimier Miguel IV- Henry Byrne) January 6, 2014 Class Prophecy Joshua Ere De Santos My wife has Just handed me the newspaper, The Los Angles Times. What is striking is not the headlines but the date today – March 27, 2030. It has been 15 years since I graduated in Saint James School. I already settled here in San Pedro, California about 3 years ago as a graphic artist at the Mercedes Z Benz Co. I designed new models of Mercedes Benz Sports Cars; and as a part time I designed a website and some arts digitally on HTML Co. Wend an IT Specialist. Many things have changed into our lives since our high school radiation last 2014, and I have seen that when I visited the Philippines Just 3 weeks ago, I was invited as a guest speaker for the inauguration and ribbon cutting of the BPR Manacling a new Frigate, which was designed by Marvin Galvan a Naval Architect. I was Joined by my former classmate, Assyria Balance on my flight to Manila. She looked so glamorous now. She also migrated here in California and works as a Writer at Barnes & Noble Incorporated.

Assyria was also invited for the inauguration and at the same time to publish her new book titled “One Day’, which is the best-selling kook this time. We took a short flight to New York from San Diego and then connected to Manila. Assyria and I flew on a first class. As the aircraft being taxied to Ana’s runway, we heard a familiar voice on the PA, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board to the Philippine Airlines flight PR-143 to Manila. This is Capita. Gerard Figurers Jar. … ” I wondered if the pilot was our classmate, then someone tapped me and said, “Sir, we’re about to take off.

Please fasten your settable. ” I was surprised because the flight attendant who tapped me was a familiar face. And I was right. She was Erik Anne Scalawag who was now working as a Flight Attendant. I have also confirmed from her that our flight’s pilot was our classmate, Gerard. As we chatted during the flight, Erik told us that she’s already engaged to Gerard, and planning to have their wedding in six months, in a winter resort in Philippines who happens to be owned and managed by Jollied Soon, This resort of Jollied was mostly visited by the prominent persons in the whole world.

We were driving along Ads on our way to Cubic Bay. Ads was still the same 15 years ago filled with gigantic billboards. When e reached Cubic Bay, an enormous billboard caught my attention. On the huge picture of a stunning guy was 2030 Best Actor, Grimier Miguel, also a product endorser of Bench that Group- owned and by Iranian Call Digamma and Marianne Joy Galvan. Their company now leads the Asian market for the shopping mall industry. In fact, Forbes Magazine named them as one of the richest Filipino of the Decade along with Loyal and SMS.

As we headed up north, I noticed that lots of billboard ads have Grimier as the product endorser. Assyria told me that Grimier became popular in the Philippines after he become an Actor 8 years ago. She is one of the ABS-Cab’s major talent and leads star in the telemetry “Got to Believe” as Joaquin Mainsail- a sequel of the 2022 classic and that was directed by John Carlo Rexes. Grimier was married to the Best News Anchor of TV Patrol Zen Marie Brutal three years ago, and was blessed with a-year-old boy Grimier Miguel Jar.

We arrived at PH Naval Base Cubic Bay around 1 PM on that day and the cutting ribbon was at pm. I went first to my Alma Mater. While walking, I bumped into a familiar figure, Rustier Amazon, now one of the best MAPLE Teacher of Saint James School. I go back and arrived in PH Naval Base Cubic Bay at exactly pm. We could not wait to see the new Ship, so we went ahead to sneak a peek. When we entered Naval Base’ entrance, we bumped into familiar figure, Captains: Fortunate Parallels together with Caesar Ryan Viands, now one of the best Marine Engineer of all time.

Engineer Daryl Panamanian was the one who is responsible for constructing the machine of the ship. Architect Marvel Galvan was also there at the site to check out the ribbon cutting came and alumni from different batches who are now also a Marine Engineer arrived little by little at the event. I went back to my car, thanked God for the experience and I Just drove, going to Magmata in The Trump Tower Manila to take some rest. The Trump Tower Manila, the best residential condo in Philippines, owned by Lillian Callahan.

I have some doubts the fact that question came to my mind asking, “Who managed to build this? “, so I ask her and I was totally surprised that Anne Rotten Lacing, Jeerer Dale Roomer and Christian Ray Ambrosia are the Engineer with the Interior Designer Rainier Montevideo who Just designed the full condo. And it was implausible that they made the condo Just for one year but then hey really made it. While looking at the window I noticed that there was a huge tower. I Just wondered what communication tower is that. Tower of PLOT Company owned by Engineer Vance Candelabra.

Sitting on my couch while reading a newspaper, PDP. The first I open the newspaper suddenly the headline strikes me and it was marvelous that Chemist Charlene Bernard discovered a new chemical element that named after her. On the other page of the newspaper I Just saw a very popular restaurant named Henry Cafe. I hitched a ride downtown and went in. The name may not be wonderful, UT the food sure is. Koru Yakima, the famous chef of all time gave it a rating of “Superb”. My money is Just really enough to pay the bills of those delicious food I ate.

I felt a need for more money. I went to Metronome, a recognizable face greeted me. She was a nice woman. Her name is Ms. Jeremy Maroon on her side was also a bank accountant Named Jade Raymond. The other accountant were Soil Mercado, Lei Anne Guilt, Trash Angela Fungal and of course the most gorgeous accountant Kent Ian Mendoza. Jade Raze the Assessor of that bank, she values the property for taxation. I was so shocked them all working together on the same bank. Those delicious food Vie ate has gave me an excruciating feeling on my teeth.

I contacted Joseph Benefit Falafel to take care of my teeth. Jobbed as his nickname, he is a great dentist and he owned a dental clinic. So Jobbed have a lot of patient and but teeth should be take care immediately. So Nicole Ditz is the one who take a good care for my teeth. Thank you to them for a healthy teeth. Vie decided to go Philippine General Hospital to visit Joliet Dry Demand a great Cardiologist, she looks so captivating. Laurence Oliver’s Toilette’s diligent nurse. Also Dawn Angel Gomez an Astrologist and Joshua James Addams a Medical Technologist were in that hospital.

I heard from them that Sheens Marvel Pond a Psychologist was settled in National Center of Mental Health is Manhandling. I also heard from them that Sheens healed lots of people with mental disorders. I took so long chatting with them. I went mall. While walking in department store of that mall someone tapped me, the face so familiar. Exactly, that was Kit Chloe Dudgeon. I learned from her that goods are needed to clear through customs barriers for importers and exporters. She as now a licensed Custom Broker and she was working with Rene Ales who was also a licensed Custom Broker.

The most awaited match between orgy. Genera and San MIS Coffee Mixers for championship. Lester Kent Samson was the top player of orgy. Genera. Among of the VISP was one of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Ambassador, Dry. Kate Goldberg. Them is Grimier was also most awaited, especially by his fans. But nothing compares the arrival of the undefeated lawyer, Viviane Gail Delegated, who took her private helicopter. She was the first one who did that. After I found a sit someone poke me hen called by my nickname “way”, the voice was irritating but so familiar.

I’m right she’s Dianna Lee Again, she’s now a licensed Engineer. Someone sat after my sit cheering Lester Kent with her loud voice, that voice is so military. That was Lady Cantata Joe Raymond, now a Military Officer. Some my former classmates come to watch and cheer Kent. After the intense game Bray. Genera got the ABA championship. Lester Kent Samson won the MAP award for this year. Can you imagine, he is being called “The Hero” I only stayed for 5 days in the Philippines since I have many things to do back home in San Pedro.

But that short trip was amazing and wonderful, getting to see some old friends and heard good news about the others. I reflect and Just realized that my Alma Mater was indeed like a huge factory of leaders and great individuals. Moreover, I am proud to be one them. I have to go for now because my wife is now calling me for breakfast. I will Just give you an update maybe for another 10 years. Good luck to each and every one and may the prophecy come true. Let this lovely night inspire you, the love you feel guide you, the smile in your face move you, and the love of God show you the way. God bless us all.


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