There is a recruitment advertizement from Dunkin Donuts Sdn Bhd. This organisation is seeking for a Marketing Manager. From the advertizement, the duties and the occupation

Definition of Marketing Manager

Selling Manager is one of the top direction in any organisations who primary undertaking is to develop selling planning for organisation, such as carry out different selling schemes and promotional activities. ( Wikipedia, 2011 ) The chief duty of selling director is to assist organisation increase the gross revenues of the merchandise or service and derive the greatest net income in market. ( Tutor2u, 2011 )

Functions and Responsibilities of Marketing Manager

From the enlisting advertizement above, there are some responsibilities and duties that a selling director need to transport out. By mentioning the advertizement above, the work undertaking of a selling director can be categorized as followers.

Behavior Market Research

Making market research is one of the of import undertakings for a selling director to transport out. First of all, selling director should carry on market research on consumer demand. ( Tony, 2003 ) By understand what is current consumer demand and the higher demand of the merchandises, the higher the monetary value that can an organisation set for the merchandise. From this, organisation can derive much net income. ( Robert, 2002 )

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For illustration, Dunkin Donuts Sdn Bhd which antecedently merely did the doughnuts and java concern noticed the “ tendency ” of Malaysian largely have the wont to take breakfast before work. Therefore, the selling section decided to present the breakfast bundles, which have the assortment pick sandwiches, doughnuts and java for client. ( Dunkin’Donuts, 2011 ) The bundles are popular among clients and the sale of Dunkin Donuts is increasing.

Besides that, selling director should make market research on the rivals of the organisation. ( Robert, 2002 ) By cognizing good about the rivals in the market, selling director is able to develop different selling schemes and program to remain in front of the competition.

For illustration, Dunkin Donuts Sdn Bhd ever study and analysis its rivals like Big Apple Donuts & A ; Coffee Sdn Bhd, J-Co Donuts & A ; Coffee Sdn Bhd in the term of merchandises, monetary value and publicity. ( Dunkin’Donuts, 2011 )

Develop Selling Plan for New Existing Merchandises

Furthermore, the responsibility of a selling director includes develop selling program particularly for those new bing merchandises. An first-class selling program for a new bing merchandise non merely can maximise the net income but besides can ever remain top in the market. ( Bernard T, 1999 )

For illustration, in twelvemonth 2008, Dunkin Donuts launched its all-day Oven-Toasted bill of fare, which contains flatbread sandwiches, personal pizzas and hash browns. ( Dunkin’Donuts, 2011 ) Before launched this new bill of fare, selling section non merely do SWOT analysis ( strengths, failings, chances and menaces ) for organisation to come out this bill of fare but besides determine the Marketing 4Ps, which include merchandise, topographic point, monetary value and publicity to do this bill of fare launched successfully. ( Tony, 2003 )

Collaboration and Managing Personnel

“ No adult male is an island ” , hence, selling director need to transport out his work with the aid of his subsidiaries and the cooperation with other sections such as Production Department, Finance Department, Human Resource Department and Customer Service. ( Bernard T, 1999 ) Besides that, selling director must oversee every undertakings and day-to-day activities which carried out by his selling staff, such as developing plan and gross revenues activity.

For illustration, Dunkin Donuts Sdn Bhd will make market proving in the market to see the consumer reaction to the new merchandise. ( Dunkin’Donuts, 2011 ) Therefore, selling director must do certain all the staff is know good about the merchandise information such as the ingredient of the doughnuts, the nutrition of each gem and the spirits of the java.

Make Advertising and Promotional Activity

Besides that, another undertaking that needed to transport out by marketing director is to in-charge advertisement and promotional activity. ( Robert, 2002 ) As we known, advertisement and promotional activity are one of the of import ways to do gross revenues increase and to make cooperate and merchandise image. Therefore, a Marketing Manager must make many hard plants on this. ( Bernard T, 1999 )

For case, Dunkin Donuts Sdn Bhd likes to utilize vouchers and other price reduction publicity to pull new clients and maintain current clients coming back. ( Dunkin’Donuts, 2011 ) To be a selling director of this company, he is responsible for following up with these publicities and do certain they are carried out successfully. ( Tony, 2003 )

Manage Selling Budget

The relationship between Marketing Department and Finance Department must be really near. Normally, Marketing Department will use for certain sum to Finance Department for marketing intent. However, non every application will be approved. Sometimes, Finance Department will give the lesser sum of money. Therefore, this is of import for Marketing Manager to pull off good Marketing budget. ( Bernard T, 1999 )

For case, the money that given by Finance Department is non plenty to make the both Media Advertising and publicity carnival for Dunkin Donuts new bing merchandise. To pull off good the selling budget, Dunkin Donuts Sdn Bhd must find which is more of import and settle the job in really positively manner ( non to reason with Finance Department ) . The director may be utilize the money in publicity carnival and make the advertisement on cyberspace as it is free.

Requirements to be a Marketing Manager

The demands to be a Marketing Manager are shown as below.


A selling director at least must hold a unmarried man ‘s grade. Some even are required to transport maestro ‘s grades every bit good. (, 2011 ) Courses for draw a bead oning selling directors normally include communications, public dealingss, advertisement, media and computing machine surveies. Besides that, some of the selling directors will pass clip working in the advertisement, gross revenues or artworks sections. ( Bernard T, 1999 )


Normally, an organisation will necessitate the interviewee for this station ( Marketing Manager ) at least must hold the 2-3 old ages experience. This is because the organisation can salvage the cost for developing the fresh adult male. ( Tutor2u, 2011 ) From the Dunkin Donuts enlisting advertizement, the organisation is looking for person who has at least 5 old ages marketing experience in F & A ; B ( Food and Beverage ) industry every bit good as holding experience in do advertisement and promotional activity. ( Dunkin’Donuts, 2011 )


In today ‘s work force, selling director must possess at least basic computing machine accomplishments, good networking with imperativeness and media. ( Robert, 2002 )

A selling director must be able to work independently. Besides that, he or she must be advanced and extremely energetic. ( Bernard T, 1999 ) This is because they need to work hard non merely advance a company, but besides to show the merchandise and service in a positive manner. Besides that, they must be confident, and possess a strong leading accomplishment. A good selling director is able to pass on good with his staff and ever promote in a squad work. (, 2011 )


From the enlisting advertizement above, Marketing Manager is responsible for planning and implementing selling attempts for the company end. Selling Manager must hold a strategic selling vision, which is truly organized with good undertaking direction accomplishments, and the ability to pull off multiple undertakings at the same time. ( Tutor2u, 2011 )

Beside that, a strong communicator with proved composing accomplishments every bit good as selling and proficient cognition will do his occupation be easy to transport out. With the aid of subsidiaries and squad members, Marketing Manager can transport out his selling program successfully. ( Tony, 2003 )

Most occupation posters for selling directors like Dunkin Donuts Sdn Bhd list a unmarried man ‘s grade as a minimal demand. ( Dunkin’Donuts, 2011 ) Degrees in selling and concern disposal are preferred and normally provide the background in direction, finance, economic sciences and statistics that is necessary for most selling director places. ( Robert, 2002 ) Employers by and large prefer to engage campaigners with old selling experience for their direction places. Graduate grades or enfranchisements may be advantageous when viing for a top-level place.


Operation procedure is the flow of activities utilizes to transform the input into an terminal merchandise or service bringings. Different organisation, depending on their production focal point, it will use different fluctuation of procedure. ( Charles C, 2005 )

By utilizing another word, the flow construction of the procedure is of import for an organisation to do or present a merchandise or service impacts installation layout, resources, engineering determinations, and work methods. The procedure flow construction may be a chief constituent in the company ‘s scheme for constructing a competitory advantage in the industry field. ( Tutor2u, 2011 )

There are different types of procedure which is utilizing by different industries. The types of procedure include Project Process, Batch Process, Line Process and Continuous Process. (, 2011 ) In this assignment, the subjects which are traveling to discourse is Project Process and Batch Process. The item of these two procedures and the illustration of industry which utilizing those procedures are shown as below.

Definition of Project Process

Undertaking procedure is a type of procedure that usually used to do customized merchandises or solution to client specification. (, 2011 ) At the beginning of any undertaking, there will be many thoughts and sentiments about the aim and scope of the undertaking, such as how the undertaking to be carried out and what the concluding consequence of the undertaking will be. ( Varun, 2008 ) The Project Process is ever concerned with taking these thoughts and purposes and so developing them into a proper, good planned, resourced and funded undertaking. Of class, after the undertaking had done successfully, the feedback will be obtained from the client so that to better the undertaking and to do certain that the clients are satisfy with it. ( Varun, 2008 )

Industries that adopt Project Process

Project Process focal point on client specification. Therefore, the industries that adopt this procedure are building industry, ship edifice every bit good as design and tailoring services. ( Charles C, 2005 ) The following are the illustration inside informations.

Construction Industry

Presents, engineering is bettering and the edifice codifications change to do people safer, the edifice procedure becomes much complicated. To do certain undertakings are carried out successfully, those developers largely hire a dependable building company to pull off the building procedure. (, 2011 ) These companies will oversee both the design and edifice procedures, to do certain that the undertaking is built to the proprietor ‘s specifications, kept under budget and finished on clip. ( Varun, 2008 )

For illustration, ChunYu Sdn Bhd, a contracture and development company in Negeri Sembilan, used to construct store tonss, flats, and condominium edifice. This company is considered adopt undertaking procedure as the company built the edifice harmonizing client ‘s petition. ( ChunYu,2011 )

Design and Tailoring Service

Besides that, the design and tailoring service are besides one of the industries that adopt Project Process. This is because the service consists of seamster any other garment that client want to. If clients have a peculiar design in head, he or she can merely convey a sample to seamsters and the seamster store will customize it for specific measurings. ( Charles C, 2005 )

For illustration, Cotton Zone Sdn Bhd is an one-stop store for client to their custom-tailoring demands. Customer can take a cloth and custom-tailor any apparels like Baju Kebaya harmonizing to client thought design specifications. ( Cottonzone, 2011 )

Advantages of Project Process

Undertaking procedure brings some benefits which are shown as followers:

Merchandise is alone and Customer Specification

Under the undertaking procedure, the merchandise or the service can be alone and particular. This is because the organisations which adopt undertaking procedure carry out their work harmonizing client petition and demand. (, 2011 )

For illustration, one of the clients of Cotton Zone Sdn Bhd petitions to make 50 piece of jersey for swimming club members. So, the 50 piece of jersey is alone with a particular design of Swiming Club and this merely owned for those 50 members.

Maintain Acceptable Standards of Quality

Besides that, Project Process is able to keep acceptable criterion of quality of merchandises and service. This is because most of the organisation which following this procedure are usually use adult male power to transport out the undertaking. ( Tutor2u, 2011 ) With the bit-by-bit counsel and supervised by the top direction of the company, the quality of the merchandise and service maintain high. ( Robert, 2002 )

For case, in order to specify a undertaking, ChunYu Sdn Bhd foremost necessary to clearly specify what the undertaking is intended to derive and what its range of involvement will be. Therefore, a benchmark is created for measuring the quality of what is really produced at the terminal of the undertaking. ( ChunYu, 2011 )

Achieve Enterprise Benefit which the Investing in the Undertaking has been made

Furthermore, the Project Process can assist company or the interior decorator to gain net income and accomplish endeavor benefit in investing after the undertaking has been made. This is because one time the merchandises or services is particular and alone, client are willing to buy it with high monetary value. (, 2011 )

For illustration, the apparels that is particular custom-tailoring for a peculiar client usually offer a higher monetary value than the high-volume production apparels which sell in the market. From this, the seamster or the interior decorator can derive more net income. Besides that, belongings developers which cooperate and invest in the building company to construct edifice can usually gain much net income if the belongings successfully sold out. ( Varun, 2008 )

Definition of Batch Process

Another type of procedure is Batch Process. It is a signifier of informations treating which procedure in the same machine or system.Batch Process normally used to bring forth little measures of merchandises in groups or batches based client orders or merchandise specification. It is besides known as “ Job Shop ” . It allows for higher grade of customization. ( Charles C. , 2005 )

Industries that adopt Batch Process

Batch procedure means that a certain figure of undertakings or files are processed in a group. Therefore, banking, publishing stores and instruction autumn into Batch Process. (, 2011 ) The ways they process their informations are shown as below.

Printing Shop

To exemplify the construct of a occupation store, see the instance of a printing store. In a printing store, a assortment of equipment such as computing machines, pressmans, and Photostat machines is arranged in Stationss. Work is passed merely to those machines automatic, and work harmonizing to sequence. This is a really flexible agreement that can be used for broad assortment of merchandise. ( Varun, 2008 )

A printing store uses general purpose equipment and relies on the cognition of workers to bring forth paperss like bill, recognition note and others. Volume is adjusted by adding or taking labour as needed. ( Robert, 2002 )


Batch Process ever done in recognition card dealing. After one has purchased something utilizing his recognition card, it will be transacted into the processing system of the bank. Card holder is non billed for each of his purchases utilizing the recognition card. Alternatively, he is given one measure with all the purchases that he has made on the twelvemonth terminal. The measure is done that manner because of batch processing. It accumulates the card holder swap the card to buy and set them in one charge statement when the charge clip arrives. This rhythm is repeated for each month of the twelvemonth. ( Robert, 2002 )

Advantages of Batch Process

The advantages of Batch Process are shown as below:


Batch procedure is really convenient for bank Tellers. This is because they do non necessitate to make minutess online for each purchase but alternatively, one whole statement that records different minutess. Besides, they besides have more clip service clients as batch processing machines do non necessitate to be operated by a individual in order to work. ( Charles C, 2005 )

Save Time and Cost

Besides that, under the batch procedure, an organisation can salvage a batch of clip. In a printing store, the paperss that traveling to publish must categorized foremost, and so publish consequently by different machine. ( Tutor2u, 2011 ) For illustration, a printing store is traveling to publish bill and recognition note by different printing machine. Therefore, since there are two publishing machines work individually, it means that the 2 merchandise ( paperss ) can completed at the same clip. This helps organisation to salvage clip and cost. ( Varun, 2008 )


Furthermore, Batch Process has the advantage in the term of efficiency. Minutess in a bank batch statement are easier to happen. This is helpful if the card holder is seeking to happen a peculiar purchase or if he or she has a job with the dealing. The Batch Process becomes efficient when the card holder find the peculiar dealing in 1 statement instead than traveling through plentifulness of statements. ( Varun, 2008 )


There are four types of procedures available for operation directors and these determinations will be influence by their concern nature and volume ( or service ) degree they intent to achieve. The procedure are Project Process, Batch Process, Line procedure and Continuous Process. ( Charles C, 2005 ) However, the treatment subject above merely discuss about the Project Process and Batch Process.

The pick of procedure may depend on the organisation ‘s selling programs and concern scheme for developing a competitory advantage. From an organisation ‘s end point of position, a occupation store ( Batch Process ) allows the house to sell its capablenesss, whereas Project Process based organisation emphasizes the merchandise itself. ( Varun, 2008 ) From a competitory advantage position, a occupation store helps a house to salvage cost of production, whereas a Undertaking Process is used to maximise the company net income. ( Tutor2u, 2011 )

Different types of operation procedure brings different of advantages to the company. They are more depend on the industry field which the organisation in and the organisation will find and compare which one is most suited for them and follow the procedure. ( Robert, 2002 ) Therefore, either Project Process or Batch Process, they are both of import to organisation in order to do the operation work fluent and achieve company end.


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