Written assignment (Unit-5): Many places in the world, for example Bali or Thailand, depend on tourism as the main source of income. What are the pros and cons of this? Pros and Cons of depend on tourism income Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes and dynamically developing sectors of external economic. Tourism income is vital for many countries, Egypt, Thailand and Caribbean due to the income generated by the consumption of goods and services by tourists.

There are both pros and cons of the impacts of tourism on local ecology. Tourism is an important source of revenue for Egypt and has become the most dynamic sectors of the Egyptian economy. Tourists are the backbone of Egyptian because they visit the long history of many famous monuments such as pyramid, catacomb etc. so Egypt earns foreign currency mostly through the tourism industry. The increasing numbers of tourists are damaging the ancient sites of monuments.

Similarly, increasing numbers of people are causing higher rates of perspiration and humidity which in turn is causing monuments to wear away. Thailand relies solely on tourism industry. Thailand was changing from a resource-based economy to a labor-based economy because of tourism development. Tourism industry as a crucial source of income in Thailand is created by local and foreign sector investments and efforts like’s hotels, resources and so on.

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Unmanaged and uncontrolled tourism destroys the environment and natural resources in Thailand. That can put pressure on natural resources when it increases consumption in areas where resources are already scarce. Caribbean is the most dependent region on tourism which currently accounts for most hard currency earnings. The tourism as the vital resource of income in the Caribbean provides revenue for local governments and jobs for the people. It is a large enough to threaten the region’s agriculture, mining and textile industries.

Due to the overwhelming interest in foreign investments, concerns of the local people often take a back seat to the demands of the tourism industry. Economic disadvantages of tourism in the Caribbean affect both social and political causes. In my point of view, even though tourism as the main source of income is a factor of countries’ economy in the world, tourism may effect on tremendous pressure on the local environment and inhabitants because some countries rely on tourism industry places for income.


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