Founded by Sigmund Freud. the Psychodynamic theory is known for disregarding “the furnishings of scientific discipline and alternatively concentrate [ ing ] on seeking to acquire ‘inside the head’ of persons in order to do sense of their relationships. experiences and how they see the world” ( McLeod. S. A. . 2007 ) . By contrast Trait theory is “the measuring of consistent forms of wont in an individual’s behaviour. ideas. and emotions” ( “Trait Theory” . 2013 ) . While they are both methods of understanding human behavior the manner that the different theories attempt to understand human behaviour differ greatly.

The Psychodynamic theory uses a put yourself in their places type of understanding while the Trait theory is pattern based and relies on informations gathered by detecting forms. Understanding human behaviour is something that is highly complicated. The Trait theory is “based on the stableness of traits over clip. how they differ from other persons. and how the [ Y ] will act upon human behavior” . These two theories are basically a scientific attack versus an attack based on emotions. behaviours. and general. albeit trained. apprehension of others emotions and behaviours.

The basic theories developed by Freud and his replacements are based on some basic premises. Our behaviour and feelings are strongly affected by unconscious motivations. Our behaviour and feelings as grownups ( including psychological jobs ) are rooted in our childhood experiences. All behaviour has a cause ( normally unconscious ) . even faux pass of the lingua. Therefore all behaviour is determined. Personality is made up of three parts ( i. e. tripartite ) . The Idaho. self-importance and super-ego. Behavior is motivated by two instinctual thrusts: Eros ( the sex thrust & A ; life inherent aptitude ) and Thanatos ( the aggressive thrust & A ; decease inherent aptitude ) .

Both these thrusts come from the “id” . Partss of the unconscious head ( the Idaho and superego ) are in changeless struggle with the witting portion of the head ( the self-importance ) . Personality is shaped as the thrusts are modified by different struggles at different times in childhood ( during psychosexual development ) . With an apprehension of these premises Freud developed his theory of depth psychology. which is the footing for all psychiatric analysis. including the Trait and Psychodynamic theories. While they portion their basic origin these traits differ significantly in the informations that they analyze.

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