The mind is completely separated from the body. The body is something that we can see whereas the mind/memory/behavior etc. Are totally abstract concepts. Although the body is able to produce certain hormones or substances which benefit the person. During the experiment, it was remarkable that the mind’s performance fell so much due to a hormone that the body released itself. Normally, the body releases hormones to improve performances e. G. Adrenaline to increase alertness and to give more energy.

Yet the hormone is good in small doses, it can temporary seriously damage your memory when larger quantities are released in the body. Principle 2: Animal research can provide insight into human behavior. Sometimes test can’t be performed on human beings for ethical reasons. Therefore the scientists experiment with animals. When an experiment with animals gives a certain result doesn’t necessary mean that it also applies to humans. Although sometimes it may provide the necessary insight to give a certain thought what would happen to human beings. Sometimes we can also deduce the result from human beings themselves.

For example: In the experiment seen we concluded that rats whose environment was ‘richer’ than other rats would get a bigger brains than the ones in a poor environment. We can also see this phenomenon with humans without violating the ethics. When we dissect a blinds man brain, we can see that the part of the brain with whom we see was much less developed than with normal persons. This shows you that animal research can indeed provide further insight into human behavior but that even when it gives a certain effect on animals, it may still differ from the effects on human beings.


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