Self-assessments have become very popular in organizations. Today, managers have wider control on because they struggle to remember all of your accomplishments throughout out a review period. In my opinion, it is necessary for individuals to view themselves from the outside in occasionally in order to gain a different perspective and improve their self-evaluation ability. This paper explores the effectiveness of self-assessment exercises as a tool to increase my self-awareness on the complexities associated with leadership.

In order to ascertain if I have the accessory values to be an effective leader, exercises from Big Five Factor Personality Assessment and Emotional Intelligence were completed for evaluation, and three of which are selected for discussion in the textbook. The subsequent section examines my area of research which is cultural impact to leadership and why I consider it to be one of the most important organizational behavior concepts that all future leaders should be perceptive of in today’s evermore multi-cultural society.

I then examine the effectiveness and limitations of self-assessment exercises by inking it to my own insights and what Vive learned from the research. Finally, a brief conclusion is made on the suitability of self-assessment exercises to my personal and professional development. SELF-ASSESSMENT On the “Emotional Intelligence Quiz”, my results indicate a high score on emotional intelligence. I agree with the result on the fact that I have a tendency to be skilled at interpreting, understanding, and acting upon emotions.

Also, I can adapt at dealing with social and emotional conflicts, expressing my feelings, and dealing with emotional situations. I am all about self-improvement meaning that I like to find ways to strengthen my shortcomings. After taking “The Big Five Factor Personality Assessment”, I agree with the feedback on how I was rated in the different category of personality. The one I selected in particular is Factor Ill (Conscientiousness).

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When it comes to getting the Job done, I’m very goal oriented and very organized. This trait demonstrated a relatively high score on how I am a methodical, well organized and dutiful individual. (Buchanan 2005). According to my personality assessment from the codebook, people may perceive me as strong, enthusiastic, and sociable. I am also often viewed as fun loving, spontaneous, adventurous, and a risk taker. These are characteristics can be viewed as a positive or negative influence in management.

The above traits can be looked at from a positive standpoint in that a good manager can relate to their employees. People skills are very important in order for a manager to have a successful outcome. On the flip side, these traits may harm my career. Managers need to be in control of their employees; there can be no confusion teens professional and personal relationships. I realize this is a trait I will need to improve.

It is noted that there needs to be some kind of balance between the two sides. After reviewing all the assessment, I will make a list of skills and attitudes to work on. I will visit the local bookstore or library for more helpful resource to improve my controllers. I Delve Tanat sell-assessment Is more Tort ongoing career correction, regardless of whether your company has a formal review system. I am a believer that self-assessment is something that we should do regularly.


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