1. Introduction

Malaysia architecture manner has experienced the influence from pre-colonial through colonial period and ulterior independency clip. With clip passed, Malaysia had apply these influenced component on their architectural development and formed a alone southeast colonial architectural manner. The bequests and deductions of British colonialism and race political orientations in Malaya are the chief causes of the urban signifiers and architecture in Kuala Lumpur. The procedure of indigenisation of these colonial urban is caused by the procedure of happening the racial beginning and exclusions.

In 19Thursdaycentury, Chinese bargainer and immigrants has picking on land of Peninsula Malaya. Kuala Lumpur is the province capitol of Selangor and it powered by the first Chinese Kapitol in Malaya – Trap Ah Loy. Shophouses was appear in that period. They bring their cognition and method of house building which so they adapt to the Malayan urban shophouse. By the early 20Thursdaycentury, this urban signifier was to distribute to every major town in the metropolis.

These shophouses was characterized by one or more chief street with lined shophouses. These shophouses normally two storey high or more than that by the lower floor normally as trading intent while upper floor for residential intent. They normally built in a row and continuously with unvarying facade and covered by a five-foot manner.

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These shophouses were the scheme paths of economic system in 19Thursdaycentury, they function as the old town centre from the past. Now, the old shophouses has been clarified under heritage zone and some of them are no longer to be use. Most of these shophouses are private owned, the job of these old shophouses become a important job toward the user and besides related to the populace.

This essay is to discourse the public consciousness toward these old shophouses and the value of these old shophouses to public. The jobs and publish that these old shophouses are confronting are besides portion of research that we need to happen out.

  1. Contribution of urban to environing

These town have developed phase by phase over the old ages. Although these edifice facade might look similar to each other but there are different architectural manner spread all over different street.

2.1 Location

Harmonizing to urban morphological and the history of civilisation, homo started their life off the river along its length. So do in Kuala Lumpur, Chinese started their concern along the river. Most of the shophouses started their concern nearby Gombak and Klang rivers due to transit. Water transit was the chief transit in that period and it is the cheapest fee to travel heavier things. As the map below show that shophouses were aligned along the rivers.

2.2 Design and characteristic

After 1920s, the Malaysia old shophouses started the cosmetic manner. These old shophouses are developed by phase consequently to different manner. These shophouses can be identified from which period by its ain architectural manner and features. Basically shophouses after 1920s is the combination of European architectural manner and local into Chinese architecture signifier. The cosmetic manners emerged on the frontages of Malayan shophouses therefore varies from Neogothic, Baroque and Classical to Palladian.

These old shophouses chiefly focus on item design such as stucco designs of flower and birds decorate the wall below the window. Besides that, window appear with assorted forms while some comprise square-topped gap with arch transom, other full-length Windowss with bannisters. Shophouses designed harmonizing Palladian manner are normally symmetrical in a row and the whole facade is designed in block. The phase of development old shophouses can be known as Neoclassical in earlier 1920, tardily 1920s and follow by Dutch Patrician and Art Deco in 1920s.

Most of these shophouses are multifunctional which work as work topographic point in the land floor and populating country in first floor or there are more floors than that. There have narrow street frontage and deep rear about 20ft of 80 ft. One of the ground they extend their backyard is due to the revenue enhancements and economic wise. The iconic and alone construction of these shophouses is the paseo in frontage of the store. It called” five pes ways” which designed intentionally to protect prosaic in the hot Sun and drenched rain.

One of the particular characteristic of these shophouse is in the centre of store, there is a internal courtyard. It is an unfastened courtyard or a infinite to acknowledge efficient sunshine to interior. It besides better the air airing of the shophouses. Besides that, the coloring material of the facade is besides one of the oculus catching point to pull people. In these old town street, we would happen that each of these shophouses are painted by different coloring material and there are no effect between them. But in traditionally their shophouses were white in coloring material until mid-20Thursdaycentury, these shophouses were painted in pastel coloring material. However, strong coloring material such as ruddy, violet and Earth coloring materials still are their favorite until now.

These shophouses were low rise edifice. They could hold minimal one floor and adding up on it. Most of them were more than one floor, some were dual floors but most of them were three floors due to centralization of economic system environing. These edifice tallness were identified by the degree of prosperity and edifice engineering.

Following, these shopouses were designed holding a large door gap on the land floor to pull client. There are some people has misconstruing the difference between terraced house and shophouses which the old edifice land floor door gap were smaller and there were Windowss beside it. Terraced houses are residential house which designed in multiple floors while shophouses were designed for commercial usage.

  1. Awareness of public

The study study show that most of the people prefer unrecorded in modern perpendicular metropolis ( 69 % ) and some of them prefer to populate in historical townscape ( 29 % ) . Due to the convenience of transit and higher populating standard in metropolis, most of the people prefer populating in modern metropolis. They can acquire their day-to-day needs a stone’s throw off. Therefore, there are a batch of immature adult male are go forthing town and traveling to metropolis to hold a better life status. From the position of understanding that Kuala Lumpur urban heritage is interesting, most of them rate norm ( 35 % ) follow by evaluation disagree that Kuala Lumpur urban heritage is interesting ( 22 % ) . For those evaluation disagree, they prefer Penang urban heritage alternatively of Kuala Lumpur.

For the sentiment of refurbish coloring material of old shophouses is interesting than the original. There are 24 % people agree this statement and 20 % people rate norm. Yet, there are 20 % people strongly agree this statement and 20 % people strongly disagree this statement. Therefore, we can establish out really there are some who support the original coloring material and some support the refurbish coloring material which really is oculus catching. These colorful old shophouses country has become one of the pulling topographic point of tourer. Painted with unusual coloring material such as neon yellow or pink are physically and mentally pulling people to give a expression on them.

Besides that, there are 29 % people know that the historical background of these shophouses. On the other manus, there are 22 % people do cognize any of them. Most of them stated they merely know the bing of old shophouses are around them. This besides show that the populace has reach the instruction degree of these shophouses narrative. Most of them agree that old shophouses should continue to following coevals ( 84 % ) and few of them disagree ( 14 % ) . Opinions of those who disagree this statement are back uping to raise more skyscraper or commercial edifice in Kuala Lumpur to better our state economic system.

In fact, there are 75 % people disagree that demolish the old edifice and replace with new modern edifice. In their sentiment, they are proud of these heritage edifice are portion of Malaysia urban ( 86 % ) . In fact, these heritage edifice has become one of our state civilization and life. These civilization are identified internationally and bettering our state touristry. These heritage edifice has besides become our state individuality. Last but non least, they besides feel that instruction of public consciousness should be focus ( 92 % ) .The importance of educate public to raise their consciousness on these heritage edifice should be focus by authorities. They should distribute the message to public of conserving these heritage edifice as it is portion of our civilization.

In our site, Jalan Tun HS Lee is confronting these job of acquiring neglection and abandoned by public. Jalan Tun HS Lee is a street following to our state China town, Petaling Street. It is a long historical background street in Kuala Lumpur. It named after the first nation’s Chinese finance curate Tun HS.Lee in his honor. With the quickly turning of economic system, these old shophouses has easy been move out from our day-to-day life. Since people can acquire their necessary and day-to-day needs one shooting in shopping promenade or supermarket in more convenient manner, people seldom acquire their demands in these shophouses.

Presents, non merely shophouses along Jalan HS Lee are confronting the job under the menaces of extinction and started their downhill in concern. Problems of these shophouses confronting are both nature and human factor causes such as deficiency of care, deficiency of control of within the authorities and legalization, ageing procedure and natural catastrophe. Apart of these major job, there are some minor job such as private policy of the proprietor are besides doing these shophouses get less attending from public.

3.1Nature causes

These shophouses has been used since 90s, most of them were long historical and now they are confronting job such as deficiency of care or to the full abandoned by their proprietor. The ripening and enduring procedure make them look rugged and old. Some of them are neglected and holding hapless status. These edifice has become the breading topographic point of mosquito and flies and surrounded by trash. They were neglected and ignore by public. These ensuing the broken construction of edifice, the crumpling wall and edifice were surrounded by overgrown works. These deficiency of care shophouses may give a bad feeling to tourist. Besides that, the hapless status of old shophouses may do some natural catastrophe.

3.2Human factor

Modernisation motion such as more and more sky combatant and commercial edifice lift up around these heritage country conveying a different landscape position. These heritage edifice are covered by skyscraper and there is a line between it. We can see the difference between of skyscraper and heritage town by the image below.

The demands of people towards modernization is increasing, the desire to acquire more chance to gain more money by lifting skyscraper for more commercial operation edifice is endangering the heritage edifices. These heritage edifices are built in perpendicular signifier comparison with skyscraper which is in horizontal signifier is more save topographic point. Peoples are willing to pay the monetary value to replace these heritage country to construct more new skyscraper. For illustration, Pudu Prison which abandoned for old ages and has been replaced by new edifice.

Besides that, there are no specific regulations and jurisprudence that can protect against these old shophouses. The precedence of historical value of these old shophouses should be consider than the economic system value. Most of the people measure the land in pecuniary term but non the historical and civilization value to following coevals. The deficiency of instruction against public is one the job of these heritage edifice facing. The immature coevals did non cognize the aesthetic and historical value of these heritage edifice brings to our state. They know land of these old shophouses can transform to more land to construct more edifice and skyscraper which help our state economic system.

Chapter 4.0 Current tendency of these shopouses


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