Quality of time students and teachers spend together in the classroom (2008). ” (McRae) A student would learn more with the teaching staff and resources of a selective enrollment school than with the teaching staff and resources at the majority, if not all, of neighborhood schools. CUPS should not be spending their money on the administration and teaching staff of schools for an extra two hours. Rather, they should use that money to create programs, and give the neighborhood schools he same resources selective enrollment schools have.

Or, instead of paying teachers more money, they should be paying money on programs to help the teacher teach better. There is no point in paying a teacher that cannot teach more money Just because she stays an extra two hours. Ream Emanuel took the wrong approach if he actually wants the graduation rates and test scores to increase. There are alternative methods that could have a greater impact than the extended school day could have.

The extended school day will have a greater negative than positive impact on every Chicago Public School Student’s education. “Extracurricular Participation And Student Engagement. ” National Center for Education Statistics (ONCE) Home Page, a Part of the U. S. Department of Education. Web. 19 Feb.. 2012.. “McRae: Newsroom: What High-quality Education Research Says about Extended School Days/school Years. ” McRae: Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning. Web. 19 Feb.. 2012..


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