Slowly and slowly the devil grasped old of their legislation leading them to engage in sexual immorality, which caused her teenage pregnancy. There are many obvious reasons why teenage pregnancy is a problem in and of itself. First being, the couple most likely is not financially stable and would not be able to support the child without help from their parents. Children that are born of teenagers are prone of being born premature, which can cause the undersized child to experience loss of vision and internal bleeding of the brain, which could ultimately lead to the child’s death.

Another issue the mother could face is not qualifying for WICK (Women, Infants, and Children). If one does not qualify, then they will not receive benefits and checks from the government that grant them certain things their child needs. This means that the parents or guardian of the teenager would have to supply even more for the baby. Another thing the teenagers that engaged in sexual immorality could face is the risk of catching an SST (Sexually Transmitted Disease). This can cause many problems for the mother and unborn child during the pregnancy.

One major problem is that if the mother has one of these diseases, such as Syphilis or HIVE, she could easily pass it along to her unborn child during her arrogance. If the child were to catch either of these diseases, it could very easily cause harmful effects and potentially leads to the child’s death before or after his birth. In some cases the child will not experience the symptoms of these diseases until later on in his life. The effects on the mother and father of the child would be equally harmful as well.

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This situation is also spiritually wrong because as a Christian, she should not engage in sexual intercourse outside of marriage. In the Bible, God says that everyone’s body is a temple and that they should honor Him with their bodies. If Christians engage in any sort of sexual immorality, they are not honoring God and are partaking in lust over purity. But thankfully God is so loving and forgiving that if they were to confess their sin and ask for forgiveness, He would forgive them.

The easiest solution would be to go and purchase a purity ring and wear it at all times. By doing this, it would be making a promise to practice abstinence until the day that person is married. This method is a solution for many Christians who practice abstinence. Whenever a Christian stumbles into certain situations that could sibyl lead to sexual immorality, they could simply look down at their purity ring and automatically comprehend what their doing is morally wrong and flee from the temptation.

Another technique that one could do is pray to God and ask Him to guard their heart. By doing this, again, they are asking God to prevent them from getting into a certain situation with someone that could ultimately lead to sexual immorality. Most of the time Christians know this is a prominent solution. In the book of Proverbs, it talks about how guarding your heart is one of the most important things you should do as a Christian. Since the book of Proverbs has nothing but wisdom written in it, this gives clarification to the Christian that this is a wise thing to do.

Christians should also avoid being in a situation where they are alone with the opposite sex, which could ultimately cause some serious temptation. They should surround themselves with a group of people, which would withhold them from being intimate. If the two of them wanted to go out one night on a date, the Christian could easily resolve this problem by suggesting the two of them participate in a double date with another couple of their choice. By doing this, the two couples would be with ACH other all night preventing any sexual immorality to occur and almost completely eliminating temptation.

The couple could also experiment with group dating, which is just like double dating but with two or three more couples. This way not only someone would be stopping temptation from attacking themselves, but they would also be helping out other couples that may be struggling with certain things such as sexual immorality. After stating a variety of various of solutions to this problem, the last piece of advice comes from God himself, he wants us to completely stay away from sexual immorality, and to focus solely on Him.

Trust in God and follow his will because he has a plan for each and every one of us. God has a perfect timing for everything. Be patient and wait for the right moment. Sexual intercourse is made to be special, only to be made with the person. So many people give into sexual immorality because they misread love for lust. Getting a purity ring, being in groups, or reading your bible will not stop someone from being sexual active, but it should give the strength needed to say no. God blesses the pure abundantly. Stay pure because someone somewhere is saving his or her self as well.


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