Harmonizing to Melnyk & A ; Fineout-Overholt ( 2011 ) . qualitative research is used when a “certain construct or phenomenon is non good understood or is inadequately covered in the literature ( Melnyk & A ; Fine-Overholt. 2011. p. 435 ) . Qualitative research is besides used when the research worker wants to work towards a relationship with the participant ( Conceptualizing. 2012 ) . It is of import to use research tactics such as qualitative research so that the nurse can break understand certain medical issues.

Flemming ( 2007 ) discusses how the end of qualitative synthesis is to supply an accurate reading of the information that was reviewed ( Flemming. 2007 ) . In order to supply more “evidence” in the term evidence-based nursing ; it is necessary to utilize qualitative research. By utilizing qualitative synthesis. the research worker helps to supply grounds that can back up the evidence-based for nursing ( Flemming. 2007 ) .

What this all means to me is that the nursing professional has to utilize the qualitative synthesis technique during the research about a topic that they need to cast visible radiation on. If there is non plenty known information about a job. we need to utilize this technique to assist supply more information that we can construct upon ; this manner we can supply more grounds to the topic. The terminal consequence may be that the nurse will meet a new subject that requires more research in the hereafter.

Rigor is mentioned in the talk this hebdomad and strict research is besides mentioned in the Flemming article. These footings are mentioned because it is of import to qualitative research to set up how true the research ; this manner the referee can find whether to swear the information provided.

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Weaver. Wuest. & A ; Ciliska ( 2005 ) discuss anorexia nervosa ; qualitative research is utile with this topic because as declared “little is understood about the subjective procedure of women’s recovery in the context of household. community. or society” ( Weaver. Wuest. & A ; Ciliska. 2005. p. 188 ) . As stated before. when a topic is non to the full understood–it is of import to utilize qualitative research in order to derive a better apprehension. Even after the reappraisal of the literature. the writers still felt unsure about the specific demands of adult females in order to retrieve from anorexia nervosa. In visible radiation of this. more research is needed in this topic in order to assist adult females that are enduring with this status so that they can do the journey towards recovery.

Wimpenny & A ; Gass ( 2000 ) discuss phenomenology and grounded theory ; in the talk this hebdomad it discusses that phenemonological research is the survey of phenomena. and grounded theory is the survey of the manner that worlds live ( Conceptualizing. 2012 ) . Qualitative research can be used to analyze both of these topics ; if the research worker needs to larn more information in order to better understand these topics so qualitative research can assist in this procedure. One of import thing mentioned is in the qualitative interview procedure. Within this interview procedure. the individual giving the reply is considered “the informant” ( Wimpenny & A ; Gass. 2000 ) .

A cardinal issue in the qualitative interview procedure is the manner the interview is being maintained ( Wimpenny & A ; Gass. 2000 ) . Depending on which is used–participant observation or informal interviewing. they may arouse a different response from the informant—one response may be spontaneous—while another may be considered “inferred” from the research worker ( Wimpenny & A ; Gass. 2000 ) . The methodological analysis of which qualitative research is used is really of import. and the constitution of asperity can impact how true the information is that is being collected.

Gestating Qualitative Research: Week 4. ( 2012 ) . Week 4 Course Content: Qualitative Research. Maryville University: NUR601 Flemming. K. ( 2007 ) . Synthesis of qualitative research and evidence-based nursing. British Journal of Nursing. 16 ( 10 ) . 616-620. Melnyk. B. M. & A ; Fineout-Overholt. E. ( 2011 ) . Evidence-based pattern in nursing & A ; health care: A usher to outdo pattern ( 2nd ed. ) . Philadelphia. Dad: Lippincott. Williams & A ; Wilkins. Weaver. K. . Wuest. J. . & A ; Ciliska. D. ( 2005 ) . Understanding women’s journey of retrieving from anorexia nervosa. Qualitative Health Research. 15 ( 2 ) . 188-206. Wimpenny. P. . & A ; Gass. J. ( 2000 ) . Interviewing in phenomenology and grounded theory: Is there a difference? Journal of Advanced Nursing. 31 ( 6 ) . 1485-1492.


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