Confucius one time said. “ Choose a occupation you love. and you will ne’er hold to work a twenty-four hours in your life. ” The best sorts of occupations are the 1s that allow me to give back to my community. The Healthy Leeward Living organisation is something that I would love to be a portion of. I live in Pearl City and I would love to give more to my household. friends. and community. Community service or non- net income organisations are one of the best ways of making so. I Hailey Tanaka feel that I am best suited for the occupation because I have infinite experiences with different types of community service. All the best qualities a difficult worker has are in me. I am a selfless. responsible. leader that can give the best consequences.

First ground that I should be apart of The Healthy Leeward Living organisation is because I am selfless. For illustration one time a twelvemonth a group of people in my community gather with tonss of necessities that homeless/ runaway teens would necessitate. like shampoo. tooth paste. soap. socks. canned goods. tooth coppices. etc. Everyone would pass a hebdomad fixing each attention bundle and one time we’re done they get sent out to YO ( Youth Outreach plan ) . It’s a non- net income organisation that helps shelter. console. and feed homeless or runaway young persons. With the attention packages we try to direct books and other reading stuffs.

The 2nd ground why I should be apart of your organisation is because I am a really responsible individual. I volunteered for four different types of summer merriment group taking. Every Wednesday we would take everyone to the Kam barter meet so they can acquire some bites or playthings. My duty was to do certain they do non roll off from the group. I had this one arch small male child named Zach he had a ball in his manus that I knew he did non hold before the small trip. I so asked him where he got it from and he pointed to one of the sellers. I rapidly took him over at that place to explicate to him non to steal and we both apologized for the stolen ball.

Finally the last ground why I should go a member of your ohana is because I have a batch of leading accomplishments. I am non afraid to take charge of anything. I was squad captain of my volleyball squad two old ages in a row. I tried my best to promote my fellow teammates to pattern more and to maintain giving it our all. We had a large tourney up in Kaua’I that we did non win. but I kept promoting to maintain their caputs up because the tourney was non over yet. In the terminal we took first topographic point in the configuration unit of ammunition.

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The greatest occupations out there are 1s that allow me to offer more to the people. The grounds why I should be hired are that I am baronial. accountable. and I am an organiser. I have accumulated over 200 hours deserving of community service. I feel that I am good qualified to go a portion of The Healthy Leeward Living plan.


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