The intent of this survey is to stress on how holding a Quality Management System ( QMS ) can help eating houses to heighten their services. This involves making a QMS for local eating houses based on criterions and standards, that respond to clients demands, derived from the ISO 9001 criterions.

This implies that direction will travel thru developing to larn how to work with the system, how to implement and how to measure the system. Management should so be the 1s giving preparation and advice on how to handle clients. Employees will besides travel thru preparations and processs that a eating house should follow with, in order to be considered a quality eating house.

Implementing a QMS is expensive. You will hold to put in your employees. On the other manus by implementing a QMS can salvage you money, you have less cost and you can be more productive and efficient.

This can do non merely eating houses, but besides the Island addition a competitory advantage on others and acquire economic return.

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The purpose is to do eating houses cognizant of this and so assist them better their service, satisfy demands, be more productive and have more motivated employees. Curacao Restaurants Association ( CRA ) can be the institute who controls that the eating houses comply with standards ‘s and criterions.


Harmonizing to Swiss Tourism Board, from a invitee ‘s point of position, touristry services are ever the merchandise of a whole bundle of single services. Like a concatenation, these services are all linked: progress information from a Tourist Centre, the journey to the finish, stay in holiday hotel, eating in a eating house, and in conclusion the trip place. Each single service leaves its grade on and influences the vacation experience.

Besides at the degree of the single eating house, a invitee experiences some of this

Service: welcome, seating, supplying information, taking order, eating in the eating house. These service ironss which are specific to clients supply an assistance for systematic checking of a eating house ‘s services and procedures, demoing where practical quality betterments can be made and advancing the debut of appropriate steps.

Supplying services and direct contact with clients are demanding undertakings because each client has his specific outlooks, demands and sentiments.

On Curacao we have CRS. “ The Curacao Restaurant Association ‘s ( CRA ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) mission is to stand for, promote and educate their members and their employees for the betterment of the eating house and foodservice industry of Curacao, a quickly turning industry that is going the state ‘s 2nd largest employer. We leverage those Numberss to acquire the best pricing and price reductions for our members. Helping members win and stay profitable is on the head of the Curacao Restaurant Association ‘s docket.

A As they strive to work together with the governmental sections on wellness, safety, service and instruction, members of their association acquire reviews and a squad consisting of these sections, together with members of the board ; will on a regular footing, do an appraisal of their members so they will stay recognized as a member. This will vouch client visit to these eating houses. ”

An analysis of the state of affairs will be done. An overview and definition of Quality Management System will be given, besides why quality is of import and what are the features of the system.

The service ironss will be analyze and used as a tool for tracking down possible critical incidents and deducing “ good service ” from them in the form of in-house quality criterions.

Furthermore the demands of the clients, employees and employer will be address. To see what will be required to fulfill their demand and integrate this in the system and what each client ‘s specific outlooks, demands and sentiments are.

Schemes and demands will be presented. The plan may include among other subject:

The concern civilization

QMS in item

Employees motive


Customer Service

Curacao Hospitality Training Foundation will be approached to see if some of the preparation needed can by integrated in their plan.

Consequences of the research and interviews carried out will be detailed.

In the Forth chapter the “ Restaurants Quality System ” plan will be discussed. Practical tools will be developed to assist eating houses directors to undertake quality direction and taking targeted action to optimise service.

The QMS will detailed the service ironss and supply an assistance for systematic checking of a eating house ‘s services and procedures, demoing where practical quality betterments can be made and advancing the debut of appropriate steps. Advice and decision will be given.


In which manner can a Quality Management System ( QMS ) enhance client service in eating houses?


To reply the job statement, the following sub-questions will be addressed during this survey:

1 ) How can QMS be defined?

2 ) What are the advantages and disadvantages of QMS?

3 ) What are the facets for the development procedure of a quality

direction system for eating houses?

4 ) Will the demands of clients, employer and employees be satisfy?

5 ) How should QMS and the eating house quality direction system be




The aim of this survey is to help eating houses on Curacao to heighten their service. In this survey several methods, like interviews, questionnaire, observation and literature will be usage to reply the bomber jobs.


Sub job 1. “ How can QMS be defined? ” and 2. “ What are the advantages and disadvantages of QMS? ” will be dealt with theoretically. For these sub jobs website hypertext transfer protocols: //, research paper and articles refering ISO 9001 and QMS will be applied. The methods that will give an account of these topics are

Crosby, P.B, ( 1984 ) Quality without cryings: The art of hassle-free direction, McGraw-Hill, Inc

Hoyle, D, ( 2006 ) , ISO 9000 quality systems enchiridion, Butterworth-Heinemann

Sub job 3. “ What are the facets for the development procedure of a choice enfranchisement plan for eating houses? ” a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ( SWOT ) analysis will be conducted. The SWOT analysis examines the internal and external environment giving a position of the execution of a QMS for eating houses sing.

Besides at least six eating houses will be observed and justice on the service they are giving. Curacao Quality Foundation and the president Mr. Marugg or Mr. Neuman, the Event Coordinator of Curacao Restaurants Association ( CRA ) will be attack for information. Some of the inquiries that will be asked are:

What is the support CRA offers their members?

How those CRA control the quality service their members offer?

How does CRA acquire its members?

Why the rank is so low compared to the figure of constitution on the Island?

The readings that will be used are:

Hair, J.F, ( 2003 ) , Essentials of Business Research Methods, Leyh Publishing, LLC

Brink, A, Berndt, A, ( 2009 ) , Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management, Juta & A ; Co LTD

Honebein, P.C. , Cammarano, R.F. , ( 2005 ) , Making do-it-yourself clients:

how great client experiences build great companies, South-Western Educational Pub

Schieffer, R. , ( 2005 ) , Ten Key Customer Penetrations: Unlocking the Mind of the Market, South-Western Educational Pub

Sub job 4. “ Will the demands of clients, employer and employees be satisfy? ”

To reply this inquiry studies among consumer will be conducted sing the quality service they receive at a eating house. Besides interviews to gross revenues directors and supervisors of eating houses will be conducted. Employees of eating houses will be interviewed to see what their demands are.

Books on among others on client service, motive and quality service will be used. Among others:

Jagdish N. Shainesh, S. , ( 2001 ) Customer relationship direction: emerging constructs, tools, and applications, McGraw-Hill Professional

Jones, P. , Merricks, P. , ( 1994 ) , The direction of foodservice operations, Cengage Learning Business Press

Parsa, H.G. , Kwansa, F. , ( 2002 ) , Quick Service Restaurants, Franchising, and Multi-Unit Chain Management, Routledge

Shankar, R. , ( 2009 ) , Process betterment utilizing Six Sigma: a DMAIC usher, ASQ Quality Pres

Question can be asked a.o. is:

What are the company ‘s strengths and failings compared to its competition?

Are you happy with the service you are supplying

Make you care about reaction of remarks of your clients?

Are you happy with your employees?

If non what are you making to better it?

Is the eating house program to come with new services?

Sub job 5. How should QMS and the eating house quality direction system be implemented? ”

In order to reply this bomber job, books on standardisation and quality direction systems, employee preparation manuals will be used.

Suggestions and guidelines for developing for Management and employees will be address. Design of the quality direction system will be presented. Reading used is:

Beecroft, D.G. , Duffy, G.L. , Moran, J.W. , ( 2001 ) , The Executive Guide to Improvement and Change, ASQ Quality Press

Jackson, Susan E. , Schuler, Randall S, Werner, Steve, ( 2008 ) , Pull offing Human Resources, South Western, a portion of Cengage Learning

Lohman, C. , et Al. ( 2004 ) Planing a public presentation measuring system: A instance survey. European Journal of Operational Research,

Martinich, J.S. , ( 2009 ) , Production and Operations Management: An Applied Modern Approach, Wiley India Pvt. Ltd.

Maskell, B. H. ( 1991 ) Performance measuring for universe category

fabrication: a theoretical account for American companies, Cambridge, Mass. ,

Productivity Press.


The survey will be conducted among consumers, eating houses from all sector, eating houses managers/supervisors, eating houses employees and constitution associated to touristry sectors on the Island of Curacao.


The construction of this survey will be as follow:

1. Introduction

Background Information

Problem Statement and Sub Problems

Research Methodology

Contented Thesis

Quality Management System ( QMS )


Elementss of QMS

Introduction to quality and service

Importance of quality

Measuring service quality

Features of QMS


Customers, employee and employer ‘s demands


Customer and their demands

Consumer determination procedure

Employee and employer ‘s demands

Specifying and mensurating service satisfaction


Restaurants Quality Management System


Aspect of the Quality system

Cardinal Indexs of the Quality system

Process development of the Quality direction system

Restaurant Quality System

Implementation, Control and Evaluation


Decision and Recommendations



List of tabular arraies


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