At the Walkers the Crisps produced are closely monitored and this is done by machinists who check if the machines are all running correctly and smoothly. This process is done because if there is a block up in the machinery it could cause the entire process to stop and this could affect Walkers a lot in future and present tense. The potatoes have to be checked thoroughly for signs of rotting or if the potatoes are not properly peeled these checks have to be done because they want their customers to enjoy the product which is being produced and for the customer not to hate it. If the potatoes are not proper peeled the potato will have to go back to the start and peeled properly so that it is ready for the process.

Walkers closely monitor their products they can easily improving the quality of their produce. If everything within this process runs smoothly without problems then it is the process will be seen as a success. Walkers also make sure that the machinery is kept clean because of hygienic reasons. If the produce was coming out without the machines being cleaned then it would make it unsafe for the consumer to eat it. Walkers have done well by making sure everything such as the machinery is well cleaned and processed, this is a good factor as they know that all there produce will be 100% good quality.

Walkers closely monitor each of the machines performances and it shows that they want make sure their business is more reliable and making sure everything is running as normal. This links into the quality measures as it shows Walkers want to make sure that there company is always reliable and running smoothly. It also shows that Walkers is always improving certain qualities about their company. These qualities could be to improve the sales in a year by introducing new methods to the packaging of crisps and new flavours or even mixed flavours which walkers are currently producing. Walkers have used a newer scheme that is used on the cheese and onion packaging and that is a foil that seals in all the freshness so that the consumers can enjoy the quality and fresh tastes of the product.

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Statistical Process control should be useful at Walkers as it helps work out where problems are taking place in the walker’s process. These problems could then help alter certain things and make corrections without losing to much time.

Walkers always want to get the best out of all their machinery (being efficient) and to make sure it has the same quality produce each time and if that is not the case it is best if they fix it. This could require some skilled workers who specialise in the machinery which Walkers have to alter settings and to make the machine work to its best quality.

Walkers are always encouraging all their staff and workers to come up with their own ideas for designing and production; these ideas can help Walkers work on improvement of their current ideas. This is well-known as Quality Engineering.

If Walkers was to improve their quality control then they should specialise in the technical side of things, which is mainly the machinery, the machinery will help to get the decent potatoes sliced up, consistency of shape ect and removing all the extra waste. Once this process is complete the potatoes should be added to the oil and fried with the flavouring this is to help the crisps taste as good as possible. Walkers should also carefully check the temperature the crisps are cooked because the crisps are not meant to be burnt so it is sensible to cook at a correct temperatures so that it is not to warm. After all cooking processes are complete the crisps should be tasted to see if everything is complete to a good standard.

C2: An understanding of how the business balances productivity against the need for flexibility and the constraints of legislation and quality requirements.

Walkers always plan there production processes first; this is done because it works out how the monitoring will be carried out on the produce. The process must be carried out as it helps avoid problems and it helps put all mistakes into corrections as quick as possible (e.g. minimum waste, efficiency). The production process at Walkers is flexible; this is because everything in the Walkers production process is very closely monitored. If one worker was not capable of operating any of the machinery they would be swapped and be put in another department like packaging and another person will take over from them on the machinery which the one worker wasn’t capable of operating. Walkers always carry out all the regulations to their fullest extent because they want to make all the workers feel safe when they are working, rules such as the CoSHH regulations 1985 and the Health and Safety Act 1974. The Health and Safety Act 1974 clearly states that a company with a lot of workers should:

* Identify people who are responsible that carry out the safety precautions

* Have a readable statement on Health and Safety

* Always record incidents and have logs when incidents occur

* Identify Risks in there workplace

These acts are important to Walkers, as they make sure that workers wear protective clothing when coming into situation when dealing with hazardous substances and when machinery can be dangerous. Waste must comply with the Environmental Act 1995 which means that the waste must not be dangerous like toxic acids because it can cause the damage to the environment.

Walkers are able to hold a representative for safety; this will benefit Walkers as they can make sure all of their employees are safe. This will meet the terms of the Safety Committee Regulators Act 1977.

Walkers can help themselves by using the following objectives from the Health and Safety Act 1974 policy:

* Each employer has a say so they can write to the directors and introduces changes that they think will benefit them and the company

* Make employees aware of all new changes

* Employers should have a copy of the Health and Safety Act 1974

The aims above will help Walkers progress and make them more on time when dealing with accidents or injuries.

If Walkers wanted to improve their productivity they could try to speed up the process of making the crisps but this could be a factor that could make the crisps burnt or not properly cooked (C1). The other thing they can do is to introduce another production process line this could help Walkers make more produce on a daily basis. The crisps can be made in the same time scale and with the same amount of workers; this will help Walkers gain more left overs.

If Walkers wanted the flexibility of there production process to be improved, Walkers should add more of a workforce and better production lines which could to be expensive at first but it will help the crisps to be made and the deadlines arranged can be met quickly and if Walkers also wanted to introduce new products to their snack market they can use the production line to help make new ideas and additions to Walkers.

Walkers should make sure that all their electronic systems are safe and reliable for use, all the machines should be used professionally but it could require workers to go on certain courses to learn how the machinery is operated, Walkers as a employer will attracts people applying for a vacancy because for the full training provided which indicates the investment Walkers has in its employees. Workers must be supplied with a copy of the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 to ensure that workers do not get hurt and what safety measures to take when dealing with machinery. All the areas at Walkers must be closely monitored and looked after this mean all floors to be dry for the workers safety and all machinery to be cleaned before workers can add the potatoes into them for the consumers safety. All the areas must be disinfected so workers do not get ill and to ensure all workers do not take long breaks due to health reasons.

C3: The relationship between stock control and forecasting techniques used in the production methods employed.

Walkers are a very differently run organisation to others, that is because it has many areas that help the company gain money and improve production techniques. There are seven key factors in Walkers and they are the following:

1. Stock Buying

2. Accounts

3. Employing new staff at Walkers

4. Wastage

5. Retail Prices

6. Stock Control at Walkers

7. Security at Walkers

1. Stock Buying

Walkers should always purchase the right amount of stock. It is vital that they do not order too much potato crop as it may start to mould causing the company to lose money (inefficient). The staff are aware that there must be minimum wastage, this will then provide less losses and more profit. Sales can only determine definite profit, so for Walkers to sell their products they should show that they are not wasting anything and everything they use is the best quality possible.

2. Accounts

Walkers is a company that thrives on make a profit, which is one of the reasons for its success. All figures have to be checked daily that is because when retail shops order crisps of Walkers, they have to be noted as sales. Once figures are changed they have to be used to help estimate Walkers profit for the month or even a year. Everyday is important to Walkers, as they know everyday is a sale to them because many stores and newsagents sell their products daily so it is a benefit if all orders and deliveries can be met at the time or deadline because Walkers want to gain more business and not lose it.

3. Employing New Staff at Walkers

Walkers always are always looking to improve their workforce and that is why they recruit new workers. Workers at Walkers have to be experienced in dealing with machinery. Any new recruits have to gel quickly to the Walkers routine in order to keep up with other workers. When new recruits come they are normally put on training courses and given training manuals this will help them gain knowledge on what they are meant to be doing (C2). Walkers always want to make its employees skilful this is beneficial to both Walkers and the employee as the both are gaining. When new recruits enter Walkers they know that they have high expectations and must reach all standards.


Walkers know that when buying stock they must have minimum waste. This has to be done because if Walkers waste to much of the potatoes then they will lose a lot of money and that will not benefit the company, so it is ideal that Walkers only order the correct amount of crop they require. When more stock is required then the simply order it. If there is too much stock is made earlier then there will be too much wastage so it is ideal to run the processes a bit later on in the afternoon. When the crisps are ready the produce can then be taken to stores in the evening to be sold the next day.

5. Retail Prices

Walkers have to be sure that what the customer is buying from them is at a reasonable price and good value for money, this is because there want people not to buy products from there competitors, and they must gain some profit. So when walkers work out prices they must make sure it is a reasonable price.

6. Stock Control at Walkers

Walkers must be aware that the stock they are buying is the best quality stock. Walkers tend to buy a bulk purchase and this mainly is potatoes and oil, t may also include ordering the flavouring for the crisps. The stock is mainly brought from farmers or private land where Walkers grow their crops. This is good because Walkers know they are making crisps from the best and freshest potatoes. This is a good factor because it proves there point that is on all packets of crisps “the freshest crisps around”.

7. Security at Walkers

Security at Walkers is very tight as all the building is monitored closely. The company have certain security systems like:

* Metal shutters-are very important as they make it difficult for intruders to enter the building

* CCTV cameras- prevents stock from being stolen but they are not good to track down burglars quickly as the camera cannot monitor outside the building.

* Burglar Alarms-prevent intruders from gaining access to the building

* Smoke Alarms- are used to warn employees that there is a fire in the building

Walkers have top quality Alarm systems, as they know it is better to be safe than sorry.

Forecasting and Sales Trends

Walker’s products are basis of all planning in the Walker business. This estimates costs and resources that can’t be made until a suitable calculation is available for their sales.

When forecasting information is required and that could be the state of economic growth and Inflation in the United Kingdom. It could also require Walkers to forecast the total market using historical figures. Walkers can use this information to work out there sales forecast.

C4: An understanding of what value added to the process means for the product or service and for the business as a whole.

When Walkers purchase the crop and other products they are already adding value to it, Products like potatoes will help add value because when they are being chopped up they are being turned into crisps and when they are fried to make the final crisp then they are gaining value even more.

For Walkers to make sure there goods are a good quality they must make sure that the customer is not being charged to much so everything must be marked at a reasonable price and by making sure the crisps and packaging are not damaged in any way.

When Walkers introduce new products to the market they know it will be lengthy process because they have to do the following:

1. Research and development

2. Advertising

Research and Development is important because they have to ask the consumer what flavors they would like to be introduced to the market. This is then put into consideration and the most popular idea maybe put on the market.

Advertising needs to be aimed at the right people so if the packet of crisps is bright and looks interesting it will be aimed at the children, so advertisements maybe put up at school and even on school buses.

Walkers did launch a new product to the market before and that was a product called Walkers shots it was a different style as it involved putting the product into your mouth and drinking the crisps through the packet. This is what the product looked like:

Walkers know that when they make new product it will require loads of money being spent. But when all research and Advertising is done Walkers expect something from the consumers and that is them to buy the product. Walkers need the customers to buy the product in order to keep the organisation running smoothly.

Walkers should know that to keep the company in good working space that safety is a key issue so it is wiser for the safety inspector to make sure everything is okay. By using a safety inspector they could improve the quality control in the Walkers business. When quality is being addressed to the company they must make sure that all the products are been inspected before being taken out, corrections must be made as soon as possible so that the product doesn’t have problems later on in the finishing process, Improvement to the products can be made if needed or other improvement to machinery can be made in case problems occur and prevention from mistakes helps the business not make silly mistakes that could have been avoided. If all these points were carried out the company will benefit a lot, as there will be less wastage so the Environmentalists can not argue or cause conflict in the Walkers establishment, Employees will feel they are doing well and gain confidence in there work and Quality will become a key factor in the way the business is run.

When Walkers have discussions it is ideal they hold discussions with the main people these could be some employees, Sales reps and even Designers. These people need to communicate because they are the people who are involved in making and selling the product. If there is a lack of communication then this could cause the company to have products that no body really wants to buy. The research and development people need to tell the employees how the product must be made and alterations that could be made to make life easier for them. All these people must coordinate well and have a good strategy to keep the product selling. Before new products are introduced the management has to gives it’s full backing in order to make the product.

Walkers know that in order to make new products they must expand their business. So it is ideal to plan towards the future and introduce certain systems like ICT, these systems will help plan and organise changes that could be made. Planning is ideal because it shows that Walkers is a well run and organised company. This will attract more people who own stores to buy bulk loads of products of them.

C5: An understanding of the impact of the product on the business as a whole.

When Walkers are entering their new products into the market they know they will have to make sure the product can adapts to the market within it is entering because the product will be competing against other companies that also make crisps so it is ideal that the product sells and appeals to the targeted groups. When entering the new market Walkers will have to cater for everyone’s different tastes and try to make the product sell better around each targeted region and even nationally around England.

If Walkers wanted to give something more to their existing customers they could wet there appetite by introducing new flavours and other products to the market or even make newer and better packets for the crisps that is actually bigger in size and also better value for money. This will help make their customers happier, as they know they are being appreciated and the product is at a reasonable price. If Walkers were to make the changes then they would have to consider their position in the snack market, what competitors will do to match there products, the future of all the products being sold, how much profit or loss will be made and they have to understand how the fast the market changes and what each customer wants.

When Walkers are selling their products they have to make profit so if the Packet of crisps costs 12 pence to make then they can sell it for 27 pence and this is a profit of 15 pence (Value Added). This then will continue with each packet of crisps until Walkers have reached their limit.

When Walker Advertise they use the following methods to help sell their products much more effectively:

1. Televisions

2. Advert Boards

3. Magazines

4. Newspapers

All the above methods are important to Walkers because if none of those methods are used then the product have a sufficient amount of sales or won’t even sell at all. Walkers introduced the Walkers shots to the market and without the product hardly being advertised no body would have brought it. This is a new concept of design and a change in the way snacks should be eaten. Maybe people like this new method that’s why it was put on the market.

When Walkers produced the Walkers shots it was ideal to do the marketing first because Walkers needed to know if people would have liked the product so it is ideal to get the marketing done first hand. Once the marketing is done and the people give a good response then the product will be getting ready to be put on the production line ready for production. Once the product is made it and when it’s packaged and put into shops the next day and sold to consumers.

The introduction of the Walkers Shots product has benefited Walkers as their product is selling and making the company a good profit margin. This will help the business a lot because they can expand or even try introducing new products and newer and more invented flavours to the market which no other company can compete with.

C6: An understanding of the importance of new product development to an organisation

Walkers have introduced a lot of different flavours to the snack market. They introduced the Mediterranean Flavour range and also a range which included Branston Pickle flavour. These ideas are very interesting but some may be found as strange, as they don’t know what they taste like. When Walkers developed the Mediterranean range it was a low fat version of their crisps range and this was ideal for people who are dieting. The Mediterranean Flavoured Crisps were ideal because they introduced a method of healthy eating; this was also good because people may have been looking forward to tasting a new type of crisps and the product may be bought by many dieting customers, so this was a reasonably a good idea.

Walkers will always continue to develop and produce new ideas to the snack market as they are always looking to ways to improve their company’s snacks and future enhance their customers minds with these new flavours. These new products are introduced because Walkers intends to make more profit as this could help them expand the business further. The idea of Walkers making profit sounds good because it helps creates new jobs and it also help make new buildings to around the country that will be able to sell Walkers products. When Walkers are making new products they have to look into six main methods before putting their ideas into use

1. New ideas must be introduced

2. Ideas must be researched

3. Walkers must Analyse the product strengths and weaknesses and market it

4. Product must be developed as prototype

5. If the prototype is good then start producing the product further

6. When the product is made Walkers must find out how well the product is doing.

Walkers can fail to achieve success in the snack market because if their newly developed product is not researched into properly then it won’t sell as people will have heard little about it and no advertising to the right audience was done. This can prove to be costly for Walkers because it could lose them major profit and unbalance them financially if to much money was put into the scheme. If Walkers want to avoid this then it is much wiser for them to do all their marketing research first because then they will know what each customer wants and what they need. Walkers want everyone in the public to buy their product and they can only do this if there views are listened to and if Walkers do introduce new ideas to the market.

If Walkers were thinking of introducing new products to the market then it will benefit them as they might think of using their ideas and producing them. If there ideas are produced to a good standard then they can present them to other smaller companies to sell it for them. Product Development is important to the Walkers organisation as it helps the focus on each product individually and then work on methods of introducing it to the consumer market.

Walkers know that everything they do has to be kept as discreet as possible it can only be known if the product is going to put on the market so when new ideas are established it is wise for Walker to not let any outside members know about it as it may cause other business to use there ideas and make a new product for themselves.


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