Questionnaire Assignment

  • Company of pick: Event Cinemas New Zealand
  • Subject of the questionnaire: selling public presentation
  • Purpose of the questionnaire: to happen out the selling public presentation of the merchandise named “Gift Card” ( how frequently, the beginning and possible betterment ) , in order to better mark and better gross revenues.
  1. What is your gender?
  • Male
  • Female
  1. Which age group do you belong to?
  • Below 18
  • 19 – 29
  • 30 – 40
  • 41 – 51
  • 52 – 62
  • Above 62
  1. How frequently do you travel to cinemas to watch films?
  • Twice a hebdomad or more
  • Once a hebdomad
  • Once a month
  • Once a one-fourth
  • Once a twelvemonth
  • Never
  1. How make you normally buy your ticket?
  • Book online ( Please travel to Question 5 )
  • Buy at the counter ( Please travel to Question 6 )
  1. Which website do you normally buy your ticket from?
  • Others ( delight stipulate _______________ )
  1. Which payment method do you utilize more frequently?
  • Cash or EFTOPS or recognition card ( Please travel to Question 7 )
  • Gift Card/Movie Money/Other Vouchers ( Please travel to Question 8 )
  1. Would you like to utilize Gift Cards alternatively?
  • Yes ( Please travel to Question 9 )
  • No ( Please travel to Question 10 )
  1. How make you obtain the Gift Card/Movie Money/Voucher?
  • Buy it myself ( If tick, where? __________________ )
  • Gift from friends or households or others ( If tick, which period, e.g. birthday twenty-four hours, Christmas, etc, delight stipulate __________________ )
  1. What would promote you to utilize a Gift Card/Movie Money/Voucher?
  • Discount
  • Card Looking Design
  • Others ( delight stipulate _________________________ )
  1. What would alter your head to utilize Gift Card/Movie Money/Voucher?
  • Discount
  • Card Looking Design
  • Others ( delight stipulate _________________________ )

LO1 Q & A ; A sing My Own Questionnaire


  1. To stipulate measurement method, four graduated tables are normally used, which are nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio severally.

In my questionnaire presented above, the nominal graduated table can clearly be identified in the really first inquiry “What is your gender? ” intended to categorise the interviewee.

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Though non every bit clear as its opposite number, the ordinal graduated table, I believe, can still be revealed in Q3, which focus on the frequence of the interviewee traveling to the film to watch films, as it has individuality and magnitude and can be sorted out in order, despite the somewhat complicated visual aspect.

The interval graduated table is used in Q2 sing the age of the interviewee, where the interval is chosen as 10 old ages and the dimensions are intentionally more than usual in order to accurately capture the mark market.

Unfortunately, harmonizing to my apprehension and observation, the ratio graduated table is non used the questionnaire below.

  1. As for the grading method, “identity” appears as male or female in Q1, “magnitude” used in Q3 shows turning tendency of frequence in footings of traveling to the film, “equal intervals” is specified as 10 old ages in Q2 to categorise and separate interviewees, while besides in Q3 the dimension of “Never” was used to put up the “minimum value of zero” .


Four primary graduated tables of measuring are “identity” , “magnitude” , “equal intervals” , and “a minimal value of zero” .

  • Identity means that each figure has a peculiar significance. For illustration, in the common pattern of evaluation a movie on film-critic web sites like IMDB, 5 or 5 stars means the movie is superb or the referee is perfectly amazed by this peculiar movie. 4 or 4 stars means the movie is good, non great, yet still deserving watching. 3 or 3 stars might label a movie as mediocre while 2 or 2 stars show a movie is really uncomplimentary. Unfortunately 1 or 1 star could do a movie as a catastrophe.
  • Magnitude means that Numberss have an built-in order from smaller to larger. Enjoying the convenience of the illustration listed under “identity” , from 5/5 stars to 1/1stars, each pick of figure is non merely given a specific significance or gravitation of how a movie is reviewed, but besides can be sorted out in order from 5 the best to 1 the worst.
  • Equal intervals means that the differences between Numberss ( units ) anyplace on the graduated table is the same. The illustration of this graduated table can be easy seen as age-related inquiries where each given dimension enjoys the same interval, no affair how little or large the figure itself it.
  • A lower limit of nothing agencies that the nothing point represents the absence of the belongings being measured, which I consider as a bottom line where nil be beyond. For illustration, the inquiry of “how often” , which concerns the frequence of one’s behaviour, can hold a dimension of “never” to put as the absolute nothing.


Comparative grading means the points are straight compared to each other, while in the instance of non-comparative grading, each point is scaled independently of the others.

  • In comparative grading, the graduated table of mated comparing is normally used. For illustration in my ain questionnaire, Q5 has an effort of making a direct comparing between two web sites of two major movie exhibitioners, Event Cinemas and Hoyts Cinemas, even though a mild 3rd party as in “others” were listed every bit good merely for roll uping more information. Dollar Metric Comparison is besides another utile graduated table for comparative grading. To follow up my ain questionnaire designed to happen out the market public presentation of Gift Card, I’d like to add a inquiry inquiring the interviewee how much they are willing to pay to acquire lager Gift Card Credits. Or in other illustrations, dollar metric can be seen in confer withing the proper monetary value for Burger King’s jazz band.

– In non-comparative graduated tables, semantic graduated tables are usual pattern, which allows the interviewee to utilize extended words instead than Numberss to depict their feelings about a certain merchandise or trade name on graduated tables with semantic labels. I think the illustration of this sort is evidently seen in inquiries get downing with “How do you experience after using…” , such as shampoo or conditioner where interviewee can specifically depict the alteration of their hair. While the other common graduated table of measuring is called liken graduated tables, where a set of grades are given to the graduated table or label. For illustration, the question/statement could be “The costumier service in Event Cinema is good” , and the dimensions are picks for the interviewee to hold or differ to the statement with even excess emotion added.

Q5: Bunch analysis

  1. Cluster analysis can be understood as group analysis, intending the objects be analyzed tend to hold similarities with each other yet nevertheless these similarities are non shared with other groups. These similarities are normally seen as age, gender, income, state, faith and so on.

In my field of research on Event Cinemas, bunchs are quite common and easy seen. In my last questionnaire designed to see the selling public presentation of the merchandise named Gift Card, my really foremost two inquiries were specifically designed and deliberately set in the really beginning of the questionnaire to impart the respondents to their bunchs.

The first inquiry, “What is your gender? ” was meant to categorise the respondents into different gender in order to see there’s any difference on client behaviour between the two – Who’s more atilt towards utilizing Gift Card, male or female?

The 2nd inquiry, “Which age group do you belong to? ” meant to further comb the respondents and the age graduated table were used to plunge deeper in the intent of seeing which age bunch is the most user/consumer of Gift Card – adolescents below 18, or immature grownup before their 30s, or the in-between agers, or even the seniors?

  1. The three features of a good quality constellating analysis are as follows:
  • A clear object

In order to carry on a good quality bunch, the object of this analysis shall be clearly identified and carried throughout the researching. Or if put in simple words, it means, “You should ever cognize what you want and what you are doing.”

Therefore in the pattern of carry oning the questionnaire, the interviewer can be able to clearly place what sort of respondents are needed to better contribute to the research. Otherwise, things tend to run out of the path.

  • Similarities and differences

Similarities are the gum that attaches each to be a member of the bunch. Thus similarities are expected and easy discovered among the group, which help and contribute to the research. However, differences can besides be within the same group, though easy neglected, which may be deserving looking into every bit good.

  • Good execution

Wordss stay as words if non good spoken, so do analysis and research. No affair how many bunchs you fancily gather, if the consequence of the research doesn’t deliver good in footings of the whole research, the constellating itself is nil but a window ornament.

In another position, in order to set constellating in better usage, the proper methods shall be used, for illustration, the bunchs shall be carefully divided, intending each of the bunchs need to be clearly cut and defined, to avoid any possible mix up which decidedly contributes to wrong informations analysis.


Q6: Quantitative and qualities methods and illustrations

Quantitative methods, as it literally shows, means Numberss, which makes the research mensurable. Its advantage and disadvantage are as follows:

  • Advantage: given its legion nature, it’s easier to roll up the information and do farther analysis, which in a manner makes the consequence more nonsubjective.
  • Disadvantage: despite its convenience of utilizing the Numberss, the method itself is normally used for larger graduated table of research, which can be non merely unneeded but besides really dearly-won.

Qualitative methods, on the other manus, are more of descriptions or words that respondents use to show feelings they have sing the inquiries. In this sense, its advantage and disadvantage are certainly different yet as specified below:

  • Advantage: since it’s a strictly description, it’s really easy to understand and assist a great trade specially in stipulating feelings interviewees have towards a certain merchandise. And it’s besides good to roll up more and lively inside informations.
  • Disadvantage: precisely because of its signifier of description, no statistic informations can be applied to this method, which in return makes the method itself really limited in utilizing.


  1. Depth Interviews
  • Definition: Approved by the client, it’s a secure and confidential conversation between an interview and a respondent. Guided by a exhaustively composed interview, the interviewer conducts the conversation embracing the subjects that are important to the intent and the issue of the study.
  • Advantage: This peculiar method excels in making a big sample, which greatly contributes to abundant informations aggregation.
  • Disadvantage: Precisely due to the advantage mentioned below, the method can be really clip consuming, as unlike conventional telephone or online questionnaire, the respondents are approached and invested in with more times.
  • Example: Unfortunately this method was non used in my last questionnaire sing the selling public presentation of Gift Card. However, after larning it in the category, I’d like to add it to smooth my questionnaire in footings of acquiring more specified and individualised feedback from the clients.

Since the mission of my questionnaire is to see the public presentation of Gift Card in the market ( e.g. is it widely enjoyed or non? What can be done to better it? ) , the method of deepness interview can be used in delving out customers’ suggestions on how to better utilize the card. Therefore, it shall include a set of well-structured inquiries aiming at particulars of their after-use feelings and suggestions.

  1. Focus Groups
  • Definition: The method of focal point groups normally refers to a group of 10 or fewer people, who are asked of a series of inquiries or to given their sentiments on new merchandises. The information gathered from focal point groups are viewed ad studied to mensurate the reaction of the larger market population.
  • Advantage: It’s an easy method to mensurate client reaction, as normally the nature of the method can supply immediate thoughts for reaction or betterment towards certain merchandises or even feeling of companies or rivals.
  • Disadvantage: Compared to single interviews, focal point groups tend to lose touch with each member of the group whose specific sentiment may supply more penetration. Precisely because it’s non in deepness, there’s a possibility that the member may non show their honest and personal sentiments about the subject at manus.
  • Example: In my questionnaire, a dimension/thought was lay out to aim at people of different ages, in the intent of seeing clearly which age group Gift Card plays better in. So when conducted, I’d like to take five respondents for each age group ( six groups in entire ) , the bunch of whom should be able to stand for their age and give me a better thought.
  1. Projective Techniques
  • Definition: Projective Techniques are indirect and unstructured methods of probe which have been developed by the psychologists and utilize projection of respondents for deducing approximately underline motivations, impulses or purposes which can non be secure through direct inquiring as the respondent either resists to uncover them or is unable to calculate out himself.
  • Advantage: Being utile in giving respondents chances to show their attitudes without personal embarrassment, this method helps the respondents to project his attitude and feelings unconsciously on the topic under survey.
  • Disadvantage: This method has a large demand on extremely trainedinterviewers and skilled translators, which are seldom seen or difficult to happen in day-to-day common pattern, which surely brings obstructions to transport out the research.
  • Example: Well portrayed in a once-popular US Television series named Lie to Me, this astonishing method, carried out by extremely skilled translators who are normally first-class psychological professionals, plays a wondrous important function in right projecting possible condemnable behaviours.
  1. Random Probability Sampling
  • Definition: It is a random sample from whole population that each person in the population of involvement has an equal likeliness of choice.
  • Advantage: One of the chief advantages of chance sampling is that it offers a feeling of equity among the people who are or are non chosen.
  • Disadvantage: If applied with a big graduated table, it could potentially be really clip consuming.
  • Example: As an easy and convenient method, it’s widely and normally seen in “lucky draw” kind of activities or even gross revenues publicities.


  1. Face-to-Face Interviewing
  • Definition: It’s a colloquial method that requires a face-to-face attack or manner of communicating between the interviewer and interviewee.
  • Advantage: With the merriment of run intoing the respondent in individual, this method enables the interviewer set up resonance with possible participants and hence derive their cooperation.
  • Disadvantage: If applied in big panic, this method can be really clip consuming and expensive.
  • Example: As for my ain research with the aid of my questionnaire, I’d like to garner more information by carry oning more questionnaires in this method, which enables me to see more inside informations, particularly the self-generated reactions from possible clients.
  1. Telephone Interviewing
  • Definition: It means interviews conducted by the mean of telephone communicating.
  • Advantage: Thankss to the convenience of doing a phone call, the method can salvage the research worker much clip.
  • Disadvantage: The response rate may be less than the rate of face-to-face interviewing as assorted possibilities may stand in the manner, such as the broad disfavor towards telemarketers may halt person from even replying the call.
  • Example: I remember back in China, whenever I purchased something from an optical store with which I had a rank card, a call ever came inquiring if I was happy about the service.
  1. Postal and Self-Completion Market Research
  • Definition: This method refers to the questionnaires sent via station, which rely on the respondents themselves to complete and subject.
  • Advantage: It’s easy to be applied for big graduated table researching and has really low cost.
  • Disadvantage: There’s no warrant that adequate studies will be filled in to organize an accurate position of the research group.
  • Example: I think it’s normally seen as a individual foliage of page inside a magazine, which asked for the readers’ feedback on this peculiar issue, purchased.
  1. Omnibus Market Research Surveys
  • Definition: It’s a method where information on a broad assortment of topics is collected during the same interview.
  • Advantage: It’s a good manner to salvage the cost because the sampling and showing costs are shared across multiple clients.
  • Disadvantage: Since it’s conducted by sharing clip and attempts with other subjects, the peculiar subject of this research might be less emphatic or in some instances even neglected, which would surely impact the consequence.
  • Example: In my personal experience of being “researched” on, when it comes to female consumer behaviour, a few merchandises would wish to line up together to inquire the inquiries, such as make-up and aroma.

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