The geological processes the formed Wilson Prom During the most recent ice age, the Prom formed part of a mainland bridge to Tasmania, which allowed Aboriginal people to reach what is now an Island state. About 10,000 years ago, the climate warmed, the ice melted and Bass Strait again become submerged. At this time, the Prom was an Island until the winds and tides deposited the sands which became the isthmus. The fierce weather of Bass Strait has eroded the granite into the well rounded mountains of today and shaped the many rainier boulders which are a feature of Prom scenery.

What did the indigenous use Wilson Prom for? It is thought that the park may have been used as what is known as the land bridge, which was used to reach Tasmania when it was only aboriginals who inhabited the area. What did the European use Wilson Prom for? Sealing Whaling Mining Timber-getting Activities to do at Wilson Prom There are plenty of things to do at Wilson Promontory such as hiking, surfing, scenic drives, camping and lots more!

When did the prom become a national park? Wilson Prom was temporarily reserved as a site in 1898, and was permanently declared after a long campaign by the ‘Field Naturalists Club of Victoria’ and the tourist industry in 1905. Who is responsible for looking after the Prom? Parks Victoria is responsible for looking after Willow’s Promontory they; Manage parks along with the visitor facilities and cultural assets found in parks Manage staff, volunteers and contractors.

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