This evaluative question has two different topics in it. First there is the issue of declining health, but there is also a issue that we have discussed before, a African American who has achieved success but isn+t quite happy with this new life. Although separate issues, both would not be able to understand how the other felt because these are issues that you would have to experience yourself to fully understand. I am not going to focus on the two issues separately, but how they share many of the same fears and social impacts in our society.

When you look at dying you have the fear of loss and decline in capabilities. When looking at mobility, there is the fear of loosing your old friends who don+t quite understand that you are the same person. When facing death there are many myths and stereotypes that may limit the amount of support and respect you recieve from society. We don+t like to talk about death and dying. Although death does not just target the elderly, the way our society treats the elderly is sad. We don+t have the same respect for them as other countries do.

When comparing this to the African Americans and mobility, (do I even have to explain all the myths and prejudices that are out there), they too lack support and respect from society. A example that I think of when talking about myths and prejudices is when you see a black person driving a really expensive car, I+m sure most of us knows someone who has made a remark regarding |oh I wonder where they got that carX. Society does not respect or accept that although it is harder because of discrimination, everyone equally deserves success and what goes along with it.

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Another example is that there is limited research or study done in both cases. I also believe that there is limited access to information for each party. Sometimes one faces a lack of support from those who can+t accept death and dying. This is like the African Americans who may have a hard time finding support from the friends who were there for them before they were successful. In both cases it is not universal, does not affect one certain age or gender, and makes you think about what is important in your life, love, spirituality, responsibility and awareness.

So basically as the question stated, I wouldn’t know what is was like receiving little happiness after acquiring success because I am white, and my friend wouldn’t know what it feels like when facing death, but there are definitely allot of similarities in the way it impacts both of our lives. I know I would be feeling allot of grief as a result of my declining health, however I am sure my friend would also be grieving over her life style or maybe the friendships she lost because of it.

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