In the film Remember the Titans Gerry and Julius worked to get the better of racial issues and finally resolved their unneeded struggle. They came to develop an astonishing friendly relationship built on trust and regard. They finally learned to appreciate the significance of swearing a adult male for who they are as a individual instead than the colour of their tegument.

Early on in the film Gerry and Julius would non admit one another. they were similar enemies. When they looked at each other it was with both hatred and fear. They both lived their ain separate lives. with their ain race. and refused to interact with the other. If they communicated in a civil mode with the other race it was like perpetrating an atrocious wickedness. They treated each other with such ignorance and hatred. They couldn’t stand each another and hated the manner the other one acted.

The bulk of the clip they approached their struggle with turning away. Avoidance can be characterized as. “denial of the struggle. altering and avoiding subjects. being noncommittal. and jesting instead than covering with the struggle at hand” ( pg. 138 ) . They did non desire to work out their differences. Alternatively they chose to avoid the subject and non cover with the fact that they were of a different race.

When both Gerry and Julius found out that they were traveling to be on the same football squad they didn’t want to see the possibility. They were both so shockable and obstinate which resulted in neither seeing the other side of things. It seemed impossible for these two participants to go friends and bury about their racism.

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As they matured as grownups and closer they became. the more they forgot about their differences and the more they defended their friendly relationship. They were excessively determined to allow their teammates hold them back. They would turn out to be great friends and function theoretical accounts for their squad and the community.

Much of the difference was overcome by duologue. At first they had really small but over clip they were able to turn together. “Dialogue differs from usual conversation because although you may dislike what the other individual advocators. you still listen and work to value the person” ( pg. 232 ) . Their disfavors turned into likes and their unusual conversation turned into intimate conversation.

When Gerry and Julius considered themselves brothers they realized how much they meant to each other and they were so esteemed and proud to be a true friend to each other. This was unthinkable. but the job was that if they wanted to play football they had to get the better of these hurdlings. hence non go forthing them a batch of picks. On cantonment they would pass yearss together but neither of them made an attempt to acquire along.

Their friendly relationship was so unafraid and they were so pleased that they had learned to get the better of the racial issues and pass the clip to acquire to cognize each other. They both still acted as if they were better than other and they weren’t traveling to try to alter this. If something went incorrect they would fault each other. or disagree. and ever stop up contending and normally about different things. Their friendly relationship evolved into healthy. yet competitory. chumminess.

“The competitory manner of pull offing struggle is productive if one competes to carry through single ends without destructing the other person” ( pg 145 ) . That is why I say Gerry and Julius maintained a healthy sense of chumminess. They had developed such a bond that they did non mean to harm the other. They really fed off of the other as they matured and developed their accomplishment on the field.

By detecting the friendly relationship emerging between Gerry and Julius other people began to recognize that holding friends of a different race was non incorrect. This besides made Gerry and Julius’s friendship turn even stronger as they made a immense impact on the community. They understood each other and created a bond that would ne’er be broken.

Their hatred and neglect for the other due to race changed throughout the film. They finally grew into. what is described by Wilmot and Hocker as. a alliance ( pg 189 ) . The alliance that they created helped the balance of the squad and the community understand differences.


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