In the period from 1500 to 1830. racial stereotypes were outstanding in the parts of Latin America/Caribbean and North America and they had a enormous consequence on society. particularly societies with multiple ethnicities. The racial political orientations of these parts can be seen through the intervention of native peoples and the intervention of slaves. However. because of the strong influence of differing European states. and their differing criterions. contrasting social effects can be seen.

When the Europeans discovered and settled the “New World” and Latin America their political orientation of European laterality and high quality had a direct consequence on the indigens of these parts. In North America. the Native Americans were frequently oppressed or forced to populate on a confined piece of land. The Europeans would frequently invent pacts with the Native Americans on where there territorial boundaries were and where the colonists were non allowed to irrupt.

The European authoritiess did non implement this. so finally all of these pacts were broken. This shows that the Europeans did non see the indigens claims to the land as legitimate and that they did non hold any rights to the land. In Latin America and the Caribbean. the indigens were enslaved and forced into servitude and labour. The dominant European racial political orientation besides fueled the slave trade in both North America and Latin America.

The slave trade revolved about slave ships that would transport multitudes of Africans to the settlements to increase productions. The slave trade grew in the periods from 1500 to 1830 because slaves became cheaper to purchase so engaging indentured retainers who would work merely a certain sum of old ages and so be free when their debt was paid away where as a slave is kept for life. unless they are sold. The slaves were bought. sold. and treated like belongings. non human existences.

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The settlers. were those who traveled from Europe to the Americas or those born in America who had come from European descent implemented the entire colonisation of North America and Latin America and the Caribbean. The settlements in North America were preponderantly British and had a desire to go like their female parent state. This united the settlers and so they did non know apart against each other like they discriminated against the Native Americans and African slaves.

This contrasts the preponderantly Spanish dominated settlements because they had no sense of integrity. The Spanish racial political orientation prompted those in power. the royal sangres azules. and the common mans. translated into favoritism within the settler populations. The settlers born in Spain were considered better than those who born in Americas. even if you came two to the full Spanish parents. Those who were of “mixed blood” . who were kids of native and Spanish parents were even lower.


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